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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Complaint response 29/09/11

The usual "stock" reply, sent out on a Sunday afternoon...

Reference CAS-1017792-1WS2XX
Thank you for contacting us.

I understand you were concerned by the content of a recent photo uploaded by Jeremy Vine on his Twitter account as you felt it displayed bias.

BBC journalists are well aware of our commitment to impartial reporting and they're expected to put their own personal views to one side when carrying out their work for the BBC. However, Jeremy does state on his account that "all views personal of course" and they're not intended to reflect any BBC opinion.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your concerns so I can assure you that I've registered your comments on our audience log. This is a daily internal report of audience feedback which is made available to all BBC programme makers and commissioning executives, including their senior management. It ensures that your concerns are considered across the BBC.
Thanks again for taking the time to contact us.
Kind Regards

Jxxxx Pxxxxxxxx
BBC Complaints

Follow-up complaint sent:

Many thanks for your reply. The picture displayed on Jeremy Vine's Twitter page showed the script that he read out at the start of his programme. Although he did add verbally "if indeed he killed anybody" or words to that effect when he read the script this additional text was not shown on the script displayed in the photo and seen by his Twitter followers.

You mention that BBC staff are "expected to put their own personal views to one side", yet this has clearly not happened in this case. Mr McGuinness is on record ( as having denied his involvement with any murders, yet the photo of Mr Vine's script shows clearly that those denials mean nothing to those involved with his programme and I repeat my claim that the BBC are treating Mr McGuinness as "guilty until proven innocent".

I would appreciate your further comments on the above.

As you mentioned, Mr Vine claims on his Twitter page "all views personal of course" yet this photo shows an OFFICIAL BBC DOCUMENT (i.e. his radio programme script). In addition, Mr Vine continues to promote his Twitter page on every occasion that he can including promotions for his programme and several times during the course of his programme.

I am left wondering how "personal" a Twitter account can be when it is promoted on Radio 2 so often, and listeners are encouraged to read and contribute to Mr Vine's Twitter page. However, this is the subject of a separate complaint that I sent to you on 26th September, and I look forward to reading your comments on that complaint in due course.

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gill Kerry said...

Iv not had a reply yet. Maybe they know i'm in Spain and think I am here long term. Just wait till I get home