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Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Today's show 14/03/12

I'm busy today, so just a quick one...
1) ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVISTS - Scientists are angry that a campaign aimed at airlines and ferry companies by animal rights activists has succeeded in stopping much of the importation of mice needed for medical experiments : I listened to you talking to Ken when you described this as "an incredible story". Really? Am I missing something? And perhaps somebody learnt something today when you said the mice were "delivered on ferries and on planes, that's how you post stuff". BBC journalism at its best there! Our cats provide us with all the mice we need, thanks. Next...

2) COACH CRASH - A coach crash in a tunnel in Switzerland kills 28 people, 22 of them children. How dangerous are those long continental motorway tunnels? : This is a tragedy, but I have only ever travelled through long continental tunnels on a train. I am puzzled why you think the road tunnels have to be "continental" to be dangerous. Are the Dartford, Blackwall, Conwy, Hindhead, Medway, Saltash and Tyne tunnels all so perfect that it is impossible to hit something in them? I think not. Even more dangerous, in my opinion, are the overbridges on the M5 south west of Birmingham where the motorway was widened but the original bridges were left in place, resulting in the sudden narrowing of the carriageway and disappearance of the hard shoulder. You last discussed a major coach crash on 20th February when you suggested that it was the coach driver's fault that the crash occurred. Surely it has to be the driver or a mechanical failure with the coach that is to blame in the Swiss crash, and I am puzzled why you are singling out the construction of the tunnel to be at fault here. But then your programme would not be what it is without somebody or something to blame, would it? Next...

3) COMMUTER RAGE - A man found guilty of attacking a fellow train passenger, because his laptop was occupying a seat, has said all he was doing was standing up for middle class commuters who have a right to use a seat they’ve paid a lot for : And the Daily Mail makes its first appearance this week ... fantastic! Presumably this is what that particular rag counts as "news", so no wonder it is appearing on your programme today. I commuted from Hertfordshire in to London by train for 10 years in the 1970s and 1980s but I don't do it any more. Next...

4) ENCYCLOPAEDIA - The Encyclopaedia Britannica is to pulp its final edition after 244 years. Will you miss the joy of flicking through a proper encyclopaedia? : I've not used an encyclopaedia since I was at school a long time ago, so the answer to your question is "No".
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Gill said...

aah, the delights of the Arthur Mee children's encyclopedia.....not. They were out of date and 'old fashioned' then. I think they ended up propping up the bed when the leg broke!
The bit of motorway I don't like is on the M6(?) around Bristol on the way to the west country. The bit where the motorway splits and one bit is higher than the other.

Stonyground said...

I have to disagree with Gill, I loved my Arthur Mee encylopedias and read them constantly.

I am slightly baffled as to why JV is covering coach crashes again having done them only a few weeks ago. My take on them would be that millions of people travel millions of miles constantly on coaches. No means of transport can ever be 100%
safe so the obvious take on this would be to point out that travelling by coach is so close to 100% safe as makes no difference, which I suspect that it is.

Will said...

Gill-Bristol Fly over would M5/M4 which remains on same level for where you are going but has 2 levels has Interchange for 2 motorways.M6/M5 Sphagetti Junction at Birmingham is worse.

Coach Crash-1st question I always ask no matter who it is,Is how many were wearing Seat belts?? Its Law that seat belts have to worn on coaches for a few years now and with over 20 dead then I wonder how many were wearing Seat Belts?.I didnt listen but I'd hazard a guess that JV didnt ask that question in 30 mins.Train,Air and Coach travel is much safer than car travel as they are all professional drivers not like alot of Car drivers.

Commuter rage-Ask twice nicely and on the 3rd time tell them you are sitting down either on the item or you will move it yourself....As my meerkat friend says ....Simples(30 mins saved)