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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Today's show 22/11/11

My dear blog readers,

My daily diatribe relies on JV's team actually doing their jobs properly and updating the show web page promptly. I am writing this at 13:40 and it seems that today is another of those days when this has simply not happened. How hard can it be?


Finally, at 15:00 and some three hours after JV's programme started, and an hour after it finished, somebody has actually done their job properly! Perhaps he should think about devoting 30 minutes of his programme one day to discussing paid staff that fail to do their jobs?

So, what did we miss? For completeness...

1) LEVESON INQUIRY - Yesterday Sally Dowler and Hugh Grant both gave evidence to the Leveson Inquiry. We talk to someone who says the inquiry should be for ordinary people, not celebrities.
2) CANCER - A study by Macmillan Cancer Support has shown that people diagnosed with cancer typically live nearly six times longer than 40 years ago. But we discuss the 3 cancers that are still a death sentence: lung, brain and pancreatic.

3) PARK FOOTBALL - A report says that park football can sometimes descend into hooliganism and fighting.

4) KARAOKE - Finally, a man with Downs’ syndrome has been banned from singing karaoke in his local pub. Are people taking karaoke too seriously? Find out more in this article from the Northampton Chronicle & Echo.
I listened to JV talking about the Leveson Inquiry on Ken's show. While his sympathies obviously lay with the Dowler family it was interesting to hear him classify so-called celebrities such as Grant, Coogan, et al as non-deserving of their time to give evidence. This is a classic missing of the point for which JV is renowned. These celebrities were only targetted because they are celebrities, and celebrity news sells papers, apparently. If the Daily Scrotum had hacked in to my voicemail they would have found it boring beyond belief. It is not the celebrities that are in the spotlight - it is the Dead Tree Press - and JV's piece on Ken's show sounded to me as if he was deliberately trying to take the "heat" off the newspapers concerned and deflect it elsewhere. Perhaps his view would be different if HIS phone had been tapped by the Mail or one of its bretheren.

Frankly I am amazed that he even talked about this today as the guns are very definitely aimed at the non-Murdoch press, and it would come as no surprise if the Mail On Sunday goes the same way as the News Of The World if the allegations prove to be true. I am not a religious man, but I pray that the BBC somehow gets dragged in to this. Now that would be interesting.
Hopefully, normal service will be resumed tomorrow.


gill kerry said...

My point exactly bout the leveson enquiry. If the law has been broken then even 'celebs' have just cause for complaint. Listened th JV doing his usual butting-in when his point was not being agreed to then went to Morrisons for a change !! Perhaps you should do your blog from Kens chat with JV?
Listened to JV trying to sing this morning and he said he came into the studio doing a jig, or some-such word. The mind boggles. He said isn't this the most slam-dunk thing you can do to discriminate? Actually, they didn't seem to being discriminated against, only being treated equally with others who couldn't sing either. They weren't banned from the pub. Another non-story.
As an aside, I was listening on sky and the strap-line said discussing 'egypt ructions', not the cancer story, so wonder what happened there?
maybe the guy responsible for the web page was booking hotels in Mumbai

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks Gill!

JV tweeted at about 09:00 this morning: Today's show @BBCRadio2 in four words: Leveson. Egypt. Downs. 5-a-side.

They probably then found the cancer story (which I heard on the R2 08:00 news) and the protests and overthrowing of the government in Egypt lost out. Why the karaoke or football items could not have been dropped is beyond me, but since when did JV ever have an semblance of knowing an important news story when he sees one?

Thanks for the tip-off about Mumbai. I did write about it today, but the email was never sent due to the lack of web page update. It will be included tomorrow though, all being well. A link is here:

I like to use the text from the web page as it leaves no room for misinterpretation of what JV is to discuss. If I took it from Ken's show (and I do try and listen every day to get JV's spin on each story) then it would only ever be my interpretation of what was said.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

256 page views today? I think that is a record. Where have all of these new readers come from?

If you are a new reader and read this, please tell me! I like to know who is reading, and why.

gill kerry said...

apologies if i am telling you something you already know, but can you tell if the view is coming from the same source? I checked several times today to see your update, so is it visits or viewers? Not sure i am explaining this very well!!

Stonyground said...

Recently I have been having difficulty commenting here as the system refused to recognise me and then when I tried to register again told me that my user name and password were already in use.

I too logged on several times today looking for today's update. If the system only counts unique page views, you still get me twice because I view from work and then from home.

When it comes to addressing the important issues, I think that yesterday's smelly handbag story must represent a new low point.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I'll be honest and say I'm not sure how it calculates the page views, but I suspect it counts every visit or refresh and not one per user per day.

The blogger dashboard gives me some statistics which basically consists of Referring URLs, Referring Sites and Search Keywords. Most of today's visits (177) have come from and the referring URLs and the search keywords show lots of references to "jeremy vine lou reed interview" and combinations thereof.