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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Today's show 27/09/11

Just listening to you on Ken's show ... more misinformation. The Focus song with the yodelling was Hocus Pocus, not Sylvia. There are no vocals on Sylvia at all. Get it right Jeremy!

Today's issue that affects me: Should I switch to 6 Music at 12, or should I play one of my Focus CDs?

I have to thank my lovely wife for today's first piece of preamble, as it was she who spotted this:
Now, I was only vaguely aware of newsbiscuit up until I read this, and I did not know that all of their news items are spoofs, but my immediate reaction to this one was "Brilliant, I so hope that is true" until it was explained to me that, unfortunately, it definitely was not true. How disappointing. But it seems that somebody who writes for newsbiscuit knows you and your show well, and certainly well enough to fool me - if only briefly. Congratulations!

A couple of interesting articles about journalism at the BBC were brought to my attention yesterday...

The first (
) was written the BBC's Director-General, Mark Thompson, in which he debates the threats to journalism caused by the phone hacking scandal, amongst other things, and continues the usual biased BBC line of attacking News International and The News Of The World in particular while conveniently ignoring that other news media organisations were also guilty of hacking. Unfortunately he fails to address one of the biggest problems with news journalism in this country, and that is that I and many other people simply do not believe what we are told by the news media any more.

The second (
) came as a result of reading your Twitter feed in which you encouraged your followers (not that I am one, of course, as I am still BLOCKED) to "GET INTO THE BEEB: This is pretty much best job in world if you're just starting out. I was on it, loved every second". Having looked through the detailed job description I am surprised that I cannot find anything about producing items with a bias to suit the BBC's own agenda. I guess that anybody who lives in The Real World, who has any semblance of honesty, integrity and self-esteem, who does not like "jollies" to Iceland, or has knowledge of how to use an apostrophe or how oil-fired central heating systems work need not apply.

Going back to yesterday's programme, and the discussion on care for elderly relatives, a contributor to my blog wrote the following, and it appears to be true: JV appears to have misread the story on item 3.
 As I read it, the suggestion is that visiting hours should be extended so that relatives could help if they wished. Not that they should be helping. Subtle but important difference, clearly beyond JV.

Moving on to today's mindless mumblings then...

1) DEFENCE CUTS - Nearly 3,000 posts are cut at BAE Systems. But we talk to someone who’s pleased that defence jobs are going : Would that be Sally Bercow (
) by any chance? It is a tragedy that the jobs are being lost, but this is a private company so they are free to run their business as they see fit, and nothing you discuss today will change anything, as usual. I would expect nothing less than bucketloads of faux compassion and a general attack on government policy. Next...

2) HORSE WHIPPING - The British Horseracing Authority was asked to ban the use of the horse whip. Its response was ‘don’t ban it, just use it less’ : Asked? Who by? Nowhere can I find anything about who it was that asked the BHA to ban the use of whips, and it is not mentioned on the BBC news page that you link to. Are you making this up, again? I've never had any involvement with horse racing at all, other than a flutter at work many years ago on one Grand National, so I feel unable to form an opinion or have any interest in your discussion today. And in case you haven't noticed, the BHA have made their decision so you will be changing nothing - again. Next...

3) CANCER DRUGS - Cancer experts are saying that some cancer drugs are so expensive we can’t afford to use them on terminally ill patients. What price would you put on prolonging life? : I have no idea, but if I was suffering (and I mean suffering) from cancer and my life was only being prolonged by drugs then I would do everything I could to stop taking them. Next...

4) RORY WEAL - We spoke to the star of the Labour Conference, a 16 year old Labour activist, who says his family owes everything to the welfare state : Does he remind you of a young William Hague? What a sad indictment of this rotten country in which we live. Perhaps he wants to be famous when he grows up, and I am sure that the BBC will aid him in his endeavours. This just goes to show that you can fool some of the people some of the time.

The Jeremy Vine Show - misleading listeners every day


COMMENT OF THE DAY from Jonathan Harris-Douglas: "Please ask Jenny Pitman whether she would like to be whipped."

This comment was posted on your Twitter feed at 13:24. How can you decide that it is the "COMMENT OF THE DAY" when your programme has 35 minutes left to run?


Will said...

I listened until 12.10 today as was going out so turned Radio off&put the arrow on when outside on Port.DAB.


Where does JV get his Viewpoint from?When he sees a story in the DMail,does he think what viewpoint should I approach this or does he approach it from his own view point?

If he is approaching it from his own view point then he is one weird thinking idiot.
Who would come up with angle of 'Ru happy these people r loosing Jobs that produce planes that drop bombs on countries abroad causing Wars' WTF??

On a previous programme he asked if we really need the RAF any longer&shouldnt they be disbanded as we only fight Terriorists these days.That was around the time of The Battle of Britain 60th Anniversary.

I did email him last year in complaint when he said 'We dont need the Fire Service any longer as nobody uses a chip pan these days&we have smoke detectors' Couldnt believe it when I heard him say that!

I emailed him saying I hope he never needs the Fire Service to put a house fire out or Car accident&his family life is reliant on the Fire&Rescue Service.

What a ****.

Gill Kerry said...

Re Rory Weal, (try saying that after a few pints) he said he owed his WELL BEING to the welfare state. Not quite what IV said,, a subtle difference.
Away in benidorm at moment so miss the Ken/IV handover

Stonyground said...

Loved the Newsbiscuit link. There are three UK spoof news websites that I am aware of, Newsbiscuit, Newsthump and The Daily Mash which I think is probably the Best. On the subject of Prog Rock, the DM have just done a story on the middle aged guy who has just bought the Pink Floyd box set and is not quite sure what to do with it.

On the subject of JV's seemingly whacky views, I used to think that he was playing Devil's Advocate by asking the obviously silly questions that the dafter listeners might want to ask. After listening further I began to realise that, no, he is actually that daft himself.