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Monday, 26 March 2012

This week's shows 26/03/12 to 30/03/12

Dear blog readers,

I can't stand Feltz. Vine is irritating, but I really cannot stand Feltz. At all. Remember, she is the person who works in an industry that surrounds her with technology and yet she proudly proclaimed that "I have never sent an email in my life".

For the past few weeks I have felt that the time I spend writing this stuff every day is having a detrimental impact on other aspects of my life simply down to the time I spend on it. True, it is only 30 to 45 minutes per day but it can be at a time that is inconvenient during my working day. This is made worse when somebody at "our" BBC cannot be bothered to type four titles, four sentences and provide four web links to update the JV Show web page before the programme starts.

Once again, I am considering ending my daily rants. I have been doing this now for about four years (although the blog only started in January 2011) and, quite frankly, I am becoming aware that I am saying the same thing over and over again, and I'm getting bored with it.

Despite my best efforts, nothing really has changed. The JV Show continues to bombard us with irrelevant misinformation every day, while telling us what to think in its own special way. He will continue to have so-called experts in to brainwash us with their own points of view, and he will continue to think that I have the remotest interest in what Beryl from Bognor thinks about X, Y and Z without actually understanding any of them. The BBC continues to police itself, and I am expecting my second BBC Trust appeal to be just another "we think we're doing a great job, now go away and buy a TV Licence" response. And Radio 2 management continue to think that the award-winning Jeremy Vine Show is great radio.

However, my blog has proved that fans of the programme have to resort to personal insults when commenting, and the lack of any kind of "No, you're wrong, the JV Show is great because..." response is noteworthy. Pro-JV Show commenters (presumably that is what they are) will take the time to tell me I should get a life, etc., but cannot be bothered to tell me why. My life is my own, and I shall do with it as I please, thank you, but I would LOVE for somebody to construct a well-reasoned argument that opposes my own views. That would certainly create some interest for me, and hopefully for you too.

So, dear blog readers, while Feltz is standing in I am going to take this week off and there will be no daily 12:00 updates.

Please feel free to leave your comments. I really do read them all!

Thank you.


Callum Stewart said...

I fel your pain, my friend. I've had my own problems with Jezza in the past and have swapped emails with representatives of the BBC about his show, but never him directly. Here's hoping Feltz isn't *too* bad, but it's not off to a good start.

Will said...

Myself,I would take the time this week to have a break.Everyone needs to have a break sometime.At the moment,Im not really listening to Ken Bruce,not because anything has changed but because of the shifts Im on.When my shifts change I'll be back to listening again but every now and then I'll go through a stage of watching daytime TV but also with the nice weather Ive been out walking for an hr before work.

Ive always had the thought that you asking every subject be of interest to you no matter what JV says in his stupid licence paid trailers to be asking abit much ;-) but they should be of interest to the majority of R2 listeners but thats not the case generally.I could count on 2 hands the amount of times JV has covered something really interesting to me and Im talking over the last 5 years.I could name you 3 straight away and know there are a few others but would struggle to name others.What is of interest to me may not be of interest to you;-)

For me,this is abit of fun and passes transport journies and that is where it ends for me.Ive emailed JV twice one I put here and once about when he was slagging the Fire Service off but I tend to find other things to do with my time so can never be bothered emailing to complain as we know it doesnt make any difference as 'mother knows best' There are times I feel like complaining but have spent the time doing other things.

Im a believer of doing what you want and dont be put off by Trolling 1 hit wonder Keyboard Warriors as if they havent got anything better to say than verbal abuse and 'get a life' then dont post it.At least reguar posters can string 2 words together and put valid points forward.

If its having a negative effect on your life and you can use the time elsewhere then maybe thats what you should do if YOU want to do or maybe take a few weeks off.

I always enjoy going to parents as NO PC,No BB and can chill out abit but I still have phone with me if I want to know something.

I do 2 1/2 - 3hrs travelling on a work day so plenty of time to waste and never been a book reader;-)

I will say I listen less and less to JV and listn to Ab 80's,The Arrow and Podcasts.In the last month Ive probaly listened to 5-7 parts of show max and the last time I heard all 2 hrs was weeks ago.

I would like to Thank You for opening my eyes about the BBC and the links you provide are always of interest.Once your eyes have been opened then the bias shouts out at you although Ive always seen the bias in Question time.

Stonyground said...

I tried to do a spoof post from work saying how good the JV show is using the name Gordon Tunsy* but I was thwarted by the google account registering process which just kept leading me around in circles asking me to fill the boxes in over and over again. I tried to make it fairly obvious that I was kidding but was interested to see if you realised or not.

*It's an anagram.

Will said...

Tuesday-Listened 12-1330 as was mobile and it seems VF seems to think if you are a RAF navigator that this automatically means you are a qualified HGV tanker driver with all the relevant training.

You would think someone working for the BBC would be able to use a PC or as this is the BBC an Ipad or Iphone.

Saw Panorama on Mon and strange to see the BBC sticking up for and fighting ITV's battles for them.How I remember it ITV digital was too expensive,crap reception and crap programmes thats part why it failed.Only a small proportion of people would have known how to get a 'dodgy' smart card.

Wed-Missed it all as on work thing.

Thurs-Ive got Danny Baker lined up on podcast incase today is the usual rubbish.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I noticed yesterday that Feltz discussed this: Today we ask: which group are the most morally bankrupt – the bankers who helped cause the recession, the MPs who fiddled their expenses, or the young people who rioted in some of our inner cities?

I would have added a fourth group to those who are morally bankrupt: Journalists!

Nice one SG! I'm hopeless at anagrams so I probably would not have noticed.

Following a spate of offensive comments from a Vine fan (presumably) I've put all comments back on moderation. There is nothing sinister in this, it just saves me having to delete the rubbish! Needless to say, good old "Anonymous" failed again to make a point, which is a real shame.

I have to say that I am enjoying my week off more than I expected...

Will said...

My mate and yours Dave 'hug a hoody' Cameron will be more unpopular than Maggie by the time he leaves No.10,Ive been thinking that for nearly a year now and he's proving me right.

VF-Im sure she was stuffing another Cream Bun in her gob around 1228ish as she made some noise while the guest was talking.

The Government and Media are creating this panic.How stupid are people,they havent even set a date yet and when they do,they have to give a 7 day notice.

The Media are particulary responsible for part of the riots as they televised it showing people getting away with Murder.

My take on that question on who is morally removed is:


Alvin Hall is on at 1pm,like Martin Lewis a Top Guy and should be on TV more.

Will said...

Who's more Clueless JV or VF??

Just listening to VF talking to Alvin about the stock market.The woman makes JV sound knowledgeable.

Alvin has shares in Apple and has done since early on.Shares go up as Sales go up so Apple got mentioned a few times and Blackberry slagged off.So a few more dollars in Alvins pocket there;-)

His Dell shares profit paid for a 2 bed apartment for him 11 years after investing so one smart cookie there.Invested in Dell and Apple and who knows what else!

Will said...

Ken is on Top form today (Fri 30th March 2012) before his show has already started.When talking to Chris Evans on the hand over,Evans was saying that he was going to read Jeremy Vine's Book but he had just found out that Ken had already read it so asked for a review. Ken said 'He's 47 and works at Radio 2 and the rest you could just make up' ;-) That should be on the poster or an Amazon review.

Ken then goes on to tell us about his Train Journies on Chiltern Railways which was funny and was that into the story starts to play the same song again but after 10 secs Producer Phil tells him in the headphones;-)

Best Show on the Radio without a doubt.

Will said...

I wonder if JV will have Galloway on his show on Monday to celebrate his Bradford By-election win.
This country is in a flat spin and going down fast,Ive got my hands on the ejection handle and ready to pull when I need too if it doesnt recover.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks Will ... I too heard Ken say that about JV's book. Brilliant!

And it looks like Galloway is on today ... great.

Will said...

Feltz has just said,I need to go see my Friend for his 50 yr old Birthday who is 30 minutes away,what do I tell him 'I cant come because I havent got the Petrol'

'You arent expecting me to walk are you??'

Maybe if you had walked abit more then you wouldnt be the size you are.I always work on the principle that I dont put on the Internet something Im not prepared to say to their face so would quite happy to say it face to face. Missed Ken's bit so Im listening blind so dont know how long I I'll last or before the Blood Pressure Monitor goes Code Red!

VF says she's being sensible and not panicing as 'Im doing Jeremy's Show and talking to sensible people like you but Im down to my last few drops so what should I do?'

How about sending an email,Maybe that'll help?? **** me;-)

VF:Amazing story this,Danny was sat behind a Black Clio for waiting for the driver while he went to the Toilet for 10 mins.

Cameron&Co are now responsible for a woman who suffered 40% burns when she was moving petrol from one can to another in her kitchen with the oven on.

She didnt follow the advice to use Common Sense as she obviously doesnt have any!

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...


Station manager Lee Smith, whose Acomb crew attended the fire, said: "The people were cooking their tea and dispensing petrol from a container to a glass jug."

A glass jug?!?!?!?! I wonder if they were having pasties for tea.

Will said...

Cold pasties to avoid the VAT and were warming them up in the Oven.

The woman will have to live with the consequences now and for what??? Nothing!

On a day to day basis Common sense is missing from a very high proportion of people??

A glass jug?? What were they planning to do? Drink it??

gill said...

Oh dear, whats happening to my comments? are they dissapearing into the ether? insert smiley face

gill said...

oh, i am back, seems to have been a problem with javascript. Anyway, keep up the good work on the blog, even if not as prolifically as before. with a nod to stoneyground who directed me to this blog from another we both visit

Stonyground said...

My faith in human nature is at a very low ebb just now. My family have two cars and a motorbike. On hearing that there may possibly be some interruption in the fuel supply we calmly made sure that these three vehicles were fairly tanked up. We can survive for about a month without having to fill up again. If the worst comes to the worst, I will get my push bike out.