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Thursday, 19 April 2012


Ooohhh... with a convenient gap in today's workload this really is like old times...

Did you hear the R2 news at 08:00 this morning? There were two stories that included either the words "Labour says..." (Qatada deportation) or "Labour wants..." (British Pregnancy Advisory Service hacking). Does "Labour" not have a name any more?

1) ABU QATADA - It’s been said that the deportation of the rebel cleric Abu Qatada is descending in to chaos. Did home secretary Theresa May get the day wrong? : I've not seen the paperwork, so I could not possibly comment, but there is nothing quite like a good old fashioned "it's your fault" finger pointing exercise, is there? You love it! And what will you change? Absolutely nothing, as usual. I suggest you ask "Labour" about this as they seem to know more than Theresa May, apparently. Next... 

2) TWITTER - Have you ever been on Twitter? We debate whether Twitter is good or bad for the human soul : No real news today then? I'm sure I just heard something about more journalist scum being arrested, which you conveniently have ignored again. I only signed-up for Twitter so that I could interact with your programme. You know the one... the programme broadcast by the UK's state broadcaster that I have to pay for by law and that relies on audience interaction for its content. But then, presumably because I disagree with and challenge your views, you have blocked me from following you. Fortunately Twitter's "blocking" mechanism is not quite as good as you obviously think it is and there are ways and means around it. We will, of course, be finding out what the BBC Trust think about this next month and whether they consider that free speech is a right for all, or just a favour granted to those who comply with BBC corporate policy. All views are personal, of course. Next...

3) HOODIES - Would you employ a young, unemployed Brit rather than a “hard working eastern European”? Employment minister Chris Grayling says it’s time to employ a hoodie : I look forward to hearing that you have employed at least one "hoodie" on your show. You know, just to show willing and to reinforce your point. As for me, well I have just enough work to keep me busy, thank you, and I do not need to employ anybody. Next...

4) SEASIDE WALKS - Why a walk by the sea is better than a walk in a park, or even the countryside. Why do so many of us yearn to live by the coast? : I live only a short distance from the sea so, by definition, I cannot yearn to live there as I already do. Disenfranchised again!

And I'd bet money that Barbara Windsor - like Madonna - does not listen to your show, despite the claims of your sycophantic jingles.

The Jeremy Vine Show - challenge our brainwashing and we will block you!

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