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Sunday, 29 April 2012

26/04/12 and 27/04/12

It is a wet and very windy Sunday afternoon here in North Wales, and with any outside activities cancelled for the day an opportunity arises to send you my comments on the last two programmes from last week.

But first, here is some other stuff...

Jeremy, have you ever heard of a political party called UKIP? If you have then you are probably unique at the BBC as our favourite state broadcaster seems to be doing their best to not just ignore UKIP but almost to deny its existence. There was an interesting article about this phenomenon by Michael Heaver in The Commentator a few days ago (
 which rightly said: Perhaps I'm just a troubled, paranoid young man. But if the Green Party were outpolling the Liberal Democrats nationally, I think that the BBC would be absolutely all over the story. Mr Heaver is, in my view, absolutely correct. So how about you include UKIP when a relevant topic for discussion occurs? Or did you get the "no UKIP" memo from the BBC's Director of Bias too?

Some BBC news:
BBC launches inquiry into payments to MPs
The BBC has launched an inquiry which could lead to a ban on MPs being paid to appear as guests on programmes. The move would affect dozens of politicians who are regularly rewarded for their broadcasts, earning up to £200 plus expenses for a turn on Radio 4's Any Questions or more than £500 for BBC One's This Week.

I have tried my best to find out how much Galloway et al are paid to patronise your listeners... ooops, sorry, I mean... to make a valuable contribution to your programme, but have failed on every attempt due to the unique way in which the BBC is funded and so won't tell the very people who fund a darned thing about how OUR money is spent. A ban on MPs being paid could be interesting. The appearance of a Tory MP on your programme is a rare thing already so that situation will probably not change, but if a ban means that Balls or Prescott are not called upon to give us the benefit of their wisdom on the price of brussel sprouts then so be it. My hope is that only those MPs who are passionate on their subject will appear - for free - and that will nicely separate the motormouths and rent-a-gobs from those who are actually trying to improve the land in which we live. Perhaps you need to update your MP "speed dial" list?

I know you don't do it, but I would like to go back to a couple of recent discussions on your programme...

The first was on 18th April when you were bemoaning the decline of local newspapers. Well, Mr Murdoch Snr has identified the culprit for their demise: The BBC. He gave his views as part of the Leveson Inquiry last week (
Leveson Inquiry: Murdoch rounds on BBC News website
Rupert Murdoch has used his appearance at the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics to reflect on the threat posed to newspapers by the internet. The head of News Corps singled out the BBC News website as a significant threat to local news websites throughout the UK.

So there we go, it is the BBC's fault. I knew it all along. Although only three minutes long, it is a an interesting interview. No wonder the BBC have him down as Public Enemy Number One.

The second was last Wednesday, 25th April, and the discussion on bus lanes and cyclists. Just out of curiosity I listened to the discussion on iPlayer in the hope that somebody might have given you some grief. I knew that you would have John Griffin from Addison Lee as a studio guest, but your other guest was something of a surprise choice. Now I know that you make a pretence of not ramming your own views down your listeners’ and studio guest’s throats and that you usually gets somebody in to do that for you, and it appears that last Wednesday was no exception. So what happened then? Did you do a quick scan down your speed-dial favourites list to find a fellow cyclist? And really, was there nobody else available other than Rent-A-Gob Peter Tatchell? Now Tatchell may or may not have interesting views on all sorts of matters (he was last on your programme talking about the Bahrain F1 race) but I never had him down as an expert on all things cycling. And I was correct! The item turned in to the usual JV Show two-against-one discussion (and I use that word in its loosest possible sense) with you putting words in to Griffin’s mouth, which he had to deny. Tatchell added little other than some hare-brained ideas and presumably collected a completely unjustified payment cheque when he left. This was nothing other than an ambush wrapped up in some very obvious London-only bias.

Moving on to last Thursday then...

1) ZIGZAG ECONOMY - As we fall back into recession we’re told the economy is zigzagging. If you think about your business or employment prospects are they up one day and down the next? : With the BBC celebrating the return to recession, I am going to tell that my employment prospects remain unchanged at non-existent, but that my business still seems to be going nicely. Next...

2) ABORTION - Are you somebody who had an abortion when you were young and now can’t get pregnant or left it too late? Find out more in this article from the Daily Mail : I've never had an abortion, but I can't get pregnant. Other than read the Daily Mail, what should I do? Next...

3) GORDON BROWN - Rupert Murdoch said that Gordon Brown declared war on his company when The Sun declared war on the Labour government. Whatever was said or wasn’t said, does part of you think - good on Brown for taking on the power of Murdoch : More Murdoch? What a surprise! Not even the smallest part of me thinks that. Perhaps Brown only did it to annoy Tony Blair (
), but I notice that Murdoch is still around and Brown has vanished in to justifed obscurity. Next...

4) I LOVE WHERE I LIVE - “I Love Where I Live” continues with love letters to the place you call home. Today we reach Scotland, the highlands and islands, the glens and the great cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh : Nice place, although I've not been there since 2009.

And then there was Friday's offering...

1) WAKING THE WORKSHY - The head of the government’s Troubled Families programme Louise Casey says council officials may need to turn up at people’s homes at 7am to get parents and children out of bed. Do bureaucrats need to wake up the workshy? : There is no mention of waking people up on the news page you link to but it does say: David Cameron says he is determined to "get to grips" with tackling England's most troubled families by pledging a network of troubleshooters. Ah, England ... bless. Not Wales then. Next...

2) SIERRA LEONE - The former Liberian leader Charles Taylor is found guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes in Sierra Leone : Good. Next...
3) I LOVE WHERE I LIVE - We head to the South of England for the last day of "I Love Where I Live," your love letters to the place you call home : I used to live there, and I'm glad I don't anymore. I loved the way you informed us that the South of England streches from "Southend to Penzance". I'm not sure the proud people of Cornwall will have liked that, I think they prefer the term "West of England". Next...
4) FLANNELS - The decline of the flannel. Is it no longer an essential accessory in the bathroom? Find our more in this article from the Telegraph : I still have many and use one every day, but.... errrr... oh, hang on... nearly nodded off there... what was the question again?
What have I learnt from the BBC in the past few days? Well, Penzance is in the South of England (you, last week). "April showers" will last until May (BBC weather forecast this morning). Simon Cowell has an "unauthorised autobiography" out (news report on the Danii Minogue upset). And Billy Bragg was born in 1957 but was a "teenager throughout the 1970s" (Johnny Walker this afternoon). Perhaps accuracy is over-rated.
The Jeremy Vine Show - Oh God, it's back on again tomorrow...


Stonyground said...

Surely the BBC can't be blamed if their news website is more popular than Murdoch's crappy papers. As far as I can see the internet has made newspapers obsolete, some people still buy them but I have no idea why. Of course there are some with no internet access who buy them but apart from them I mean.

Will said...

I heard the Southend to Penzance comment.Under the BBC and JV Map where does Dover come?? Its Dover-Penzance.

You would think they would know as they stand in front of a Giant Map every day and get the weather forcast wrong.

The BBC gets its weather data from the Met office but you compare the BBC Weather website and Met office Web site they are always different which Ive never figured out.

Will said...

Mon 30th April Hr 1 has to be listened too.
So many JV classics that it has to be listened too.

Story 1 given shortish segment I can remember.JV only gave it until 1227 instead of 1233/1235 to give extra time

Will said...

Half of above got deleted when trying to send it on mobile.Its the Opera Mini Browser I use that is the problem and cant be arsed to try and remember it again.

Easier to send on Desktop but not got time for that.

gill said...

I once read that the legal definition of an expert is one who in the assembled company who 'knows' the most on a subject, is the expert. Clearly in JV's case that would NOT make him an expert.
I have to disagree with you about Peter Tatchell. He is actually a keen cyclist, so I suppose that does make him something of an expert, or knowledgeable person anyway. I must also point out an interest as I have a great admiration for him.

Waking the workshy? What absolute rot, just soundbite politics and journalism, I think. And as for flannels, well talk about scraping the bottom of an already empty barrel. The JV show - another load of old flannel

Gill said...

Just noticed how this reads on JV's page

Jeremy discusses the workshy, Sierra Leone, 'I Love Where I Live', and flannels

Is flannels a noun or a verb?

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks for all your comments!

@SG: It was not Murdoch's papers that were the subject of either Vine's bemoaning or Murdoch's interview. It was the truly local city/town-based press that was the subject of both, and in particular those that are dropping from daily to weekly production. Mudoch claimed it was the BBC's coverage of local news on their website that was the cause of their demise.

@Gill: Our opinions of Tatchell obviously differ, but I respect your view. I feel that he added little to the debate other than to spin it in to a London-only discussion, especially when he and Vine added black cabs in to the equation.

And "flannels" is definitely a verb in JV's case. Nice one!

Will said...

Some Addison Lee drivers are terrible that Ive seen almost as bad as some Black Cab Drivers.Dont use either as Taxi's in London are rip off.

The Song they played after discussing S.L. was 'Sad Cafe-Everyday Hurts' Are you taking the piss or something JV.I believe its a production team game.Find a song to play after discussing a subject and who wins doesnt have to fetch the coffee's from Starbucks;-) that day??

Will said...

Im a Keen PC builder and user but Im no Expert so you cant be declared an Expert because you have an interest or something regularly.

Cyclists should have numbers on their cycles to identify the law breakers and also learn common sense and dont go down the inside of large vehicles.

Didnt hear it though as was having a R2 free day.

Gill said...

OMG, have just opened my copy of Beer, from Camra, only to find an article on JV, who is a big fan of real ale, apparently. Altho' it quickly turns out he doesn't go to the pub often as he has 2 young daughters. And he's happy to drink lager at home. Typical. Also he's writing a memoir called 'its all news to me' due out in June

Will said...

'Fitting Title for JV' ;-)

Will be in Poundshop in 6 months.
Doubt you'll see him in the local Wetherspoons.
The nearest one to North London(Belsize Park&Hampstead) would be Finchley Road.If he ever leaves BBC I can see him moving to Chipping Norton with Dave 'Hug-a-hoody' Cameron as neighbour on one side and Jeremy 'Lets shoot everyone' Clarkson on the other;-)