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Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Today's show 23/11/11

You'll hopefully be interested to know that searches for "jeremy vine lou reed interview" and combinations thereof are still creating a huge number of hits for my blog and it had over 300 visits yesterday, so thank you for that. It is fair to say that that interview has brought a whole raft of new readers, who I welcome warmly, and I hope they come back for more.

It is 10:45 as I write this and, unlike yesterday, your web page has already been updated with today's programme details. This did not happen until after your programme ended yesterday, so how about devoting 30 minutes of your programme one day to discussing paid staff that fail to do their jobs?

Today's issue that affects me: I love Trebor (now Bassetts) Refreshers ... you know, the pink, green, yellow and orange fizzy sweets that come in a paper tube ... but nowhere around here sells them. What should I do?

I'm listening to you on Ken's show as I type this ... and it doesn't sound good. I suppose, if nothing else, your trail acts as a warning to those who, like me, don't wish to listen to your programme. Not that I need a reason to not listen, of course, but if there was a real reason to listen then I would. Unfortunately those instances are extremely few and far between.

Before we move on to today's menu, I thank valued blog reader Gill for drawing this to my attention:
So, you're off to India then, at my expense. How lucky you are. BBC cutbacks be damned! And what a shame that nobody bothered to proof-read that page so that the missing word "to" could be inserted in the third paragraph. I look forward to dealing with this particular jolly next Monday and I am sure that it will be an enlightening and educational experience ... for somebody.

So, what have you got today that might tempt me away from the poorly-named Prime Minister's Questions (should be Prime Minister's Answers, surely) and 6 Music then...?

1) ELDERLY - The Equality Commission says that elderly people are being abused by carers in their own homes. Is this the one area which makes you thankful that we have Human Rights legislation? : My parents are both in their late 80s, and they live an independent lifestyle of their own making, despite my Mum being partially sighted and my Dad having hearing difficulties. They do not have any carers of any kind, so my involvement with such things is non-existent at the moment. Having said that, a quick check of the BBC news page you link to tells me that "Basic care for the elderly in their own homes in England is so bad it breaches human rights at times, an inquiry says.". England ... so we can only assume that all is well in Scotland, Northern Ireland and here in Wales, can't we? I listened to you talk about this on Ken's show and now understand that your discussion is about the Human Rights legislation itself, and not carers who abuse their patients. Confused? Yes! Next...

2) SELF-IMMOLATION - We discuss the tragic case of the woman who doused herself in fuel and set herself alight on a petrol forecourt. Find out more in this article from the Bath Chronicle : Other than planting the seed of a similar idea in the minds of similarly troubled people, I'm not sure what discussing this will achieve. To be honest, it is not the kind of thing I want to listen to while eating my lunch but there is an obvious solution: Ban Petrol Cans! Next...

3) CAESAREANS - More and more women are choosing caesarean sections. Are you somebody who’s afraid of giving birth? : I'm bloomin' terrified of giving birth, but there may be a good reason for that. Next...

4) UNIFORMS - Finally, the Olympic uniform has been unveiled. What’s the worst uniform you’ve ever had to wear? : This is the hard-hitting cutting edge news that your listeners crave! Well, it is what you choose to spoon-feed them every day. From smelly handbags to ugly uniforms, does it get any better than this? Unfortunately not! In answer to your question: The only uniform that I have had to wear was my school uniform (and it wasn't that bad), so I have not worn a uniform since I left school in 1975. And, unlike you, I have never worked for McDonalds. Shall I phone in later with that information?

You might have heard that there are some protests going on in Egypt at the moment. On the basis that it was dropped from your programme yesterday (09:00am-ish Tweet yesterday: Today's show @BBCRadio2 in four words: Leveson. Egypt. Downs. 5-a-side.) in favour of the cancer story we can only assume it is nothing important. It is not as if they are trying to overthrow the government or anything like that, surely, and if it were then the park football item would have gone. Having watched some live video streaming I am happy to confirm that there are no ugly uniforms to be seen and incidences of smelly handbags are minimal. Perhaps they are protesting that their wheelie-bins have not been emptied in the last week. Yes, that will be it.

The Jeremy Vine Show - not as good as PMQs.


gill kerry said...

Having looked at this friday's entry for the JV show, its Paddy Mcconnell again, described as BBC Radio 4's clever and droll Sunday morning broadcaster, so I assume JV is on a long weekend to Mumbai. hardly seems worth the effort. i suppose some lackeys are smoozing round mumbai, doing all the prep work and he will swan in at the last minute and take the credit. how long does it take to fly there and back? We will prob have a jet-lagged Jezza on tuesday.
I was quite disgusted by his attitude with Ken over the carers' report. As you said, turned it into a discussion on the human rights act itself and cherry picked examples in his usual sneering manner. So its okay to mistreat vulnerable people then? Made me want to throw a (smelly) handbag at the radio

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Sounds like he'll be having a nice weekend away at our expense.

Posted about on hour ago on @Vine_Watch was this: To summerize Jeremy Vine 's arguement - Helping an old person means you have effectively chopped the arms off a Rwandan child...

Stonyground said...

I have never understood the logic that states that something bad is not important if you can point to something else that is much worse. Of course there are parts of the world where there are human rights abuses that are so horrendous and horrific that they defy description. That does not excuse the mistreatment of old people here in the UK.