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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Today's show 12/10/11

Welcome back! I get far more satisfaction from my daily missive when you are there, rather than one of your unfortunate stand-ins. Is it a deliberate policy that they get stitched-up with some utterly appalling stories while you are away?

Paddy managed to include a story nicked from the Daily Mail on all three days. I am sure that he will appreciate your congratulations on that one. And good to see too that links to newspaper web sites have reappeared on your own web page. Perhaps my complaint did make a difference, after all.

But next time you go away, can we have somebody else stand-in for you? I've already suggested Noel Gallagher to you, and reading and listening to what he has said just in the last day shows that he really is the man for the job. I am told that on last night's Newsnight he said, "We were working class. There’s a level beneath us now. The can’t-be-bothered-working class.". And I heard him this morning on Radio 2's 08:00 news talking about an invitation by Simon Cowell to be an X-Factor judge when he said, "... and I wouldn't want any of those people coming around my house and crying in my kitchen". This is the kind of attitude I would *LOVE* to hear on your show, rather than the patronising faux sympathy that your listeners get at the moment.

One Daily Mail story that Paddy missed was this fascinating piece about our beloved BBC (
BBC turns Ed Miliband into Ed Miller Band: Deaf viewers complain about standard of corporation's subtitles
During the Queen Mother’s funeral, a solemn call for silence became ‘we will now have a moment’s violence’.

Well, it made me laugh.

Can I guess what the documentary was that you were recording? Was it a report on the declining standards of news reporting in this country and the consequent disbelief by the UK public? Perhaps it was the story of somebody who didn't bother buying a TV licence, ignored the threatening letters, told the henchmen to get off his property and then found that nothing happened? How about a simple and concise explanation of how an oil-fired central heating system works? Or why, after all of the media "we're all going to die" hysteria, nothing has been heard from the same media about the Fukushima nuclear power plant for months now? Oh, no, hang on... I've got it! It was entitled "Howard Schultz - Wake Up And Smell The Starbucks Coffee" and was an insight in to that great man and the company that he runs. Yes, that'll be it, I'm sure.

You'll be interested to know, I'm sure, that my blog is only two views short of 8000 page views. That is EIGHT THOUSAND. I'm very proud of that. I hope you are too. Readership is boosted, of course, by my mentions of it on your Twitter feed (I get a LOT of readers from your Twitter account) and by my regular readers promoting it on forums to which they subscribe. For example, my good friend Stonyground did exactly that a couple of days ago (
) which elicited this well-considered response from Westerlyman:
I also listen Radio 2 quite often especially when I am driving but, like Stoneyground, I cannot bear the Jeremy Vine show. Unlike you Stoneyground I am now unable to even listen to it as I fear that I will have a serious RTA when I smash my fist through the windscreen through apoplexy. I usually switch to Classic fm which calms me down.
I have no idea whether Jeremy Vine is a man whose company I would enjoy or not but he is such a snivelling leftie tic on his radio show that, unless this is all an act in order to advance his career, I seriously doubt it. My biggest gripe with him, and most other BBC presenters, is that they appear to live in a separate universe from me. JV appears to have trouble listening to any kind of nuanced argument. He can ask someone a question. An intelligent and detailed answer is given and JV summarises and by doing so demonstrates that he has usually missed the point completely. Its either this or deliberate obfuscation when something is said that is ‘not acceptable’. Arrrrrgh!

Beautifully written. You see Jeremy, it really is not just me!

Today's issue that affects me: What IS that smell?

Moving on then to today's reasons to switch to 6 Music at 12...

1) CRIMINAL INJURIES COMPENSATION - A policeman in Newcastle has been found guilty of multiple rapes. A number of the victims are not eligible for Criminal Injuries Compensation because they have criminal convictions of their own. Women’s groups say this is not fair. Find out more from the Sunderland Echo : From what I read, the CICA are following the rules by which they have to abide, a bit like the BBC's Freedom of Information Department abiding by the rule that says they won't say anything about BBC programmes. So, what are you going to do? Start a campaign to get the rule changed, or just talk about it? Now let me think.... Next...

2) EUROMILLIONS WINNERS - If you won £100million on the Lottery, surely you would tick the no publicity box? : Yes, I would. I guess it would help if I had ever bought a lottery ticket though. Next...

3) WHEELIE BIN THEFT - Has your wheelie bin been stolen? Reports around the country say there have been increased thefts of council bins : I've just been outside - in the rain - and checked, and both of ours (green for household waste, brown for garden waste) are still there. Phew! You had me worried for a moment. So, these "reports from around the country" - where are they? A quick search for "wheelie bin thefts" gives me details of a product that clamps two bins together, supposedly making them more difficult to steal, but the only "theft reports" I can find all seem to be from some time ago with several from 2007 and one from December 2010. While acknowledging that there is a problem, is this what passes for headline news on your programme? Next...

4) PLAYGROUND ENTREPRENEUR - Finally, the 12 year old who was suspended from school for selling chocolate and fizzy drinks to his classmates. Were the school right or could he be the next Lord Sugar? : Lord Sugar, fizzy drinks, chocolate ... tee hee, very good. If your listeners decided that the school is wrong, is the school bound by this decision to change their rules and allow him to continue? I thought not.

The Jeremy Vine Show - deliberate obfuscation, every day

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