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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Today's show 05/04/11

11:45 and still your web page has not been updated (just how hard is it, eh?), so while I'm waiting for your web site lacky to get their arse in to gear I'll say this:

Yesterday I made a mistake. Magsie Hamilton Little's book is being sold in aid of charity and I was incorrect in branding both the Daily Mail story and your coverage of it as nothing more than an advertisement. Two people took the trouble to correct me about this through my blog yesterday evening, and I thank them for that. I apologise sincerely for my mistake.

My only defence is that it was from the Daily Mail and my interest fades rapidly, usually after the word "Mail".

You see Jeremy, it really isn't that hard to take criticism and corrections on-board. And you will notice that I did not use language like "somebody got upset with me" as you did when you were corrected about the Japanese nuclear problems. You should try it some time.

11:55 and still waiting for the web site update... I'll come back in a bit. I'll listen to 6 Music while I'm waiting - it's great, and just the kind of lunchtime radio I want to listen to!

<Goes away for 10 minutes>

12:05 and two of your four stories have appeared. I'll go away again...

<Goes away for another 10 minutes>

Yay! 12:15 and finally the two parts of your programme catch up with each other. Give somebody a pay rise!

Having learnt my lesson yesterday I shall check the alleged facts a bit closer in future...

1) THE GOVERNMENT WANTS TO INCREASE SOCIAL MOBILITY, BUT ARE YOU WORKING CLASS AND PROUD OF IT? - The government wants to increase social mobility, but are you working class, proud of it and want to stay working class? : How do I find out what class I am, as I am not sure? It doesn't even appear on my passport. Whichever one it is I'm quite happy with it, so this story is of no interest to me. Next...

2) DEFENCE CUTS - Everyone seems to be saying that the defence cuts leave us with virtually no defence capability whatsoever anymore. But we still have one of the biggest armed forces in the world, apart from America : Errr... so who is this "everyone" then? I don't remember saying that, irrespective of whether I believe it or not. This is another of the huge genereralisations in which you specialise. Please Jeremy, do not put your words in to my mouth. The correct phrase is "Some people", not "Everyone". Next...

3) MY HUSBAND TRIED TO KILL ME - We talk to Victoria Fabian, who's husband tried to murder her by blowing up her car. He's now serving life and she's trying to put her life back together : Tragic, and good for her, but this is not the kind of thing I want to listen to while eating my lunch, thank you. However, it is good to see that the Greengrocer's Apostrophe lives on! In the first sentence the word should be "whose", not "who's". As you have written it the sentence would read "... who is husband tried...", which doesn't make sense. You'd better defer that pay rise I suggested and have somebody do a basic English grammar course. Next...

4) DO YOU TEACH SEX EDUCATION TO YOUR CHILDREN? - And finally, the Scouts are going to teach sex education. It's been going on in schools for years, but do you still teach sex education to your own children? : Despite your Parenting Week last week we still don't seem to have any children. I've checked ebay and there are none for sale either, so this is of no interest to me.

Meanwhile Lauren Laverne is playing some top tunes, and there is nothing in your show today that would cause me to press the FM button and switch back to you. This is lunchtime radio as it should be!

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