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Thursday, 7 April 2011

Today's show 07/04/11

Just listening to your trail on Ken's show, and I feel that this will be another day where Radio 2 will lose me as a listener from 12 until 4pm. Let me tell you why...

1) TEACHERS STRIKE AT A SCHOOL IN LANCASHIRE - Teachers have gone on strike at a school in Lancashire over violence from pupils, threats and "poor management" : So what? BBC news staff went on strike last November because they were upset about their pensions, but oddly you didn't discuss that. There is nothing to see here ... move on. Next...

11:44 and the web page has not been updated with the other three topics....

<Goes away for 10 minutes>

2) EMERGENCY SERVICES - When you rang 999, how many members of the emergency services turned up? : Ooohhh.... I need to think about that. Do you know what, I don't think I have ever called 999, and if I have it was a long time ago - probably 20 years or more. My wife and I were driving along an English motorway a couple of years ago and nearly hit an aluminium ladder that had fallen into the middle lane. My wife called 999 and reported it, but we were doing 70mph at the time and didn't stop to see what happened. However, we did have a call back from the police thanking us for our quick action. Feel free to call me if you would like more details. What's the betting you start a new craze today: How many emergency service personnel can you get to one incident? You could offer a prize. Your irresponsibility knows no bounds. Next...

3) SHOULD WE PUT THE BANKERS ON TRIAL? - Is there a case for putting the bankers on trial over the financial crisis? : On Ken's show you said, "... the bankers who brought the country to its knees ...". It probably won't surprise you to learn that not everybody agrees with your prognosis that it was entirely the fault of the banking industry. Many consider that a lot of the blame can be attributed to the previous government. However, that latter view does not correlate with the BBC's corporate view of the situation, and I'm sure that will be why you didn't mention it. How about putting some professional journalists on trial just for ... errr... just being crap. Oh, hang on, they are on their way there already (
), Funny that this story wasn't discussed today either. Too hot for comfort, perhaps? Next...

4) SHOULD BOB DYLAN REFUSE TO PERFORM IN CHINA? - Chinese police are investigating the detained artist, Ai Weiwei, for suspected economic crimes. Should Bob Dylan cancel tomorrow's gig in China in protest? : And this discussion will achieve what, exactly? How many listeners do you have in China who will be at his concert? A round figure less than one, I would guess. Mr Zimmerman is known for his free-thinking ideas and does not, I am sure, need you tell him what to do. Pointless, utterly pointless.

Oh, hello Lauren ... how are you today?

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