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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Today's show 09/11/11

Boo! You didn't go for it.
Instead you went for these, apparently...

1) SILVIO BERLUSCONI - Silvio Berlusconi is being forced to resign. We talk to people who want to bury him and people who want to praise him : How about talking to those people who, like me, do not have an opinion? Now that would make great radio. Next...
2) THE BATTLE OF CABLE STREET - 75 years ago Moseley's Blackshirts were defeated by anti-fascist groups in the Battle of Cable Street in the East End of London. We speak to a 96 year old veteran : I am sure that those that are interested in this particular facet of British history will find this fascinating. Unfortunately I am not one of them. Next...

3) DEMENTIA - A vicar’s wife is suffering with dementia. He says it’s ok for him to find another partner. Find out more in this article from the Daily Mail : Is he waiting for your listeners to decide whether he should boot his new partner out, or not? Or is he just waiting to be either vindicated or pilloried for his lifestyle choice? Either way, it is his business and none of mine. I wonder if he regrets talking to the Daily Mail. Next...

4) THE SONGS MY SON LOVED - All this week at 1:30 on Radio 2, Jeremy Vine presents a documentary where mothers tell the story of their sons that died in conflict through the music they loved: ‘The Songs My Son Loved’. Today Carol Jones talks about her son John : No comment.
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