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Monday, 19 March 2012

Today's show 19/03/12


According to Twitter, Jeremy is away recording Eggheads, so welcome Assmah for your first stint standing in for The Great One.

A quick introduction: I write to Jeremy every day and explain why the four topics for discussion are largely irrelevant to me, together with relevant topics that I would like him to discuss - and which he completely ignores with almost 100% reliability. You can read my past communications here:

So, what are you discussing today? Let's see, and I'll be easy on you...

1) FABRICE MUAMBA - The Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba is still lying critically ill in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest on the football pitch on Saturday. How could it happen that an incredibly fit young footballer suffers such a catastrophic attack? : I'll be honest and say that I had never heard of him or this unfortunate incident until yesterday evening. Let us hope that he makes a full recovery. Next...

2) WELFARE REFORMS - The government wants to reform the welfare system so it’s better to work than receive benefit. But we speak to a very worried single mum who says that she will lose tax credits and be so poor she’ll barely be able to feed her son : I am not a single mother, I don't receive any benefits, I don't have any children and I work for what I earn. Next...

3) ORKNEY AND SHETLAND - And finally, as the debate rages over Scottish independence, we speak to someone from Orkney and Shetland who says that even if Scotland goes independent, these islands should remain part of the UK. Findd out more from this article in the Aberdeen Press and Journal : I'm not sure why item number 3 starts with "And finally..." (or includes the word "Findd"), but I have promised the BBC Trust that I won't complain about poor updating of your web page in future. As a resident of Wales, I hope that I will be able to vote on whether Scotland goes independent. After all, it will affect us all - not just the residents of Scotland. Next...

4) PRIVATISING ROADS - The government wants to bring in a form of privatisation for our roads. Will this result in a fast lane for rich people only? : The first paragraph of the BBC news page you link to tells me all I need to know: David Cameron is expected to call for much more private investment in England's road network. I rarely visit England, and often choose to use the M6 Toll in preference to slogging through Birmingham. However, I would not class myself as "rich". Please do not do as Jeremy does and ignore the middle ground.

You see? That's how it goes. I'll be listening to 6 Music instead. More tomorrow!

The Jeremy Vine Show - but not for the next two weeks


Will said...

Was visiting Folks over weekend and at 6pm on Fri then they put egg heads on as they always watch it.As soon as I heard JV voice then I said 'I cant watch this not if JV' is hosting it' and thankfully my parents is a 2 TV household as they have still got my Mitsubishi TV from 1996 which still works but only gets the odd use when Im up and my mother wants some peace and quiet from my dad;-)

Luckily he's 75 now so they get there TV licence for free which is good as he has complained for years about 'the crap' that is on;-)

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

We used to watch Eggheads when Dermot hosted, but lost our enthusiasm when JV started to appear. Also not helped by the last (and potentially winning questions) being something like:

Challengers: What is the coefficient of expansion for nickel when subjected to a temperature of 40 degrees Kelvin?
Eggheads: What day follows Thursday?

Some might say it was rigged. Some might be correct!

Will said...

At 1.54pm then the Presenter who is from 5live Drive lost an agrument on air while trying to show a caller up and in the end lost the agrument and got shut up on the spot.It was very funny and 2nd to last caller.She did say to hold on as she would come back to her and then never back to her as went to the last caller and then talked all over the last song to read comments.

I must admit I was asleep through most of the programme.

Breaking News...Mark Thompson has had enough and he's off;-)