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Monday, 2 April 2012

There is no more...

I enjoyed my week off from writing my blog. Sorry, no, I mean I REALLY enjoyed it.

And so I have made the decision not to do any more daily updates.

For some time now I have felt that my daily diatribe has actually been doing me more harm than good, and last week proved that. I got more paid work done, spent considerably less time trawling the www, did not get as wound-up and did not have to spend any time waiting for BBC minions to do their jobs.

One man against the corporate and incompetent monolith that is the BBC was never going to be enough.

I am not going to delete the blog and it will remain here as a testament to the last 15 months. I *will* come back here from time to time and I may post too, and I promise again to read all of your comments - good and bad.

Unfortunately this means that Vine will continue to broadcast his biased and trivial misinformation, but he is only following BBC corporate policy so that is unlikely to change. Should any of you be interested in this and other BBC shenanigans then I can only recommend the wonderful Biased BBC web site:

So I send a sincere and heartfelt Thank You to my blog readers, and in particular to regular contributors Gill, Stonyground and Will whose erudite comments have educated me and have made me laugh on so many occasions. I hope our paths will cross again someday.

I will publish my appeal response when I receive from the BBC Trust, but that may not be for a few weeks.



Stonyground said...

I can well understand that you want to call it a day but I will be sad to see you go. Tuning in for an update during dinner break has always been fun. I will monitor the site until the response comes as I am curious to see if they come up with anything new. Interesting that my other daily fix is Platitude of the Day, another harsh critic of the BBC's output.

Gill said...


Stonyground said...

Really missed you today, when I heard the trailer I was imagining what you would have made of it. We have a kid that committed murder and arson after watching violent movies from an early age. That was definitely the reason for it despite the fact that every attempt to prove a link in such cases has failed, Jerry was itching to do some bansturbating. Mishaps involving petrol are disproportionately newsworthy just at the moment so we've dug one out specially, did you realise, people have heaters in their gardens?

Anonymous said...

Understandable, but still shame.

Enjoy the rest; you've earned it.

Sadly a few glasses raised at the BBC that using public funds to grind down the public is a 'unique' investment worth making. All in complement to quietly shutting down interactive blogs, such as that for Newsnight.

Just today had my latest two from the ECU.

Amazingly, their belief system can find no merit in the facts I shared, including one outright lie on the BBC's part which they thought they had concealed with a stealth edit.

Sadly, for them, I now keep page grabs along with URLs.

The Director has dared me to take 'em to the Trust.

I know there will be no point, but I will.

The files the Stasi could not resist keeping made interesting reading too.

Meantime I will share on the new Biased-BBC site.

Good to keep records in the public domain too.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm going through a busy - and enjoyable! - time with my paid work at the moment. I know how much I achieved today and I realise how much I would not have got done if I had taken time out to write to JV.

BUT... let's see what happens. Perhaps I'll find the time and inclination to start up again. Maybe.

Will said...

I will miss the Blog as well but I understand why.Sometimes its not worth the hassle or agro and if it is stopping you doing other things then good that you have re-assessed your priorities.

For me,If I was you then the Blog would be as far as it goes.It must take lots of time emailing complaints and writing to the ESU and the Trust and to be honest no matter how many times you write then I dont think they will find in your favour in which case is it worth the extra time spent.'Mother knows Best';-)

Having said that maybe the Blog could be done when and if you have time and doesnt have to be a Daily occurance before Midday which is what you use to do.Granted it was good to read it before or during the show but some days that didnt happen as I was busy and still enjoyed it.

This really should be something to amuse yourself and do in spare time not to do at the expense of other work/life commitments.

As for Rajar figures then maybe you could ask over at the Radio Forums of the Digitalspy Forums as they discuss the latest Rajar figures when released and although its quite scary at times with lots of Keyboayd Warriors then there seems to be people in the know and in the industry there so maybe they could provide the R2 figures you need.

Thanks for the laughs and this Blog was a great accompionment to the JV to see how bad it would be.Im making the effort to turn it off as its just laziness and the odd good song that stops me turning over at midday but I always turn over at 2pm so thats what I do from now on.

Good Luck and I'll check out Platitude,BBBC and keep on checking back if JV was particulary bad if I was listening.


Will said...

Have you seen this? Interesting!

Will said...

I turned on BBC1 last night to find it off air and had forgotten the date so watched Apprentice on Freesat.

It was only this morning when I saw the date that I then realised that it was 4th April 2012 and Part 1 of DSO had happened which nicely lesds onto the fact that the BBC had a great chance to go subscription only as everyone will be Digital by Aug 2012.

Once the Analogue goes completely then the Licence Fee should have gone with it and people given the choice.I would then be able to choose what I pay for and what I dont.So long as the full package isnt any more expensive than the Licence Fee then would have worked.

We all know that the BBC would never do that by choice and would have to be forced on to them because of the loss of viewers and revenue..

I wonder how many people would drop all BBC content altogether.I'd drop BBC3 straight away and if need be all live Radio and just listen on Podcasts or Iplayer.

As per last nights Apprentice then the less. money there is,the more it costs per person and the fewer that then subscribe.

At least people would be given a choice and the BBC would have to control its expenses.

gill said...

And bloody hell, its easter week and lots of xtian programming. Why do the beeb try to force feed us this nonsense. No don't answer!!! Think i will go on holiday when its the bloody jubilee. Too much genuflecting for my liking