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Friday, 2 September 2011

Today's show 02/09/11

I have an important project starting next week and I know that I would struggle to find the time to write my daily email to you in a timely manner. So, for the next two weeks or so, please feel free to discuss any old tosh you wish without fear of criticism from me. You can also be assured that I won't be listening.

Today's issue that affects me: Is porridge best prepared in the microwave or in a saucepan, or doesn't it make any difference?
Note how I offered the third "middle of the road" option that is sadly missing from the questions that you pose.

Only three topics today, apparently, and so irrelevant that ridiculing them is a challenge in itself...

1) 'SQUADDIE SCHOOL' - A free school is being set up in Manchester where all the teachers will be former members of the armed forces. Is a 'squaddie school' the best way to bring discipline back to the classroom? Find out more in this Guardian article : I have no idea, interest or children. Next...

2) ABORTION - When you were considering having an abortion, did you get the right advice?: I have never had to consider having an abortion. Next...

3) TERRY WALTON - And the Jeremy Vine Show allotmenteer Terry Walton joins us live in the studio today to answer fruit and veg questions from listeners…and to do some gardening himself : For a whole hour? Has he got a book out? How does Mr Walton's contribution fit in to your "We only cover the news" statement earlier this week? How is his allotment an issue that affects me? Have you ever heard of a Radio 4 programme called Gardeners' Question time? The only thing I grow in my garden is grass, and I seem to manage that OK thanks.

I despair.

The Jeremy Vine Show - can it get any worse?


gill kerry said...

Porridge is best in the microwave

Stonyground said...

I have been in a van all day and listening to CDs instead of the radio. I did hear a couple of brief snatches of JV while changing discs. The Gardener's Question Time thought occurred to me as well. I do grow vegetables but if I need any advice I can ask my mum who has been doing it since before I was born.