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Monday, 17 October 2011

Today's show 17/10/11

Another quick one today due to pressure of more important stuff to do...

Today's issue that affects me: Tap a thread, use a nut and bolt or rely on a self-tapper?

I did listen to your discussion on journalism last Friday. I was not surprised to hear that you took a biased "no licences" view, that the broadcast media was not included in your discussion and that nothing changed. Your mention of Dr Shipman was a "cheap shot" so typical of your programme and did not make any valid point at all, in my opinion. It was good to hear McKenzie confirm my view that journalism is not a profession: Trade yes, profession no. I'll admit you made me laugh when you said, "I'd have to get a licence in order to speak to you" and we can only hope that the qualification examination is rigorous, doesn't include use of apostrophes and that nicking stories from the Daily Mail causes an automatic fail.

It also reminded me why I don't listen to your programme at any other time!

Anyway, let's move on to Monday's moans...

1) ANTI-GREED PROTESTS - As demonstrators spend a third night camping outside St Paul’s, are you someone who despised anti-capitalist protestors during the boom but now support them? : In answer to your question: No, I am not. I loved the interview on the BBC news page you link to where the guy says, "We know families that are counting the baked beans on their children's plates". As this is from the BBC, who surely would never broadcast something purely to gain public sympathy for a particular cause or without evidence to support a claim (yeah, right), I have no doubt that the names and addresses of these poor people were forthcoming from the interviewee. Are you going to get one of these families of bean-counters on your show? Next...

2) ENERGY PRICES - We’re joined by Chris Huhne the Energy Secretary. What is the government doing to bring down the cost of gas and electricity? : About as much as you do about ANYTHING discussed on your programme, I reckon. Are you going to ask him about his alleged speeding ticket misdemeanour? I thought not. Next...

3) SMACKING - The Welsh Assembly debates outlawing smacking in Wales : Yay! A story about Wales! What a shame that we still don't have any children though. Next...

4) INDYCAR RACING - The British racing driver Dan Wheldon dies in an IndyCar race in Vegas. Are you an IndyCar racing fan and why is it so dangerous? : A tragic death, undoubtedly, but my answers to your questions are "No" and "I have no idea".

The Jeremy Vine Show - changing nothing, every day


Stonyground said...

On the question of tapping a thread, using a nut and bolt or using a self tapping screw. It really depends on the circumstances. I generally avoid self tapping screws for jobs using any material other than wood. Deciding whether to use a tapped thread or a nut depends on things like the thickness and nature of your material. whether the reverse side needs to be flush, you can still use a nut but you would have to counter-bore. If you do use nuts always use nylocs, the nyloc nut is one of the most underrated inventions of all time, they are brilliant.

Why is motor racing dangerous?? Sometimes I think that JV is having us on.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I agree 100% with you about Nyloc nuts, they are brilliant!