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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Today's show 27/10/11

Hello dear blog readers!

Sorry I am a bit late with today's update, but a shopping trip to our nearest town took a little longer than expected. There was, however, an unexpected bonus to this as it gave me the opportunity to listen to Feltz promoting her pathetic programme on Zoe's show, and during which conversation she came out with this amazing statement:

I have never sent an email in my life, and I am proud of that.

It was only yesterday that I wrote about this programme needing somebody who lives in The Real World, and Feltz has proved in that one sentence that she does not. Unfortunately some idiot at Radio 2 thinks that that makes such a good qualification that she is ideal to stand in for JV during his many absences. I would disagree.

I can't help thinking that I'm wasting my time by sending this text in an email to her ... perhaps she doesn't read emails either ... but I shall continue, if only to maintain an almost complete record of the drivel discussed on the programme. Today's offerings look to be of the usual poor standard and are as follows:

1) KNIFE CRIME - If you're over sixteen and convicted of threatening someone with a knife, you'll automatically go to jail. That's the government's plan to shake up sentencing in England and Wales : Sounds good to me. Next...

2) MANDARIN - Selfridges in Manchester is teaching its staff Mandarin in an effort to attract Chinese shoppers. Find out more from the Manchester Evening News : Is this what passes for news these days? Good to see Selfridges taking a pro-active approach to building their customer base (and I am sure that they will be grateful for the free publicity), but our nearest Selfridges store is 120 miles away, I'm not Chinese, I don't work for Selfridges, I cannot recall ever going shopping in Manchester, and I have no plans to do so. Next...

3) GOTHS - What should you do if your teenager becomes a goth? : Errrr... Shoot them? Buy them some black eye liner? Become a goth too? Feltz makes it sound like a disease. A better question would be: What should you do if your favourite radio station broadcasts complete crap for two hours in the middle of the day?, but we already know the answer to that. And no children = no teenager. Next...

4) GETTING ONLINE - As part of the BBC's Give An Hour Week, we drag Vanessa kicking and screaming to a computer to show her how to get online. Find out more about Give An Hour Week : Guess what. I'm already online. Hopefully this item will expose Feltz as the complete muppet she really is.

Meanwhile, the BBC is in the news again (
) for broadcasting "misleading" news:
BBC's 'too little, too late' apology to Tory MP

Andrew Tyrie, the Tory MP shown apparently being muzzled by Steve Hilton at the Tory Conference, wants a proper apology from the BBC
The BBC? Misleading news? Apologise? This will not be discussed today, or ever.

And there is this one too (

THE BBC’s impartiality was questioned last night after a Sunday Express investigation revealed it has been pocketing millions of pounds in EU aid money.
BBC-backed projects funded by the grants include a £2.3million EU handout to “assist the digital switchover in Serbia” last year.
One particularly obscure project was “unblocking the cocoa value chain in Eastern Sierra Leone”.

That will be OUR Licence Tax money being wasted, and that, of course, will never be discussed on the JV programme either.

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gill kerry said...

I heard VF say on an earlier BBC attempt to get folk on line, that she didn't use email. Presumably she costs the BBC lots in paper when they contact her. Not entirely sure I beleive this. Forcing myself to listen today but Will have to switch off soon. Just heard her talking over all her guests and giving no right of reply. Grrrh

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Hi Gill!

> Just heard her talking over all her guests and giving no right of reply.

That is a major part of her job. The other major part is to tell you exactly what to think, do, say, etc.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Loved listening to Mark Radcliffe taking the p155 out of JV on his 6 Music show today. From about 10 minutes in if you want to listen on iPlayer!

Will said...

Not only did she say that she isnt online but doesnt have a computer either.

Now its not compulsary to have a Computer but you would think someone in the media & broadcasting industries maybe abit more upto date??

Maybe it was the idea that VF put across that she doesnt know how to use a PC when I hope she does as that should be a requirement to be paid by the BBC.
Work Computers -Yes
Work Oil Filled Radiators-NO;-)

JV still tweetin nonsense even though he states he is on holiday leave for kids.

Loved yr Goth's comment,V.Funny;-)
Listening to Ab80's at mo but back to R2 at 1pm to see how incompotent she is!

gill Kerry said...

Just heard VF say her daughters are blonde Alice in wonderlands! Gawd help us, VF clones. Loved the comment from a mother saying she would be more upset if they found religion.! My thoughts exactly. Will, loved your comment re computers and oil fired heating