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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I'm still here...!

I have to admit that the temptation to resurrect this blog has been overwhelming of late.

It was back on the 13th February this year that the Savile/Newsnight story came to light, and I suggested it as a story that Vine might (not) like to cover (
). The comment from "Anonymous" (there's a surprise) makes interesting reading now: "The Jimmy Saville story is just a newspaper attack on the BBC, there's no actual basis to it. ... Are you accusing Peter Rippon, Newsnight Editor of lying? Can you substantiate that?". Amazing what comes out in the wash, isn't it? And I wonder if Anonymous stands by his/her comments!

And all the while he was banging on about phone hacking and Murdoch I kept reminding him that Mirror Group Newspapers were also worthy of his attention (
). Of course, Vine kept his "Murdoch only" selective journalism filter very firmly in action and it is only now that the Mirror's activities have just started to appear on the BBC news radar.

Interesting too that Vine now says "You can follow me on Twitter" rather than "You can contact the show via Twitter". Sort of suggests that this line of communication is one-way only now, doesn't it? From him to "us", that is. I wonder, did I have an influence here?

I'm still waiting for somebody - anybody - to come on here and tell us all why the Jeremy Vine Show is a wonderful thing. I suspect that we'll all be waiting a long time for that to happen.

I send my very best wishes to you all. Maybe one day I might bring the blog back, even if only occasionally, but I have to say that it was not until I stopped the daily updates that I fully realised how much time and effort I was devoting to it. My views on Vine's programme have not changed one iota but I cannot help but feel that the time I spent writing the blog every day is better spent running my business.

Never say never!


Oh, and I love the show Jeremy!


Peter said...

'Never say never!'

Indeed. Pure coincidence I was mucking about with my blog system to see that you had posted this rare beast.

Beyond the commentary on Mr. Vine's output, and his oddly selective methods of 'interacting', especially with those who may not share the worldview of his brother on twitter, there are also your shared travails with the 'keep it our little secret' BBC expediting shadow warriors. No names... no pack drill.

With the existing and ongoing Savile revelations one can't help but feel, or hope that their pedestal has already slipped enough that the era of them not being held to account by those compelled to pay them might soon be consigned to history.

Here's hoping!

I too am on the naught step appeal process (guilty until proven really guilty, of course) having asked a few too many questions they couldn't answer sensibly (just scored a Trust 'Upheld' that only took several months of pointing out that if a BBC Director wants to say black is white that's fine, but doesn't make it actually the case).

What may be delaying matters is I have written evidence of BBC Complaints going well beyond the remit of a public sector customer relations department, and they are still trying to figure out how to wiggle out from that one.

With the fallback of the 'most trusted' broadcaster and their professional integrity in tatters, they seem to be struggling to fin any explanation much less excuse.

Anonymous said...

From Stonyground

Just popped back to see if there has been any updates and found the new post. I still enjoy the little spot were JV discusses what idiotic subjects he will be covering and KB gently takes the piss out of him. Come 12:00 we switch channels as always.

Anonymous said...

I just wish that like they do with Radio 5 live EXTRA and now radio 4 EXTRA for they had a Radio 2 EXTRA !! they could shove old vineys dulset tones over to that station at 12 rather than me have to get up and walk over to the radio and turn off.... ( I personally swap to Irish online radio RTE, mainly rte lyric fm).... I just cring when i hear him at 11:30 taling to Ken (dont start me on ken, at least he has gown on me slowly !!!)

Great blog.... glad were no the only one..

Gill said...

There is a facebook page you might like. Get jeremy vine off the radio,

gillette said...

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks gillette ... this also refers to the same issue:

Gill said...

Hi, hilarious stuff next week as vune is taught how to do regional accents by an expert. Might actually listen!
Gill ( gillette on google)