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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Today's show 06/03/12

BBC blows £13m on TV licence threat letters
THE BBC was blasted last night for spending £13.5MILLION on chasing unpaid licence fees over the past four years. It has sent out a staggering 85million warning letters — dubbed "threatograms". The huge bill, with each reminder now costing 18.3p in postage, was footed by licence fee payers who stump up £145.50 a year to watch telly.
BBC refuses to sign pledge to get more women on screen
The BBC is the only major broadcaster to refuse to sign a pledge to increase the number of women in heavyweight roles on screen – despite Mark Thompson admitting that the corporation "got it wrong on women" in the past. However, the BBC – which has recently admitted it does not have enough women in serious news and current affairs roles – said it would not sign up because of its duty to represent all licence fee holders. A BBC spokesman said the corporation was "sympathetic to the aims of the Broadcast pledge" but the licence fee means it is unable to endorse campaigns.

I can only take this to mean that the BBC considers that women do not represent licence fee holders, or that women don't need to buy a TV licence. And I can think of many, many campaigns that the BBC has endorsed over the years....!

But hush my mouth! In this particular environment the BBC is absolutely sacrosanct and can do no wrong in any way. Silly me. Instead we have this...

1) BUYING BRITISH - Ed Miliband says it’s time we supported British manufacturing. Would you go out of your way to buy British or are you solely driven by quality and value for money?: It depends what I am buying, but generally my answers would have to be no, and no. Should I call in and tell you that? Miliband has been all over the BBC today promoting this ... almost as if the BBC were endorsing a campaign. Just out of curiousity, what makes you think I would do anything that multi-millionaire Ed Miliband told me to do? He makes me laugh though:

2) CHILD PORNOGRAPHY - A dad from Hull accidentally downloaded child pornography. He immediately told the police, but the police had said they need to investigate and he can’t be left alone with his child for many months. Find out more from the Hull Daily Mail : I am assuming this has been reported correctly, but there was no mention by you on Ken's show that you would be talking to the Chief Commissioner of Humberside Police to find out what is going on. From that I can only assume that you won't be helping this chap. Changing nothing, as usual? Come on Jeremy, get to the bottom of this and make a difference for once! Next...

3) CHILD BENEFIT - The government wants to cut child benefit for high rate tax payers who earn over £42,475 a year. Is this fair? : We still have no children, we don't earn over £42,475 a year, we don't get any benefits, and that is not fair. Shall I call in about this one too? Next...

4) BENGHAZI WAR GRAVES - And finally, the war graves in a British cemetery in Benghazi, Libya, were desecrated over the weekend. Does this anger you because your father or grandfather fought in the north African campaign? : My father was in North Africa during the World War Two and he is alive and well, thank you. I see your usual striving for accuracy is meeting its regular standard: If these graves were "desecrated over the weekend" how is it that James Delingpole posted a link to the video last Friday? (
) By the way, did you hear that Queen Victoria has died?

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Gill said...

Does JV know that mafeking has been releived?

Will said...

The guy said he accidentially downloaded the music file.No you didnt,You downloaded it thinking you were getting. Free Music and instead got Child photos.
There was no accident in the download but you didnt get what you thought you were getting and had it been listed as Child Porn then you wouldnt have downloaded it but advertently that it was you ended up with.

Put it this way,I bet he doesnt download any Free Music again.A tough lesson learned.

Child Tax Credit:80k Combined get it but 43k doesnt. Great Idea that.If GO (Chancllr) cnt see that then we are all ****ed !