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Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Today's show 06/04/11

Now that's better ... your web page was updated by 10:45. A much better performance than yesterday, don't you think? And we have snazzy orange lettering and new pictures too. I'm pleased to see that my BBC Licence Tax is being well spent. Yippee.

Have you seen the new online journal called The Commentator? It is rather good, and published an interesting article recently, which starts like this:

BBC bias is a national disgrace and a global menace
As the second senior BBC presenter this year slams the BBC for politically correct bias, it is now time for the Western world’s most powerful media outlet to put its house in order, or face the prospect of its eventual abolition.

The senior BBC presenter referred to is Michael Buerk. My favourite paragraph is this one:

Being a state funded monolith is the critical element in their “success”, and since a critical mass of the BBC’s editorial staff appears to regard the Guardian – Britain’s most ideologically charged newspaper – as a paragon of truth and objectivity it is hardly surprising that most of Michael Buerk’s colleagues are so utterly clueless about what the word “impartiality” even means.

The full article can be found here:

So, when are you going to discuss bias in the BBC? Not today apparently!

Let's see what treats you have to tempt me to remain with Radio 2 at 12...

1) TAX AND BENEFIT CHANGES: ARE YOU BETTER OFF, OR WORSE OFF? - The government's tax and benefit changes come into effect today. Are you better off, or worse off? : It is none of your business, thank you. How about you? As someone who earns £250,000 a year ( are you better off, or worse off? I think your listeners would like to know! Unfortunately, I couldn't care less. Next...

2) WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT THE IVORY COAST? - With the defeated presidential candidate Laurent Gbagbo besieged in his capital, we focus today on the Ivory Coast. What do you know about this once prosperous West African country? : Ooohhh... a quiz. I used to collect stamps and remember that pre-war Côte d'Ivoire ones were rather nice. I can point to it on a map, but can you? Do I win a prize? Next...

3) WHO HELPED YOU GET YOUR FIRST JOB? - Nick Clegg launches a campaign against nepotism. Who helped you get your first job? : I knew who I wanted to work for so I went to their offices one day and sat in reception until somebody would talk to me. I started work there the following Monday and stayed for 10 years. Feel free to call me if you would like more details. Next...

4) ARE WE WITNESSING THE END OF THE CATHOLIC / PROTESTANT DIVIDE IN NORTHERN IRELAND? - It's the funeral today of the murdered Northern Ireland policeman, Ronan Kerr. The crime was condemned by both former IRA man Martin McGuinness and Peter Robinson from the DUP. Are we at last witnessing the end of the Catholic / Protestant divide? : Well good for you for featuring a story from Northern Ireland. There really is more to the UK than just England..

So, 6 Music it is then.

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