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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Today's show 20/04/11

I'm back.

Let's see what I missed...

SHOULD GASTRIC BANDS BE GIVEN ON DEMAND? : I have no need for a gastric band.
NICK CLEGG VERSUS GILLIAN DUFFY : This sounds like a media set-up.
ORANGE SHEEP IN DEVON : Sounds like a good idea.
HAS IMMIGRATION DIVIDED OUR SOCIETY, OR MADE IT RICHER? : Did you ask the Welsh what they thought about English immigrants? I didn't think so.
THE AGONY OF TINNITUS : Luckily I don't have tinitus.
IS THE PRIVATE SECTOR PREJUDICED AGAINST THE PUBLIC SECTOR? : I have never worked for the public sector.
WHAT MAKES A GREAT COMEDIAN? : You always make me laugh at least once per day.
DAVID CAMERON WANTS IMMIGRANTS TO SPEAK ENGLISH : How about English immigrants in to Wales learning to speak Welsh? Oh, you forgot that too...
GOING TO SCHOOL HUNGRY : We don't have children, and I never did. And good to see the Daily Mail is still supplying you with material!
BIPOLAR DISORDER : I have no doubt that you managed to blow this out of all proportion.
KISSING IN PUBLIC - singled out because they were gay? : I wasn't there so I have no idea. Were you?
M1 CLOSURE - The M1 is a long, long way from here.
SHOULD YOU ADOPT A CHILD BEFORE ATTEMPTING IVF? : We have no wish to adopt a child or use IVF.
REPORTING CRIME IN THE MEDIA : Am I meant to believe what the media (i.e. YOU!) tell me? I must be doing it wrong.
THE DANGERS OF STRAYING OFF THE BEATEN TRACK ON HOLIDAY : Have you ever been to Bill, Wyoming, USA? I have. Thanks for trying to tell me what to do though.
PENSIONER BUS PROTEST : I'm not a pensioner, and bus passes in Wales can, I believe, be used at any time.
UNIVERSITY TUITION FEES - Is it time for English families to move to Scotland or Wales?: I already have, but not because of university fees.
HAS BRITAIN FALLEN IN LOVE WITH GREGGS? : According to their web site, my nearest one is 45 miles away. On that basis, I haven't.

So, nothing of interest there then. Moving on to today's radio equivalent of watching paint dry:

1) LIBYA - Britain is planning to send a military team to advise rebels who are fighting Colonel Gaddafi. Is it time to say we're either in or out of this war? : I have no idea, and I doubt if anybody who makes this kind of decision will be listening to what you say. Next...

2) THE ROYAL WEDDING - Should you bring your children to London to watch the royal wedding and witness history in the making? : What children are those then? Next...

3) LOCAL NEWSPAPERS - Local newspaper staff go on strike as three reporters are left to fill nine papers. Are local newspapers dying...or thriving on the web? : Now here is a story that makes my heart sing! You already know my views on this one:
Less local newspapers means less journalists, which means less journalists feeding the UK population the biased, ill-informed, sensationalised, poorly researched, dictatorial lies that you and your ilk attempt to spoon-feed us every day. Perhaps one day you will all go and get proper jobs, but who in their right mind would employ an ex-journalist? Next...

4) AGORAPHOBIC SINGER - And we talk to the singer who has become a YouTube sensation but hasn’t left her house for two years because of agoraphobia : Tragic, and even more so because she gave (sold?) her story to the Daily Mail.

One last thing before I go. I have a simple question for you: Can you give me one sentence that you think describes your programme? You know, some kind of Mission Statement? I'd love to know how you describe it!

Back tomorrow!

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