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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Today's show 06/10/11

Another early update to your web page today - I'm impressed! A quick scan shows that today's topics don't match anything that I would like discussed, as usual.

With the BBC all over the news today it comes as no surprise at all that you are completely ignoring these stories, even when they come from your favourite rag: The Daily Mail. This one was published a few days ago (
Whatever the BBC say, Britain is still mainly white, Christian and straight

Only this week the BBC announced it was scrapping references to AD and BC because it didn’t want to offend, or discriminate against, non-Christians. To hell with the millions of Christians who pay the licence fee.
The BBC projects an image of Britain which is unrecognisable to most of its inhabitants. Its news bulletins and dramas are all refracted through the prism of diversity, multi-culturalism and political dogma.
Of course I understand how these attitudes become ingrained. If you live in London, the picture of Britain painted by the BBC and the Guardianistas seems pretty accurate.
BBC producers, quangocrats  and Left-wing political activists only ever meet other people like themselves.
Where the problem arises is when they impose the prejudices of their own, self-regarding demi-monde on the rest of the country.

Any comments? I thought not.

Next one (
Bloated BBC finally cuts itself down to size as 2,000 staff face axe

The effort to save £1.3billion over four years will be seen as a tacit admission by the BBC that there are limits to its bloated realm.
Radio 4 will be relatively protected but Radio 1 and Radio 2 are likely to have to make major cuts.

Here is my comprehensive suggestion list for cuts at Radio 2:
The Jeremy Vine Show: The presenter has such a large number of staff working for him to "research" stories, answer the phone, deal with emails, etc., that he has time to update his Twitter account frequently during working hours, and even has time to socialise with a family member at a coffee shop (October 5th).

It was on 15th August this year (
) that the abominable Ms Feltz laid in to David Starkey (presumably in his absence) about the comments he made on an episode of Newsnight three days earlier. Interesting to read now ( that he has been cleared of making allegedly racist comments by the Press Complaints Commission and the justified criticism of discussion host Emily "No Mates" Maitlis ( I guess there is no chance at all that you will set the record straight and apologise on Feltz's behalf for the pillorying that he got that day.

But, and unlike Matthew Wright, you don't do apologies.

Today's issue that affects me: I've just taken delivery of some goods from a company for use with my business. Unfortunately they have not included any paperwork (receipt) in the package. How do I show that in my accounts?

So, what does that leave us with?

1) STEVE JOBS - Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has died. How did Apple change your world? Can you remember the first time you marvelled at an Apple product? : Very sad, and he was undoubtedly a great innovator. I used to be involved in the computer software industry and try as we might we could not get our standard products to run on Apple computers. This was about 15 years ago, maybe more. I do remember the first time I marvelled at an Apple product, as my boss stood over me and said "You'd better get this to work, or there will be trouble", which left me marvelling as to why Apple should make it all so different and difficult. In the end the technical challenges proved too much so the company simply pretended that Apple computers didn't exist. Although this episode gave me a few sleepless nights all those years ago it was hardly world changing, don't you think? Since then I have never knowingly used or spent a single penny on an Apple product. Just remind me again, who is your target audience? Next...

2) HOT CURRY - We go to the curry restaurant in Edinburgh which held the hottest curry competition. What is it about hot curries and people trying to prove how macho they are? : Slow news day, is it? Never having eaten in my life anything that could be described as a curry, I have absolutely no idea, or interest. However, I am sure that you will manage to ridicule them in any way that you can. What is it about radio presenters trying to prove how patronising they are? Next...

3) JARROW MARCHERS - A group of young unemployed are following in the footsteps of the Jarrow marchers from the 1930s : Good for them, but I am neither young or unemployed. Next...

4) MEMORIAL BENCHES - When you die do you want a memorial bench? James Campbell from Alnmouth in Northumberland decided he wanted to enjoy his before he dies : It IS a slow news day then. You could always have talked about the BBC!

The Jeremy Vine Show - elephant? what elephant?


gill kerry said...

The only apple product I marvelled at was a beatles record. Didn't that come first? Even the logo was similar.
Ps, you must try a curry . And didn't I see that article related to a chilli originallly?

Anonymous said...

You don't say whether you'd like a memorial bench in your own honour. Please tell us!

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Good point Anon, I didn't.

Would I like a memorial bench? No, I don't think I would.

Stonyground said...

I would highly recommend a visit to Tabloid Watch and Five Chinese Crackers for the details on the totally made up story about BC/BCE AD/CE.

Even if the majority of Brits are indeed Christian straight and white, so what? Does that mean that anyone who does not fit those three categories is a nobody as the DM often implies?