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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Today's show 29/09/11

Another lovely sunny day here in North Wales - global warming at its best! Monbiot has got it all wrong.

I'm loving these early web page updates. The time is 10:24 and here I am with all of the information I need about your programme today. Keep up the good work, as it makes my morning so much more organised and less frantic. And still there are no links to newspaper web sites ... interesting!

I see that Rory Weal continues to make the news headlines. He is the 16-year old darling of the Labour Conference that you interviewed the other day, remember? The Daily Mail launch in to him again today (
) with another blistering attack on his misleading speech to the conference. All that stuff about his home being repossessed (under the Labour government) and not being able to afford to go to school seems to fly in the face of his ownership of an iPad ( but perhaps that is just me being cynical and an iPad is more important to his life than the bus fare to school. This was commented on by Robert Catesby on Guido Fawkes' web site when he wrote:
I work my nuts off to pay very high levels of tax. My money then gets given to the son of a millionnaire, who uses my money to buy an Ipad. He then stands on a conference platform to tell me how evil I am.
Rory, give me my f**king Ipad back you ungrateful little s**t.
What a shame that you couldn't be bothered to investigate his background before inviting him on to your programme. I know that gullibility is a stock-in-trade of your programme, but surely somebody should have checked up on him just a little bit, shouldn't they? Under normal circumstances a respectable broadcaster would put out some kind of follow-up story now that these facts have come to light. So, no chance of that then.

Today's issue that affects me: Harry Hill has quit TV Burp - one of the very few programmes I watch on ITV. Are we all going to die?

So, what tedious topics do we have to look forward to today?

1) ADOPTION - Why do the adoption authorities make it so difficult to adopt a baby in this country? : Errrr... can you ask me one on pop music? I have no idea, I am not adopted, and I have no plans to adopt a child, so this is of no interest to me. Next...

2) IRISH PRESIDENCY - Martin McGuinness is one of six people standing for President of the Irish Republic. Given that he was Chief of Staff for the IRA, should he first admit whether he was personally responsible for any killings? : Am I missing the point here? One sentence from the BBC web page that you link to states quite clearly: Mr McGuinness has denied all the allegations. That suggests to me that he has already said that he was not personally responsible, whether it be the truth or not. I guess that this is not good enough for you and this is another case of you continually asking the same question until you get the answer that you want. If not it certainly sounds like it. Next...

3) WAR GRAVES - Have you ever visited your Grandfather’s First World War grave? We talk to someone who has and tell you how to do it : Both of my Grandfathers were lucky enough to survive the First World War and were cremated in the UK during the 1970s. I went to both of their funerals. Next...

4) TORTOISE SANCTUARY - Finally, the woman who runs a tortoise sanctuary for 400 tortoises has had to close it down because the authorities say it’s a zoo : This is a real shame, despite her breaking the law. Set up the Jeremy Vine Tortoise Salvation Fund and I'll send you a £10 donation. Go on man, help the poor lady out and use your celebrity status to raise some money for her. It would make a pleasant change from just telling your listeners how bad it all is!

You said on Ken's show when talking about the tortoises: "
I feel like I'm losing the will to live talking about these stories". Good to hear you telling the truth about the pointlessness of your own programme! Jeremy, let me tell you that I and many others lose the will to live just listening to you talking about these stories. So, why do you do it? You could always resign and get a proper job.

The Jeremy Vine Show - losing the will to live, every day.


Yet again JV has been foolish enough to publish his script on Twitter. I'm no fan of Mr McGuiness but I do believe in innocent until proven guilty...

Follow up email sent to JV:

Just seen your script on Twitter:

You're a brave man virtually accusing a former IRA chief of murder! Which would you prefer? Tar and feathers, or a good old-fashioned knee-capping?

Complaint lodged on BBC web site:

Mr Vine has just published a photo of his script for today's programme on his Twitter account. It can be seen here:

The second item states: "Martin McGuiness is standing to be IRISH PRESIDENT. Should he first admit how many people he has killed?". 

This makes a huge assumption that Mr McGuiness is indeed guilty of killing anybody. We have in the UK a simple rule that states "innocent until proven guilty". My complaint is that Mr Vine has chosen to make a public statement that assumes Mr McGuiness to be guilty of murder without any evidence to support such an accusation.


Gill Kerry said...

I too was shocked by IV's accusations. Can u post the link to complain as I am stuck in benidorm at moment, a high class problem, I know

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Hi Gill,

Complaints go here: