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Monday, 26 September 2011

Complaint about JV's use of Twitter 26/09/11

The following complaint has just been lodged on the BBC's web site:

I note that as of 22:30 on 26th September 2011 Mr Vine has posted no less than 2126 "tweets" to his Twitter account. A quick scan of the posting times shows that roughly 50% of these were posted during the time when I would expect Mr Vine to be preparing and broadcasting his Radio 2 programme.

It is common amongst most employers that use of social networking internet sites such as Twitter is banned during working hours. As a Licence Fee payer, I consider that Mr Vine is wasting his time and my money in his exuberant use of Twitter, and feel that his time would be better spent developing and improving his Radio 2 programme, especially as the vast majority of his listeners will not be following his Twitter feed.

Mr Vine clearly states at the top of his Twitter page "All views personal of course." yet then goes on to promote and discuss (in the loosest possible and highly edited sense) the content of his Radio 2 programme. I find his "my views are personal" and "this is what is on my Radio 2 programme, see you at noon" attitude to be an unintelligible dichotomy, especially as he chooses to block comments from some people who care to challenge or disagree with what he writes.

My complaints are (1) that Mr Vine is paying far too much attention to the distractions of Twitter when he should be "at work", (2) some of his messages are, I consider, damaging to the BBC's reputation, (3) Mr Vine is reluctant to accept challenging or critical comments yet provides no alternative method for passing on such comments with the ease that Twitter provides, and (4) the distinction between a personal Twitter account and one that actively promotes and encourages discussion on a BBC programme is blurred and needs to be redefined.

1 comment:

Will said...

Im sick of Jeremy Vine promoting Twitter.I thought the BBC didnt advertise;-) Well they constantly advertise there own stuff for a start.
Yesterday there was a trailer to tell you Alex Lester is back(No Problem with that),the problem was JV going 'Good Alex Lester is back' Like he has ever listened to Alex Lester at 2am....He's probaly on twitter;-)
He usually mentions it twice on Ken's show&numerous times in his show.
I will bite the bullet 1 day this week&listen for 2hours & count how many times & report back.
He has said its his own personal Twitter account & therefore shouldnt be promoted on his show.