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Friday, 23 March 2012

Today's show 23/03/12

Your last day then ... and the poor listeners of Radio 2 will have to suffer the abominable Ms Feltz next week. What have they done to deserve that? Was Jeremy Clarkson not available? Shame.

Anyway, it looks like we have more of the same today...

1) CHEAP BOOZE - Is the best way to cut down on problem drinkers to make everyone pay a bit more for cheap booze? : Other than the very occasional "try this, you might like it" sip, I have not drunk an alcoholic drink since 1978. I don't have any issues with alchohol, I just don't like it, and I don't know any "problem drinkers" as you so delicately put it. On that basis, I hope you will understand why this discussion is of no interest to me. Next...

2) PENSIONERS - We’re joined by the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls. He’s very concerned that pensioners are going to have to pay more tax – but wasn’t it Labour who once gave pensioners just 75p? : Ah, bless. Ed Balls, darling of the BBC. He'd turn up to the opening of an envelope. I would bet that Cameron counts his blessings every day Balls remains in the Shadow Cabinet as Balls is surely the Tory's best Secret Weapon. It is not very often that I agree with anything Tony Blair says, but I agree with this: Mr Blair refers to him in his memoirs as being “immensely capable intellectually”, but says his analysis of the party was “truly muddled and ultimately very damaging”. (
). Can you tell I'm not a fan? And I'm not a pensioner. Next...

3) TAX AVOIDANCE - We present Radio 2’s guide to how the rich avoid paying tax : And your special studio guests will be, of course, Moira Stewart (
) and John Birt ( I am sure that you can find others within the BBC to tell us how they do it. Next...

4) LITTER - The landowner from Northumberland who wants to stop people littering is told off for putting up a sign saying ‘Don’t be a tosser’ : And well done for finding a News Entertainment story to end the week. Jeremy will be proud of you.

The Jeremy Vine Show - what? no allotment?


Stonyground said...

As one of countless millions of moderate drinkers, I would see minimum pricing of alcohol as electoral suicide were it not for the fact that all three main parties seem unable to see what a stupid idea it is. Alcohol is very easy to produce from basic ingredients and, as a consequence, attempts to control it have a proven track record of making bad guys very rich and powerful.

Regarding taxes. lots of people want to sell me things. These people have to go to great lengths to persuade me to buy their products and I have a choice, If I like their product I will buy it, If I do not wish to buy it, my money stays in my pocket.

Many things that are paid for by taxation are things that I do not want or need. Fake charities, the Church of England and the BBC are the first things that come to mind.

There are things that I do need, such as a well maintained road network, for this I pay four times over the odds for and the government fails to provide it.

Will said...

With the Alcohol why not make it more expensive for youngsters but cheaper the older you get,that way the OAP who likes a few pints each week but isnt a trouble maker doesnt get ripped off then.

The problem with this country is there is no real alternative as its a 2 party country so we are well and truly ******. Labour wont get back in with Mr Bean in charge and so what is the alternative?? Attempt to get out of Dodge.I'd happily leave tomorrow!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the idea of going to the till and pretending I'm 90 so my wine is cheaper! Makes ID checks less appealing, I've been flattered the last few times I've been asked to show ID.

Gill said...

be carefull what you wish for. The anti-alcohol mob will probably have applied limits to over 60's.
It could also be against EU trading laws. And if companies can produce alcohol cheaper they will get to increase their profits - also anti-competetive as it will result in a cartel