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Friday, 31 December 2010

New Year Resolutions

Hi Jeremy,

It is time to take stock of who and where we are, what we are doing and see if there are any ways to improve our own lives and those around us. May I suggest the following New Year resolutions for you?:

1) I resolve to watch every edition of NewsWipe that Charlie Brooker produces this year, as it is the only TV programme that shows news reporting for what it really is.

2) I resolve to obtain and check the facts for topics discussed on my radio show this year, and not discuss a story until I have done so.

3) I resolve to do some of my own research and not rely on the rapidly declining Dead Tree Press for the majority of my stories.

4) I resolve to not do any unwarranted and unjustified character assassinations, even if the person concerned is growing a giant hedge in Plymouth.

5) I resolve to look at both sides of every story before discussing it on air and finally realise that just one side is really not enough, even if I agree with one side more than the other.

6) I resolve to learn how to use the microphone fader to keep my contributors under control, rather than have discussions descend in to an unlistenable free-for-all.

7) I resolve to listen to and read the criticism of my show and acknowledge that it exists by mentioning it on air.

8) I resolve to try making a difference by championing a cause, rather than just talking about somebody else trying to make a difference.

9) I resolve to remember that not everybody lives in London and the South East of England.

10) I resolve to accept that I am not always right.

Excluding the first one, I'll try and let you know as each one is broken. Do you think any will still be intact at the end of January?

Happy New Year!