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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Today's show 01/11/11

A quick one today, as I am busy. I am lucky to have a job that always gives pleasure and value for money, unlike your good self.

So, let's look at the possible reasons you have to persuade me to listen to your programme today...

1) GDP - The UK's GDP continues its steady climb out of the crunch. What lessons can we learn from the last slow recovery from a recession - in the 1930s? : Errr... How about starting World War Three? I wasn't around in the 1930s, and I have not the time or interest to find out what happened 75 years ago. Who comes up with these ridiculous scenarios? Next...

2) YOGA - Yoga is better for chronic back ache than standard NHS treatments, a study suggests. Find out more in this article from the Guardian : The Guardian is starting to appear more frequently as a source for the stories you steal, so perhaps it deserves its own tag on my blog now. Having suffered from back ache in the past I know that the NHS treatments that I was offered ("Take an aspirin and go and lie down for a week") were absolutely useless. However, the services of a good osteopath at the time and some good back self-management since then keep my pain away. I've never done yoga, and have no plans to do so. Next...

3) GREEK REFERENDUM - Greece announces that its EU bailout deal will be put to a public vote. Is a referendum democracy in action or a dangerous risk? : 0 out of 10 for originality, as it was as recently as 24th October when Feltz discussed "EU REFERENDUM - A number of Conservative MPs are planning to defy the party leadership and vote today for a referendum on Britain's membership of the EU. With the euro in crisis, is this the ideal time for a public poll or a dangerous distraction?". I fail to see how anything you discuss today will change what happens in Greece, but I wish the Greeks well with their referendum and feel sure that they will make the right decision. I've been to Switzerland several times and they hold referendums all the time on all sorts of things, and they seem to be doing OK, don't they? Next...

4) ESCALATOR - And a mother is furious after her seven year old's shoe gets caught in an escalator. Find out more in this article from the Sheffield Star : Did anybody die? No. Was anybody injured? No. Did the shopping centre refuse to pay for the damaged shoe? No. Is there a story here? No. Do I need to listen to this rubbish today? No. I loved your use of the phrase "had his shoe eaten" on Ken's show. Nothing like a bit of emotive language to drag in the listeners, is there? And a quick search reveals your claim that somebody in New York was killed by an escalator to be bogus too. I can find stories of people being crushed (by other people), people falling from or down escalators (in the same way as they could have fallen from or down a flight of stairs), but not any suggestion of a death caused by the escalator itself. Did you make it up? If you didn't there can only be one possible outcome: BAN ESCALATORS, NOW!
The Jeremy Vine Show - ignoring public opinion, every day


gill kerry said...

Loved JV's comments re 'they say.....' or 'we are told....'. JV makes two short planks look intelligent.
Loved Ken's comments about yoga, that he certainly knew more than JV. When he said he could put his foot on JV's knee, I was thinking to myself, no his neck please.
And JV's comments about doing the stories before they happen... well.
Isn't Nylon registered to the mighty Dupont? Hardly entrepenurial. I think it was made for parachutes etc, maybe we should have another war!!!
Finally, JV should check out for the veracity or otherwise of any urban myths, like escalators killing people

Will said...

JV just said to a 91 yr old caller that they had all the time in the world when he asked if he had time to read out of his diary.

Comedy Gold but for all the wrong reasons.I was trained how to operate Escalators through work so I definately know more than JV on that & most things he discusses probaly.

Will be commenting later on regarding BBC expenses as well.

Will said...

JV show should sponsor 'Help the Aged' as frequently he has lots of old people on who he is the only person who they talk too during the day.Its the people that ring in that I feel sorry for if thats true!

gill kerry said...

Crikey, take me out and shoot me if I'm ever that desperate to speak to someone.
The other day ref was made to the radar figures. I had a quick look and it seems that you have to pay a four-figure sum to see the figures broken down by sex (no pun intended), geography, age and most important, time of day. I'd chip in a tenner to get the info.

gill kerry said...

Just heard JV say that next week its 'songs my sons loved' by mothers of soldiers killed in afganistan and Iraq. Whilst not wishing to dismiss their feelings, have no daughters been killed ?

Will said...

There's plenty of people on Digitalspy that seem to know alot about Rajar figures but it is a scary place with lots of keyboard warriors.If I posted then I would ask but I dont post on there.

Regarding BBC expenses then this occurred to me while listening to Richard Bacon.

Alot of 5 Live is broadcast from Salford now in the new 100 Million pound Media City.Bacon was saying he is spending alot of time on trains recently (as it seems he is comunting back & forth) daily between Salford&London.His Girlfriend/Wife is 9 months pregant&given birth today so when he is back then wont be getting much sleep I would think and wonder how long it is before he gets sick of doing that.When asked about living in Salford then always avoided it but never looked happy about living nr Salford.

The question is who is paying his train fares?? The BBC License Fee payer?? I cant see him paying all that money out of his own pocket??

Also on a Monday he does a HELP (Stupid waste of time feature) Aggie Mckenzie was on it saying how nice the studio in Salford was and it was a change having to get a train instead of being in London.Its a 30 min feature once a week that due to a news story meant it lasted 10mins. Who payed her train fare?? I cant believe she would shed out a couple of hundred quid to appear on a filler segment that was all but dropped for news.So did the BBC pick her train fare up as well?? If so what a waste of money,an anytime return is £279.

Dont forget the taxi from the Train Stn as well.Considering the BBC is supposed to be saving money then on top of the money Salford Media City cost&the expense of one show.They must be chucking money at things??

It would interesting to know how the BBC spends its expenses.If someone is coming on a show to promote somethin then they should pick up the charges rather than the BBC.I wonder what the expenses charges are for Salford or how they compare to when it was in London???

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Hi Will,

You will find a lot of interesting stuff about the Salford move here:

This paragraph probably says it all:
He also defends the right of BBC colleagues to take their time in deciding whether to move north. (Staff with homes down south can claim up to £1,900 a month for as long as two years to rent near Salford and shuttle to and fro each week.) Of the most high–profile refusenik, BBC One's Breakfast presenter Sian Williams, Salmon says: "Every individual has to make their own choice, has got their own life, and I respect that."

gill kerry said...

Dont know why these guests have to be in the studio. Cannot they go to a nearby local one. I sometimes think they are somewhere else and the BBC likes us to think they are having a jolly time together. A few years ago they had to say that Brian Matthews prog was pre recorded as some old codger had upped and died. Like we hadnt


Will said...

Annual Season Ticket London-Manchester is 12k so 1k a month but quickest train is 2h06mins to Manchester & then there is the travelling either end.Its fine for first weeks but becomes a pain then month after month as I travel 3 hrs a day for work myself.

I just think its money they wouldnt spend if in London and shouldnt pay for guests to come for throw away segments of shows that dont get used if there is breaking news.As Gill says thats what local studios are for.
Bacon only got this slot as Mayo left for R2 as didnt want to move to Salford or commute.Although in an interview Mayo did state he loved being back on a music stn.
If they need to make cut backs,expenses like BlackCabs is where they should start saving.