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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Your comments...

Please feel free to leave your comments - good and bad - about Mr Vine's Fantastic Wireless Programme here. I'll do the same when I hear something particularly cringeworthy...!


gillette said...

Will do. On return from benidorm

Sir Danny Boy said...

Wow! An entire Blog dedicated to this? I wish I had the time to create Blogs about all the people that annoy me!

Look, my view is this for anyone that cares... Vine isn't perfect, but who is on the radio? There are a hell of a lot worse. Ever caught Moyles? Whale? Cox?

It's not an easy job to do everyday; mentally draining.

All right, you don't like Jeremy Vine, but an entire Blog about it? Start a Blog and dedicate it to the whole of the BBC's output, TV especially, the crazy licence fee, or even the Beeb's left-wing bias, yeah, THAT'S worth doing!

By the way, I landed here coz someone posting this link on Twitter.

Kind regards.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks Danny!

I found that I didn't have time, so I gave it up about a month ago.

As for who is perfect on the radio, here is my list of perfect broadcasters who I would listen to all day if I could: Mark Radcliffe, Stuart Maconie, Simon Mayo, Ken Bruce, Richard Allinson, Johnnie Walker. There are probably others but those are the ones that spring to mind.

I would agree with you about Moyles and Cox, and I presume you mean James Whale but I've not heard anything from him since he did a TV series years ago. Add to the list Graham Norton, Vanessa Feltz, and many others.

An excellent blog covering the BBC topics you suggested already exists:


Sir Danny Boy said...

Cheers for the reply, especially as you're retired now from writing about Vine.

Whale's on LBC. Don't bother rushing to their site to listen. I listened a couple of days back... twee and without substance, usual, then!

I'm going to have a nose around this ant BBC radio site you've mentioned; have some be fun.

Don't give up writing a Blog. I started only in April but it's the best release of all the sh*t I have found in recent times.

By the way, you're welcome with any input over any my place.

"UK Radio - What Happened?"

I'm getting hammered because I think not just Vine, but the entire radio industry is f*cked.

Take a look for yourself if you have time...

Kind regards to you.

gill said...

I'm back!! A bit confused re the email about your complaint. It looks to me as if it is an internal mail, mistakenly or anonymously copied to you. All those refs in the third person, (the complainant) etc.
To the list of presenters I would listen to I would personally add Bob harris, Paul Jones. Also on 6music, cerys matthews, steve lamacq and jarvis cocker. I used to like mark lamarrs radio progs, 'tho didnt like him as a comedian. Will have to try richard hawleys rockabilly radio on thursday night. Have missed this till now

gill said...

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I've just been reading the Facebook comments ( about Vine's day trip to Wales. If the comments are true, quite how they managed to find two local children in Colwyn Bay who do not speak Welsh is, quite frankly, amazing.

And presumably my "We'd love to meet you" invitation got lost somewhere...

Will said...

Email just sent to about JV's Doctor's slot

Hi Jeremy,

When was the last time you saved a Life?? What are you payed a year? What's your Pension? All funded by the BBC funded by the Licence Fee payer's?? I don't expect you to answer the question as you will hide and ignore the difficult questions as you always do.Cmon on Jeremy answer the question? Its rumoured to be around 1 Million a year? Care to comment on that rumour? What would your choice be? Pay more to some idiot that cant even figure out how to use the trains by himself or a doctor.

As for having Edwina Currie on,then the 1st people that should take a pay cut is MP's and Im not going to take any advice or comment seriously from someone that shagged John Major.

Journalists and MP's...........Scum the lot of them but who's worse??

Remind me Jeremy,the last time the BBC Journalists went on strike,did you turn up for your show?? I dont think you did,did you ??? Please correct me if Im wrong but Im 90% sure there was no JV Show that day??

Any comments gratefully received,as Frasier Crane would say "Im Listening"
I'd like to see how friendly Doctor Sarah Jarvis is to Jeremy the next time she comes onto his show if she does it again.

Jeremy strikes me as the kind of person that would be all nicey nicey to your face and knife you in the back.

Everytime JV goes on about what people are paid,all paid far less than he does to sit on his arse daily and spout rubbish then I just think its so two faced...

Hearing him tell Ken how he couldnt even perform a simple train journey on his own was hilarious and also summed up my opinion of JV and the BBC management.

Gill said...

well said, will. However, have a look at this

i assume she is also well paid by the media, incl BBC. Wonder how much bbc pay her

gill said...

A plug in the daily fail re vine

and is this you, will?

Oh grow up! Vine should be grateful he's got a job.I wouldn't want to employ someone who whinged publicly in the press about coat hangers and living in a bed sit.
- William D, London, 2/6/2012 7:06

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I've just been reading the comments left on Vine's Daily Mail advert for his new book brought to our attention by Gill:

Blimey, he gets a right pasting, with very few comments in praise of what he does.

Read it and weep Jeremy!

Gill said...

more waspish ramblings in the fail again

Vine does himself no favours at all, does he? And what a good title, its all news to me. Yes, JV , it usually is. Paints himself as so superior by referring to JY's scripts and rehearsals. I was no great fan of JY but at least he was a professional. And intimating that he, Vine, does not have a script? Martim Mcguiness may beg to differ.
Vine comes across as a prissy twit. Would love to see him in a beret and false moustachiou. Bet he looked a right twerp! If indeed it actually happened. Have been trying to google JY and derngate theatre

Anonymous said...

Vine was writing in the mail about how anonymous Paxman is outside the workplace and described him as a "diminutive figure".Paxman is 6'3" but it's entirely possible he doesn't know what diminutive means. He once memorably described nature as being "raw in blood and tooth". Awful man.

Will said...

Hi All,

Dont check in as often these days and just seen the comments.
Gill-No that wasnt me but agree with it.Avoided all last week from what I can remember.This week listened a few days.

Vine was on Richard Bacon's show on 5 live on Wednesday talking about his book so if you want to have a listen then it should be a podcast or on Iplayer.

Listen to Radio 2 less and less these days as didnt even listen to Ken once last week but podcasted them for walking days when out and about Saturday and Sundays.

When out and about during week Radio would be The Arrow(DAB London),Ken Bruce,JV unless I turn it off(Good time to have Lunch),5 Live Bacon or Mayo and Kermode and then Mayo on R2 until 7pm.If Im still out and about after 7 then podcasts.

If Im in then KB and M&K I try to listen too everything I'll pass on frequently.

Gill said...

See Vine's book has been reduced already in WH Smiths. Tee Hee. It will be in the Works soon in the bargain bin.
hear he was in Scotland yesterday, what have they done to deserve that.

Will said...

JV's Book will be in poundland shortly no doubt.

Avoided again today,turned off at 12.03.

Question Time was interesting,The BBC got a slagging off to the way they handle complaints and FOI requests.The fact they can do what ever they are like and funded by a Poll Tax which doesnt answer to the people forced to fund it.

Greg Dyke,avoided the question and it was moved on quite quickly Dimbs kept his gob shut as well.

Gill said...

Bloody hell, just opened my nottm evening post supplement to find an artice on Vine, publishing his book. Says he didn't make many friends at the BBC (no surprise there Jezza) and then goes on to say he didn't realise they all went to the pub. "I didn't realise there was a pub" he says. Is this the same JV who said in an interview with camra magazine that he loves real ale? I think we should be told.
The article, and presumably the book, is full of bitching about fellow colleagues. Apparently jeremy Paxman stuck his little finger in the air to indicate Vine's status on newsnight. No JV, it was probably meant to show the size of something completely different

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...


The most common question Vine is asked is how he refrains from giving his own opinion on his Radio 2 debate show...

Some mistake, surely? Or did I miss the one programme when that happened?

Anonymous said...

He's now riding around London with a sandwich board on his back to publicise his book. Demented idiot.

Will said...

Just posted this on the Facebook R2,I wonder how long it lasts.Ive screen recorded it as well so even if they delete it I have it as a photo.

"I wonder how much Jeremy Vine pays in Tax each year? Chris Evans? The BBC Licence Fee payers arent even allowed to know how much they are paid,never mind how much tax they pay all funded by the BBC Poll Tax?? So Jeremy,id be careful if I was you accusing Jimmy Carr of some tax avoidance when Im sure you are doing the same as well to a certain extent. How long before Jeremy Vine is on the front of the Daily Mail??"


Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Good points Will!

I only heard him talking to Ken earlier, and he early on in their conversation he came out with "The presenter has to be impartial..."

Which presenter is that then? Not him, certainly.

Will said...

Deleted almost straight away,Im not suprised.Licence up for renewal in 1 month,Still debating whether to renew it.I can cope with just on demand and dont what much live anyway as I have a PVR.Quite happy to disconnect the aerial on the wall and tell them to **** off.

Will said...

Been on Nights for a week so havent heard for over a week and put the Radio on while in the Shower to hear the Spine-less wonder that is "Paddy-what's-his name" attacking Jeremy Paxman.

Do you feel sorry for the MP? No I ****ing dont.She showed the Government up to be totally inept lieing Scum( and no I dont think that is too harsh either)

Did Paddy get Jeremy Paxman on to defend himslef,He is a BBC Employee so shouldnt be a problem?? No we will just attack him. Paddy you are a Disgrace and a spineless Nobody and I always work on the principle of never saying anything on the net that I wouldnt be prepared to say to someone's face and this comment also complies to this also.

The below facebook comment left will no doubt will be deleted by now(yep it is,so less than 5 minutes) so someone is obviously getting paid to watch Facebook every day and every minute. I wonder who? Producer Andy West? An unpaid work experience 18 year old or the same monkey that updates the Website later and wrongly at times.

If I was Paddy,I would be looking over my shoulder now for Jeremy Paxman who Id do that!!

"The JV Show,

How about getting Jeremy Paxman onto the Show to defend himself instead of getting "Paddy what's his Name" who isn't good to even have his own show on Radio 2 and only good enough to stand in for the inept Jeremy Vine.

Paddy strikes me of a school kid that would call the kids names behind their back and hasn't got the guts to say it to their face.

Good Luck with running across Paxman around the BBC.If I was Him,Id be having "a word" with you as,you Sir are a disgrace!

Definitely in the Jeremy Paxman and Im no Fan of his but he showed MP's up to be what they really are!! "


gill said...

Bloody hell, Vine's turned up in this month's saga magazine, and on the cover too. Aaargh
Mind you, if we think JV is bad, should listen to some on local radio on the costa blanca. The worst is a maurice boland (sic) who is a (very) poor man's terry wogan

Starman said...

I hate the Guy's Programme too! I've dedicated a Group on Facebook aptly worded 'Get Jeremy Vine Off the Radio'!!! Anyone welcome to join..... We should call him Jeremy Vine-Kyle II...!!!

Anonymous said...

Sad to say I have only just found your site. This show has made me scream out loud in rage and frustration. Listened for all of 30seconds in the car the other day and needed to turn over as he found himself an obnoxious woman (perhaps and older sibling of his) who was testing out Aldi. A more patronising item i have NEVER heard. He drives me to distraction and I feel it is a real shame as his show is a good format and one which I enjoy when there are stand-ins like Paddy or even Vanessa Feltz - who'd have thought it?!
Thank you for the time you have put into this and the effort to move him on - shame it didn't work.

Anonymous said...

The JV show is a pile of cr*p. He is useless as a journalist. He is useless as a facilitator of a programme which is supposed to provide balanced views of a salient issue. Many of the 'issues' covered are so puerile they should even be given air-time. Jimmmy Young was (and probably still is) streets ahead of Vine. Paddy O'Connell is a far superior performer than Vine.

Anonymous said...

There must be millions of people who loathe Jeremy Vine, but congrats on being probably the only one to take time out to provide an opportunity for others to talk specifically about him.
Yes, like many I rush to the radio to swivel the dial to another station, usually Radio 4 at that point.
Why do I loathe Vine? Well, firstly because he replaced the wonderful Jimmy Young show - remember, the one where you actually were more informed at the end of each programme, than when you started? The one where they didn't let nutters and ignorami on to speak in person, but just read out (a diverse selection of intelligent) comments instead? The one that had some great subject specialists on (the Doctor, the Lawyer etc.?)
Secondly, because either Vine or his producer or both have so obviously adopted a formula of 'let's have a heated debate' in order to (theoretically) make the programme more 'exciting'. Of course, this just results in people screaming at each other while Vine smirks and guffaws.
I could go on, but even wasting keystrokes on someone as lousy as Vine is something I resent.
So my final objection to Vine is... his obvious insincerity. To me you can hear it within two sentences - can other people really be that deaf?
His pa was a Rev, and as we know many of those are hypocrites, so I guess Vine Junior worked out early on that you can fool most of the people, most of the time.
Fortunately his brother took the more honest route, and decided to find fame in stand-up comedy (he's actually rather good) rather than in stand-up mendacity.

I do hope this site stays going a bit longer - better than therapy!


Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks for your comment Mike, you and I are on much the same wavelength!

I take a look at the R2 Facebook page most days, and I am always reassured when I see R2 audience members (presumably!) slagging off Vine for his handling of a topic.

We are not alone.

Anonymous said...

Good site. Do you know if comments to the show email address, are actually seen by Vine or, filtered by a team who decide what he shall or shall not see? If the latter, do you have his personal email addresses? I've been sending in topical songs that fit the item under discussion, some serious some not so much. He feels that it is not journalistic convention to play 'obvious' songs. So f****** what! Other R2 jocks do it, what is so special about him?

Also, so PC, he is afraid to pull people up over something that needed to be challenged. PC thought police in action.