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Friday, 2 March 2012

Today's show 02/03/12

I was following your Twitter feed yesterday during the show (not listening, of course) and you tweeted: Caller in Gairloch, West Highlands, says cost of diesel to drive to Tesco and back is £25. Makes a mockery of their bargains. Can I ask, why do you think that is Tesco's fault? Not all of us have a Tesco Express round the corner! My nearest Sainsburys is 60 miles away, nearest Asda 20 miles away. This is my Real World!

And as we head in to the weekend, let's take a quick look at the stories that you are trying to tempt me with today...

1) WITCHCRAFT - A teenager accused of being a witch is tortured with knives, metal bars and a hammer and chisel before drowning in the bath. His sister and her boyfriend are found guilty of his murder : This is absolutely abhorrent and although newsworthy it really is not the kind of thing I would want to listen to while having my lunch, thank you. I can think of at least two religions whose followers legally mutilate their children in the name of their faith. Perhaps you should discuss that one day? Next...

2) MIDDLE CLASS BENEFIT CHEATS - Forget the stereotypes of unshaven layabouts drinking cans of lager in front of the TV at ten in the morning - are middle class benefit cheats the worst offenders? : I have no idea, and as I receive no benefits of any kind I can only assume that this does not apply to me. The question is though, will you manage to drag any of these people away from This Morning, Loose Women and Jeremy Kyle to listen to your programme? Next...

3) RENT - After 1, when your partner moves in should you charge them rent? : No. As I have said before, I have utmost respect for Martin Lewis but it continues to puzzle me as to why he keeps coming back to your programme. It would not be so bad if you actually listened to and understood what he says, but then why would you treat this particular expert any differently from any others? Next...

4) TODDLERS' EXTRAORDINARY GETAWAYS - A toddler scales a seven foot spiked metal fence to escape from his nursery school. Do you have a story of a child's extraordinary getaway? Find out more in this article from the Daily Record : Not having any children, I cannot give you any stories other than those that involve me in my formative years. Nurseries were a rare thing back in the early 1960s, so I didn't go to one. When I went out with my parents I was kept on a set of reins to stop me from running away. My parents have told me that when I did get away I just kept going. They would call me back and I would just say "Goodbye" and keep going. But things were different back then.
Sorry, you have failed again.
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Stonyground said...

Surely if the fuel costs to visit your nearest supermarket are so high, you need to get together with some neighbours to share the expenses. Either that or someone needs to set up a shop that has slightly higher prices but is still cheaper than driving sixty miles to shop.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Online shopping with home delivery is a wonderful thing!