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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Today's show 15/03/12

I have been writing my second appeal letter to the BBC Trust this morning, which I will publish on my blog in due course. Suffice to say, I am giving you a hammering - particularly on the whole Twitter thing. Because I have spent some time on the letter this is going to be a very quick review of the issues that allegedly affect me today...

1) CITY STATUS - 3 new cities had been created to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee. Tell us why your town should have won : I don't live in a town. The nearest one has a population of less than 2000 people. I think it is quite happy being a town, actually. Next...

2) EXTRADITION - Gary McKinnon, Christopher Tappin and Richard O’Dwyer are all caught up in being extradited to the US. Is it right they should face justice there? Or is the government being too hasty in giving in to the American authorities? : I have no idea, and I have no idea. So, what are you going to do about it? Let me guess: Absolutely Bloomin' Nothing, as usual. Go on Jeremy, start a campaign to get something changed. I dare you! Next...

3) SCHOOL TRIPS - 22 Belgian children were killed returning from a school ski trip. We talk to somebody who says: “It’s made me rethink sending my child on such a holiday.” : That is completely understandable, but we still have no children. Next...

4) PUBLIC PHONE BOXES - They’re dirty, they’re smelly and nobody uses them. Is it time to scrap all public telephone boxes? : Dirty and smelly? Nothing like a massive generalisation, is there? BT removed the phone box in our village. A vigorous campaign was launched and it was reinstated a few months later. I think that makes my answer to your question to be "No".
The Jeremy Vine Show - in need of extradition to somewhere other than Radio 2


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the appeal #2

I am awaiting the outcome of a good few complaints that have been elevated to ECU status, meaning a much more senior person at the BBC will tell me that the BBC always gets it right.

Being I have 'em not just on shot logic but lies, they may find this gets 'awkward'.

On tweets, I found this one intriguing:


Jeremy Vine ‏ @theJeremyVine
“@thisisshaft: @theJeremyVine Rita Chakrabati on BBC News is a secret crush of mine.” <~~~ That's tremendous, but why are you telling me?


In turn, then, why is JV telling me? But no opportunity missed to boost Ms. Chakrabati and her selective views on what is, or isn't OK in the world, so understood if not excused.

As to the bus crash, it was a tragic accident. The MSM has now turned it into a grief ghoul zoo, and beyond intrusion has shown itself up to be the facile 23 out of 24/7 news void shambles they are. Especially until any facts emerge.

My kids were en route in a school on a bus to France skiing a certain weekend or two ago. It was not nice until we heard who. Almost as bad was realising our relief was another's loss.

Any medium that poses the question, or berk who answers that this will make them rethink anything on such a basis will need a very big box and lots of cotton wool... until they die of staying in it, and that will at least assist the funeral directors.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks! I've also been through the ECU process. BBC Complaints told me that I needed to write to them, but when I did they told me "nothing to do with us". All here:

I can only agree with everything you have written concerning the coach crash. I've heard reports that the coach driver may have had a heart attack, but until that is confirmed it is all just speculation. And use of the word "may" is, of course, speculation itself.

Anonymous said...

All here:


Tx for that. All juicy grist to a very grubby mill as they shoot each other in the feet that are in their mouths. Missed it before.

I share mine on BBBC, or used to.

They are working on a fix but until then it's inaccessible. Pity.

I could share here if you want, but they do get a bit lengthy as I show up what they have said vs. what happened, as you do here.

But they can write a lot and a lot of BS.

Anonymous said...

Copy of a note sent to the Newswatch team.

The top Trust guy stating that 'saying you are right does not make you right' rather puts most dismissal feedback from complaints officers in stark focus:

Bit intrigued at the bit where the ex-BBC employee, who nows oversees the BBC, claims (neatly set up by Mr. Snoddy's claim that the reporting on the ME is 50:50 on BBC being biased in favour of... Israel as main focus... I'd love to see those, doubtless FoI exempt stats. Same file as the Balen Report?) witters away on how tricky it all is.

I have several complaints currently lurking at ECU level, as they probably try and figure a way to explain lies and cover ups as 'getting it about right', on the odd basis that I care about the BBC and its employee's 'beliefs' on the BBC conduct. As the individual brought on has now set the precedent in claiming, belief in being right does not make it so, and if that can apply to BBC viewers, it can also apply to BBC employees, up to and including the 'Trust', too.

You might wish to ponder that, as I have a bunch of attempted brush-offs on file based on no more than that daft conceit, and that alone.

If this happens, I will of course be boosting up the greasy pole.

However, if this is the calibre of oversight individual who will be sitting in judgement, much that is already explained, will be even less excused.

ps: A consultation, by the way, might seem the same as 'doing' in some quarters, but actually is not if there is all mouth and no trousers at the end.