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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Today's show 20/03/12

How did it go yesterday then? Did you manage to improve our world and our lives at all? Or did you just do what Jeremy does and change absolutely nothing?

At about 1:54 yesterday you said, "Morag, stay there" - several times but you never went back to her. Is she still hanging on? Poor woman ... lied to and then cut off in full flow. Nice.

The easy ride ends here, and here are some topics you won't be discussing today (which is a shame, because I would listen if you did):
BBC viewers 'very comfortable' with pay download service
Viewers are "very comfortable" with the BBC's plans to launch an iTunes-style download service which would open up thousands of hours of never-before repeated content, according to a senior corporation executive. The BBC's director of archive content Roly Keating said he wanted it to be the "norm, not the exception" that BBC shows were available to buy online soon after transmission.

Very comfortable? I don't think so. I pay £145.50 for my licence fee and then have to pay again to watch the programmes I have already paid for. Bargain!

"As Mark Thompson said in his speech, this is not a second licence-fee by stealth or any reduction in the current public service offering from the BBC".

Oh, silly me. Because, errr, Mark, Mark Thompson, ummm, errr, (see 24th January) says that it must be true. You can fool some of the people...

Talking of Thompson...
BBC director general Mark Thompson announces departure
The BBC's director general, Mark Thompson, has told staff he will leave the corporation this autumn. With nearly eight years in the job, he has been the BBC's longest-serving director general since the 1970s.

Presumably he wants to spend more time with his enormous pension. We can only hope that his successor has the ability to string a coherent sentence together (again, see 24th January).

And what's this in the video at 00:30...? "Relations with the Tory-led government appear cordial now. The Murdoch empire is the new media bogeyman". Really? Whatever the government do you still have Ed Balls on speed-dial to tell us why it was a bad thing, but it is good to see the BBC finally admit that they're gunning for Murdoch. Many of us have known that for a long, long time.

And finally...
TV licence cheats make up a TENTH of all magistrate court cases
More than 3,000 people a week are being prosecuted for not having a TV licence making up a tenth of all magistrate court cases, it has been revealed. Spiralling numbers of prosecutions courts deal with more such cases than any other offence. Two out of three of the defendants are women – thought to be because they are more often at home when enforcement officers call.

Well, Thompson's pension will have to be paid for somehow. TV Licensing have no right of access to our homes, and cannot prosecute without evidence. I need say no more.

Ooohh look, a nice early web page update today (11:25). You see, it can be done!

1) SERIAL KILLER - A serial killer who appears to target Jews and Muslims is still on the run in southwest France. We speak to someone who suggests that France should blame herself : And so we have your first mysterious "someone" of the week. Let's just hope that the killer is caught soon, but I fail to see what your discussion today will achieve. Next...

2) RESTORATIVE JUSTICE - If someone in your family was murdered, would you ever be able to forgive the killer? We talk to Tanya Byron about the power of restorative justice : I haven't forgiven other people for far less than murder, so the answer to your question is "No". How is it that Tanya Byron is not just another "somebody"? Next...

3) TAX - The Chancellor says, in the interests of transparency, he will tell us exactly what our taxes are spent on. Critics say that will help the government justify spending cuts : I hope this happens, as I would like to know. Now, if only the BBC would do the same and learn what the word "transparency" means. Next...

4) FABRICE MUAMBA - Why are we being asked to pray for the Bolton footballer Fabrice Muamba - when surely it’s the doctors and nurses who will make him better? Find out more in this article from the Mirror : Are we? A friend and neighbour of mine was seriously injured in an accident at work two weeks ago. We don't know for sure what happened to him, but there is a suspicion that he had a heart attack which then made him fall and caused his subsequent injuries. He died yesterday. My heart goes out to his wife, son, daughter and young grandchild that he has left behind. If I do any praying I think I'll pray for them instead, if you don't mind.


Rob said...

What an unbelievable blogspot to stumble upon!

If bile was a source of fuel, you'd have enough to keep yourself warm all winter.
But are you overheating yourself?
Why not switch off the radio and reduce your outpourings of rage and vitriol?
Or better still, inject a little humour in your musings.

Go on, enjoy the rest of your life

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks for taking the time to leave your comment Rob, but I feel you may have missed the point of why I do this.

No matter, I respect and thank you for your opinion.

If you wish, please feel free to leave another comment and tell us what you think Vine's programme and why. I would be very interested to read an alternative point of view.


Will said...

Im mobile again today so giving it a listen.5Live woman is the female JV after 1 day but having listened to 5live Drive before then I know just how biased they can be if they dont agree and Danny Baker&Simon Mayo are much better listens.

It seems the stupid scenery story sound effects are a JV production team call as here once again on the taxes they have voiced up a so called scenario(more about this subject when I get chance) using production staff and a sound effects machine(this isnt R4 and The Achers you know) instead of discussing it properly.

If this was being discussed by 5live which Im sure it will be then it wouldnt be discussed like this but in a proper manner.Its like R2 is dumming down there listeners and think this is the only way they will understand as if they were serious about News then they would listen to the news Station 5live and if they covered it like R2 then 5live would get slatted.

It seems somethings dont change as no research and had to be corrected on a major point by journalist in france about French story.

Also last 2 days the stories are out of order on website to show.Tax-1,French Killings-2 and no doubt footballer has been bumped to 3 or even 4 after thankfully he seems to be getting better.

JV show seems to be **** from a production level and JV just seems to bring it down further.

As for the TV licence then the analogue signal gets turned off in a few weeks for me and Ive still got an anologue TV with Digital STB which if I unplug and disconnect the aerial box on the wall means Im unable to receive TV signals so will consider this year as to whether I renew my licence as Im not bothered about watching anything 'Live'.

Update:Footballer is Item 4,Maybe its because they are asking 'what saved him, praying for him or the Doctors??'

My answer would be all the medical staff as if they would have just stood there and prayed then he probaly would have died but I guess we'll never know but at the end of the day,it couldnt do any harm if you do both.

Stonyground said...

I would say that had the medical staff just stood there and prayed it is more or less certain that he would have died. There have been properly conducted studies on the effects of prayer on medical outcomes. If the patients don't know that they are being prayed for, no difference was found between the prayed for group and the control group. The group that knew that they were being prayed for had worse outcomes that the control group. So by all means pray for him but don't tell him, it won't do any good but at least it won't do any harm.