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Thursday, 5 April 2012

An idea...

I have been genuinely touched by your kind comments, and I was flattered to read the following written by Guest Who in the latest Open Thread on Biased BBC:

I also value shared experiences of others, such as Jeff or Lunchtime Loather (who, sadly, has been ground down and now out by the attrition system deployed by the BBC).

My main reason for stopping the daily blog was just the sheer inconvenience of having to do it to a timescale - as near to midday as possible - and this was often frustrated by the inability of somebody at the BBC to type some text and press "Publish". For example, I noted that yesterday's update to JV's web page did not occur until well after the programme ended.

Rest assured, my views about the programme and the BBC have not changed and remain as strong as ever. It is just that there seem to have been more occasions recently when I have had to drop what I am doing to write my blog, and I found that very frustrating but, and if I am honest, I have missed writing it over the past two weeks!

This posting is entitled "An idea...", so here it is:

How about I continue the daily updates but I write them later in the day? This would be after the programme has finished and certainly after JV's minions have treated us to a web page update. Thinking about my current daily schedule, I reckon I could find time most evenings to do this, but maybe earlier or the following day on occasions. My scrawlings would still be sent to JV once completed.

What do you think of this? Would it still be a worthwhile exercise? Or would the loss of immediacy also cause a loss of impact?

Your comments, as ever, would be appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Well, always happy to read the insights of a well tuned mind on the subject of what is said, vs. what is done, vs. what is said is done, by the nation's most trusted broadcaster and, of course, the ratings heat over education or information light that is Mr. Vine's risible bunfest.

But not at the expense of anyone's well being.

FWIW, if it is manageable, I'd say the timing is less important than the content, and the delay means that, beyond the time schedule easing, there is a chance to mull on whether the topics, however selected, have been professionally and impartially treated, even though the format near mandates extremes, and extremes mean excess that serves the public poorly.

I can't guarantee to drop by every day, but I have bookmarked your blog as my own battles with the BBC machine continue, and a problem shared is a problem halved.

My only suggestion would be to focus more on facts and tangibles. They seem very ill-equipped to handle those, and while biases can be very real in all sorts of other ways, they can get very smart at strawmen and cherry picking on semantics and interpretations, and use distractions on these to get away from where they are well and truly in the gutter, with a shiny spotlight on them.

Stonyground said...

It is the content rather than the timing that I feel is important. I tend to lurk at work and comment when I get home so my input might be a day late but I don't see that being a problem.

In the meantime, JV thinks that swimming pools use water, today he is discussing Ti-Chi and has no clue what it is.

gill said...

What can I say, but YES PLEASE

Will said...

Sounds good to me as I usually read it before 2pm but also plenty of times when Ive read it during the evening and still as good.

Do it when you have time and if some days you dont have time then dont worry about it.If for completeness you want to list the topics for days you didnt have time then that would still work.

I look forward to you finding out what the BBC have been upto and posting the links;-)

Happy Easter All.

Gill said...

Hrrmph, I have been driven mad today listening to radio 1 in the car. (Not mine as I don't drive) and I think I prefer JV to that load of old drivel. The presenter today, somebody Grimshaw, had a thing about Justin Beiber, and kept saying his name, it must have been a hundred times. Is he being paid, I shouted, to my friend's amusement. Returns home, turns on 6 music!