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Monday, 31 October 2011

Today's show 31/10/11

Good, you're back, and the dull, dismal and despicable Ms Feltz has been banished back to the obscurity of Radio 2's night time coverage. Thank goodness for that!

Her hosting of your programme was not without incident or amusement, of course. How could it be any other way? I have to thank my regular blog reader and valued contributor Gill for bringing this fabulous article from the Daily Mirror to my attention:
Vanessa Feltz goes off air and 'insults' travel reporter Sally Boazman on Radio 2
FORGET the TV battle between Strictly and X Factor, yesterday’s broadcast highlight was Vanessa Feltz’s embarrassing off-air “moment”.
The DJ, 49, was covering for Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 and left her mic on while playing a record.
Sounding incredibly bored, listeners heard her ask: “So, what happens next? I talk to, um, Sally, [travel reporter Sally Boazman] blah, blah, blah, she does the travel…?”
Yet when she officially went back on air, she chirped enthusiastically: “And one of the perks of this job is that I get to talk to Sally! Hello!”
Comedy platinum.

Comedy platinum indeed. Well, it made me laugh, as did some of the comments about Feltz that appeared on Radio 2's facebook page ( when she wasted her Give An Hour item to be trained how to use the internet, apparently. Comments included:
 - Just what the internet needs, another moron.
 - Feltz proudly claimed yesterday "I have never sent an email in my life". I have a vision of her (... shudder ...) scratching out a note on velum using a quill, but how does she get it to her BBC managers? Carrier pigeon? Liveried footman? I think we should be told.
 - shocked that Radio 2 cannot get anyone better, for surely anyone would be better than her.
 - Hang on a minute ... if she doesn't do email and is not online, how come she has a Twitter account? More lies from the BBC!!/vanessafeltz

 - My goldfish has more personality than the big V. With a bit of luck it will live longer too.
 - At the end of the day- she must have been the last possible choice to stand in, she is truly shocking.
 - Why is Vanessa Feltz (still) on radio 2 - makes me switch off until she goes on holiday - give the job to someone else - please

So, not a popular choice then! I have no doubt that public opinion will - as always - be completely ignored by the BBC.

It was on 21st October that I awoke to Radio 2's 08:00 news only to be on the receipt of an attempted brainwashing exercise when I was told - yet again - that the world is doomed from the affects of man-made global warming (, yet these findings seem to have been discredited over the weekend ( and and and yet the BBC has - as usual - chosen to ignore these revelations. I'm surprised that you didn't go with this one today, as it appears in the Daily Mail twice!

The BBC is also in the news again, and conveniently ignored by your programme today. I found this article in the Daily Mail (again Jeremy, come on!) of great interest:
BBC boss in bias row as she takes second job advising Labour
Diane Coyle is paid £77,005 to work two-and-a-half days a week
The BBC was last night at the centre of a row over political bias after it was revealed that the vice-chair of its governing trust is advising the Labour Party.
Diane Coyle, deputy to chairman Chris Patten, is working as an aide to shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna – despite official guidance that warned her accepting the job could be inappropriate.
Ms Coyle, an economist, is paid £77,005 to work two-and-a-half days a week for the BBC Trust.

£77005 for two and half days a week? Got any jobs going? I could do that.

The links between the BBC and the Labour Party are well-known and acknowledged by everybody ... except anybody who works at the BBC, that is. One only has to look at your very own photo page (
) to see the pro-Labour bias that you have. There are 18 photos there showing your good self with the following guests:
1: Ed Miliband (LABOUR)
2: David Cameron (TORY)
3: Gordon Brown (LABOUR), presumably when he still thought you were a nice chap!
4: John Prescott (LABOUR)
5: Jack Straw (LABOUR)
6: John Prescott again (LABOUR), why two pictures? We know what he looks like!
7: Jacqui Smith (LABOUR)
8: Boris Johnson (TORY)
9: Neil Kinnock (LABOUR)
10: Martin Lewis (Top Bloke!)
11: Billy Ocean (biggest-selling black British artist of all time) - not sure why "black" is important.
12: David Miliband (LABOUR)
13: Drogbar and Willis (footballer and musician)
14: Dr Rowan Williams
15: Paul Weller (not smiling, as usual)
16: Richard Brunson (wasn't he a copper?)
17: Rolf Harris (LEGEND)
18: Ed Balls (LABOUR)

Discounting the non-politicos, that gives two pictures of Tories and nine of Labourites. So, is this a case of Tories not being invited or not wanting to appear on your programme, or is it just maintaining the BBC's pro-Labour bias? Or has your camera broken?

You won't be discussing that today, of course, so what are you going to depress your poor listeners with then? Let's see....

1) VIOLENT PORN - The killer of Joanna Yeates, Vincent Tabak, was obsessed by violent pornographic websites. How destructive is this material? : Aaahhh... pornography. A stock-in-trade of the Jeremy Vine Show and just what Radio 2 needs at lunchtime. Where would your programme be without it? So what research have you done? Or did you get somebody else to do the research so that they could tell you about it, like Penthouse magazine (October 14th)? The whole subject does not appeal so I'll skip this, if you don't mind. Next...

2) JIMMY SAVILE - Did Jim Fix It for you? We discuss people's recollections of the broadcaster and tireless charity fundraiser, Sir Jimmy Savile : I can remember him with black hair, and with it half black and half blond. However, and even as a child, I rarely watched Jim'll Fix It and could not stand him when he was on Radio 1. While I acknowledge the good work he did for various charities and hospitals I can honestly say that I was never a fan. I did watch the programme that Louis Theroux made about him, and that told me all I needed to know. I guess I could have written: Dear Jim, Please fix it for me to get the Jeremy Vine Show (or any equivalent) off Radio 2, for ever. Next...

3) DIABETES - After 1, in our health special with Dr Sarah Jarvis, are you worried about losing your driving job because you've got diabetes? : My driving job? You obviously know something about me that I do not! Perhaps you are confusing me with somebody else. Next...

4) CANOEISTS AND ANGLERS - And finally, canoeists and anglers are at war in the River Avon in Hampshire. Find out more in this article from the Telegraph : This is nothing new. I used to live near the River Severn in Shropshire and the same arguments arose there. So which side are you going to ridicule today? As neither a canoeist or an angler this item is of no interest to me.

Unfortunately you are not mentioned, but Radcliffe and Maconie are. It also seems to miss the point that most of the TV shows mentioned were made 30 years ago...

The Jeremy Vine Show - better than Feltz, but only just

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