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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Today's show 05/10/11

I hear that I missed a good bust-up on your show yesterday. If I could be bothered to drag my mouse pointer enough to open iPlayer I would take a listen, but frankly I can't be bothered. Why? Well, the prospect of listening to a "Daily Mail blogger" and Gorgeous George Galloway slagging off each other doesn't really do it for me. And what is it about Galloway? Why do you have him on your programme to talk about all kinds of things so often? Does he have embarrassing photos of you? Or is he just an expert in EVERYTHING? I think we should be told.

It occurs to me too that Galloway would make a good stand-in for you when you are away ... but who would he call when he needed a Talking Head to spout off on any given subject? What a quandary that would be!

My blog soarded through 7700 page views yesterday evening, and again I thank my loyal readership for taking time to read my inane ramblings. I understand that one of them has been in touch with you directly (RESULT!) and I would like you to know Jeremy that you are free to respond to any of the comments made on my blog. You have my email address and my phone number and I promise to publish anything you send me without alteration or comment. Whether others choose to comment is, of course, up to them and outside of my control.

I forgot about this yesterday - sorry...

Today's issue that affects me: Following the launch of Apple's iPhone 4S yesterday, are those of us who have a mobile phone that can only be used to make calls and send texts all going to die?

Moving on to today's tedious topics then...

1) DAVID CAMERON - The Prime Minister speaks to the Conservative conference today. His message: What are you doing to pay off your credit card debt? : Blimey, somebody there has woken up and realised that the Tory Conference is on this week! Congratulations to that person, and thank you for doing your job properly - for once. You have saved me the bother of sending another bias complaint to the BBC, not that they do anything about those, of course. As for your question: I pay off my credit card every month and cannot remember the last time I paid any interest. Credit card companies HATE people like me as they don't make any money. Nevertheless, I'd make sure that you get George Galloway in as he will undoubtedly have an opinion on everything to do with Cameron, Tories and credit cards. Next...

2) PRISON CRIME - Damian Fowkes is the prisoner who killed one paedophile and later attacked Ian Huntley. Given his determination to kill all paedophile prisoners, where on earth do we incarcerate him? : How about George Galloway's office? I have no idea, or interest, but I bet George Galloway will have the answer! I have every confidence that George will be the saviour of the UK - and whether we like it or not. He used to be important, you know, and was even an MP at one time, until his constituents mistakenly voted for somebody else. What could they have been thinking? He had told them EXACTLY what to do! Next...

3) MIXED RACE BRITAIN - A new BBC series looks at the joys of being mixed race in Britain today. More on the BBC's 'Mixed Race Britain' season : Aha! A shameless plug for a BBC2 TV series. We've not had one of those for a while. And is that a young Carol Vorderman in the top picture on the web page you link to? ( I live in a mixed race community, with immigrant English (such as myself) living in harmony with our lovely Welsh neighbours. And you are right, it is a joy. There is just one thing missing from my situation though: We are all the same colour. I suspect that this is not what you mean by a mixed race society. Oh well, I got it wrong again. Anyway, I bet George Galloway is an expert on this topic, and will no doubt overcome his inherent shyness to express an opinion, although you may have to turn up the microphone gain a bit so your listeners can hear what he says. Next...

4) CAT FIGHT - Home Secretary Theresa May says ‘you won’t believe this, but an illegal immigrant was kept in Britain because he had a cat’. Justice Secretary Ken Clarke says he doesn’t believe it : Good to see you are maintaining your standards by ignoring the substance and focusing on the trivia. Have you ever made a mistake Jeremy? Have you ever said anything to an audience and got it wrong? Have you ever said anything in the belief that it was the truth, but later found that it was wrong? Have you ever been let down by your researchers who failed to do their job properly? Have you ever corrected and apologised for doing any of these things? The answers to those questions are, of course: Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes and - sadly - No. So how about discussing that? You said on Ken's show that Russia is now part of Europe - wrong! I bet George Galloway has never made a mistake in his life, and everything he says must be the truth because he says it is. Again, I feel sure that he will be able to amuse and entertain your listeners with witty anecdotes of when he went bungee jumping with Ken Clarke, or the time he mud-wrestled with Theresa May. Blimey, I'm almost tempted to listen! Oh, I remember now, I live in The Real World. You should try it some time.

The George Galloway Show - today's special guest is Jeremy Vine!


Just found this in your beloved Daily Mail:
Migrant facing deportation wins right to stay in Britain... because he's got a cat

So, who got it wrong then?


gill kerry said...

Here is the answer I received about the Martin maguiness case. No ref to IV's twitter postings where he actually made claims re MM.
Reference CAS-1017952-QG8F3W Martin McGuinness was the Chief of Staff of the Provisional IRA, a proscribed organisation, openly at war with the British Government. It was an organisation which admitted responsibility for many deaths. The Jeremy Vine posed the question 'should a person who led that organisation be a suitable candidate for the Irish Presidency?' It was a perfectly legitimate discussion which had been raised in other media that week. The discussion revolved around responsibility as well as Mr McGuinness' personal actions. We believe it was a valid and balanced item which was of major importance and has raised no questions of libel. Yours sincerely Phil Hughes | Editor Programmes BBC Radio 2

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks Gill. No surprises there then.

My complaint is still pending, and I have no doubt that I will get the same kind of wishy-washy reply.

Phil Hughes is the poor chap who seems to be responsible for answering any JV show complaints that are marked as "errr.... too difficult" by the robots at the Complaints Department. They have to refer it on to a real person if none of their standard replies are relevant.

I've spoken to Phil a couple of times and he seems a reasonable guy who certainly listened to what I had to say. He asked me once:
"What would you like us to talk about? Anything you like, and I promise to include it in the show".

My reply was: "The Jeremy Vine Show - what relevance does it have to the majority of Radio 2's listeners".

He apologised and said that that was not a topic they could discuss. So much for that promise!

Will said...

Todays 'Rent-A-Gob' was Jon Gaunt;-) So if they get Richard Little John on tomorrow then it'll be a Full House;-)

Its quite apparent JV isnt a fan of Jon Gaunt so why have him on.Gaunty makes a lot of sense but he looses the argument when starts shouting.

Every time JV talks about Money,I laugh like he knows what its like on minimum wage.

He also thinks every single person in the country has Credit Card Debt??

Wrong again,I dont I pay it off every month&dont buy anything I cant afford so your mate 'Dave' conference speech will mean nothing to me coming from a Millionaire saying 'we are all in this together' **** off 'Dave'.Looking forward to Cleggy Weggy loosing his seat&the Lib Dems disintegrating in 2015.

I'll be listening to 5 live this afternoon to Streaky Bacon to see how incompetent he is.
When he did the Labour Conference he spoke to Neil Kinnock who said he listened to his show all the time which Bacon was very happy about.Kinnock then said I always listen to your film show every week.Bacon went oh,Kinnock thought it was Simon Mayo;-)

Stonyground said...

It would appear that the bit about credit cards has been struck out of the PMs speech. It does seem a bit rich for the head of a government that is still borrowing money to lecture the rest of us on our debts. Mrs. Stonyground and I always pay our credit cards off every month. If we know that we can't pay for something when the bill is due, we just don't buy it.

Will said...

BBC cutting 2,000 thousand Jobs! I'll be hoping that JV is one of them but I dont think thats going to happen.

I wonder how many people's wages would add up to JV's Salary?