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Monday, 26 September 2011

Today's show 26/09/11

Free carrier bags in supermarkets and shops come to an end in Wales at the end of this week, and from 1st October it will be the law to charge 5p for a carrier bag. See for more details.

Today's issue that affects me: Is this Wales leading where the rest of the UK will eventually follow, or are we all going to die?

Anyway, it is another Monday morning, and this is reflected in today's topics for discussion - as usual. But before I move on to those there are some other interesting bits and pieces that I have gleaned from various sources (including your Twitter feed) that I feel need to have a larger audience. So, and for the benefit of my blog readers, let's take a look at these first...

The first one is brilliant:

I find it highly amusing that it was the Daily Mail that got this wrong, and have now frantically back-pedalled in an effort to hide their mistake. I would love an explanation from you of why you devote some much of your programme to stories from the Mail, yet here they are getting a story that concerns you so wrong. I'd advise you that there is no need to worry about this as your credibility is intact and unchanged - and firmly at rock bottom.

The second one appeared on your Twitter feed earlier today:
One day, perhaps, you might tell us something we don't know. Just because you think that ALL of your listeners and Twitter followers are idiots doesn't mean that they actually are. Give us some credibility, please.

Any chance of you unblocking my account on Twitter so I can follow you again? Or are you still ignoring all criticism of all that you do?

Right, on to today's random ramblings...

1) DRINK DRIVING - Northern Ireland wants to slash the drink-drive limit for young drivers and those who drive for a living : Sounds like a good plan, so what is there to discuss? Having said that, I don't live in Northern Ireland, and I don't drink alcohol ever, so they can do what they like. Next...

2) ECONOMY - Would a full and frank apology from Labour for overspending enable you to trust the party on the economy - or was the money essential for investment? : Your use of the word "overspending" is interesting as I am sure that you have many listeners who would disagree with your description. Is this yet another case of BBC bias, or are you just telling your listeners what to think again? Being of sound mind, the last thing I need is you telling me what to think, thank you very much. Next...
3) ELDERLY CARE - A nursing leader says that the relatives of elderly patients should go into hospitals to help staff care for them : No link on your web page, and I didn't hear your dialogue with Ken today, so I have no idea what this is about, and I shall remain blissfully ignorant on this occasion. Next...
4) LULLABIES - What is the lullaby that's guaranteed to get your child off to sleep? : Finally, a serious news story! Well done, give yourself a lollipop. And get off my radio.
The Jeremy Vine Show - condescension at its best.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

JV appears to have misread the story on item 3.
As I read it, the suggestion is that visiting hours should be extended so that relatives could help if they wished. Not that they should be helping. Subtle but important difference, clearly beyond JV.