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Monday, 5 March 2012

Today's show 05/03/12

Monday again... and from your Twitter feed it appears you can be easily influenced. I'll explain more below in item 4...

1) GAY MARRIAGE - Gay marriage is ‘grotesque’ says Cardinal O’Brien, a leading light of the Catholic Church in Britain : He is entitled to his view, of course, and I have read that he has tried to put it across on both Radio 4 and Radio 5 this morning and only ended up getting a hammering from Messrs Humphries and Williams (standing in for Queen Nicky) respectively. Is there a BBC edict in force? You made no mention on Ken's show that he would be contributing to your programme today so perhaps common sense has prevailed and he has realised now that appearing on the BBC to defend his position is a pointless exercise. Instead you said "We have somebody who supports his view, and somebody who doesn't". Two "somebodys"? Blimey. I'll ask again: How do I achieve my life's ambition and become a somebody? Anyway, I'm not a Catholic, I am happily married to my wonderful wife and I do not need to be told what to think. I think you know what comes next: Next...

2) BLACKLIST - There is a blacklist of workers in the construction industry. Why are people put on it, and are you worried that you’ve been? Find out more in this artcile from the Guardian : What's an "artcile" then? I have never been involved in the construction industry, so I do not know how people are put on it, nor do I have any reason to know. On the same basis, I couldn't care less if I have been put on the blacklist. Perhaps I have ... that would certainly be an achievement! Next...

3) CIRCUMCISION - We discuss regretting circumcision. Perhaps it was done to you as a baby for religious reasons, or you were told by the doctors it was necessary and then found out it wasn’t? : Surely you are not discussing this after I suggested it on Friday? It was in response to your witchcraft story that I wrote: I can think of at least two religions whose followers legally mutilate their children in the name of their faith. Perhaps you should discuss that one day?. If so, I am flattered! I had some sympathy with Ken this morning when you brought this up on his show, and was glad that he moved you on quickly. I have no regrets about my own situation and I'll leave whether I have been subject to this particular treatment as a secret between me and my underpants, thank you. Next...
4) LIBERAL DEMOCRATS - Lembit Opik brings out a book on how the Liberal Democrats can get their mojo back. Are you more likely to vote Lib Dem if they get rid of Nick Clegg?: My answer to your question is "No". It was yesterday evening that Lembit Opik tweeted you with:
You said on Ken's show "... he wants to come on ..." and he has been "... spending time thinking ...". I bet he wants to come on! Your programme seems to revel in giving free publicity to authors whose books I will NEVER read, and this is just another one of many. And instead of "spending time thinking" why doesn't Opik just go and get a proper job so that he can experience The Real World in which the rest of us live, and who he fails to represent. If nothing else, it would stop him from cropping up on crappy TV game shows (for example, Pointless Celebrities - never has a game show been more accurately titled) and doing cringeworthy stuff like this: Perhaps then he might just earn some respect from me.
I'll finish with another quote from Ken's show: "We're quite excited, as we always are". Well, bully for you Jeremy. Please rest assured that there are many of us who are as far away from excitement about your programme as it is possible to be.
The Jeremy Vine Show - definitely in need of circumcision


Willl said...

Why would anyone think Limpit could sort out the Lib Dems,He lost his seat at the last election.

Lib Dems are dead in the water and Gleggy Weggy is done in a few years time.He's already selt his house in Sheffield as he knows he's finished as well as the Lib Dems next time round.

Cant b arsed listening so radio off and silence is better than JV.

Gill said...

Loved the coy way JV was discussing circumcision. He failed to mention whether it was male or female, so without listening I can assume its male, again re his coyness. wonder if he was told about it, like penthouse magazines.
The blacklist story is extremely old news and has been circulating frequently and often.

And from my own recollection, even earlier than that.

JV, second hand rose