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Thursday, 1 September 2011

Today's show 01/09/11

I wasn't feeling so good yesterday, but I am fighting fit again today and feel the need to get some angst and ire out of my system. You will, of course, be my Number 1 and only target.

Today's issue that affects me: Why does it take so long for the Jeremy Vine Show web page to be updated with each day's stories?

Having just listened to your trail on Ken's show, I know that today's show will only make a dull thud as it hits rock bottom...

1) HIV AND AIDS - A House of Lords committee wants another campaign to tackle "widespread public ignorance" about Aids and HIV. Are you someone who says you're just not worried about it anymore? : Hmmm... an unusual - but acceptable - spelling of "anymore". Usually it appears as two separate words. Anyway, with the lifestyle that I have chosen to have I'm pretty sure that I have not really worried about it ever, and I have no plans to do so in the future despite any scaremongering by you or the government. Next...

2) VANESSA REDGRAVE'S SUPPORT FOR DALE FARM - Vanessa Redgrave talks to us about her support for the largest traveller site in the UK which is about to be shut down : I'll refer you and my blog readers back to yesterday's email and your programme's entry on the Biased BBC web site (
). I'll add nothing more but I would like to know if the travellers all have valid TV Licenses. And it is still over 300 miles away from here. Next...
3) G-WIZ CAR SAFETY - A scientist is killed when her electric G-Wiz car is involved in an accident. Should people worry about G-Wiz safety - or is it all down to the driving? Find out more in this Evening Standard article : I've never even seen one of these and was about to do some quick research on them when you said on Ken's show "It didn't help that she was on her phone and didn't have her seat belt on ..." (both confirmed in the Evening Standard article). So, she was not concentrating on her driving, and she was breaking two motoring laws, yet you seem to be missing this point completely. On your Twitter feed you said: Story 3: A woman in a G-Wiz electric car has a crash and the car just "implodes" - if you care about your safety would you ever use one? I would dispute the use of "implodes", but I do care about my safety and so I never use my phone while driving and I always wear a seat belt. This will turn in to nothing more than an unjustified attack on the G-Wiz cars themselves, and I hope that the manufacturer sues you. Next...

4) 911 FIREFIGHTERS - And we talk to a 9/11 firefighter who escaped from the World Trade Centre seconds before it collapsed with his colleagues inside…as well as the psychotherapist who counselled him afterwards : So why isn't he trying to find out why World Trade Centre 7 collapsed? The ONLY steel-framed building to collapse due to fire damage EVER, and I have still yet to see a plausible explanation. I watched a BBC "Conspiracy Files" programme about 9/11 this week, and yet an explanation for this particular 9/11 mystery was sadly lacking. There was not even a mention of the famous news broadcast where a BBC journalist said that WTC7 had collapsed, yet it could still be seen behind her as she said the words ( If nothing else, the exposure of this video as a hoax would have been useful. There is a lot more to 9/11 than we have been told, and the BBC are guilty in that respect.

The Jeremy Vine Show - Seriously, what is the point?

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