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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Today's show 15/11/11

Ref. Lou Reed: On Ken's show, "... it wasn't as bad as I thought it was ...". Jeremy, it was worse than you thought it was.
A quick look at the four reasons not to listen today...

1) PETROL PRICES - Should the government scrap the planned rise in petrol duty? : Ah, a vote. Text your answer to 88291 everybody! Odd, don't you think, that the government are getting a load of flak about this, but it was - I understand - the previous Labour government who put these tax rises in place. I'll let you know if the number of jet skis at our local beach reduces next year. Odd again, don't you think, that non-EU, non-oil-producing, low tax, referendums-for-everything, libertarian Switzerland pays considerably less for petrol than we do ( Some connection, maybe? Next...

2) METAL THEFT - How do we stop Britain's metal theft epidemic? : You last discussed this on 26th August and - guess what - nothing has changed. On that basis I'll repeat what I said then: This is a real problem, and one of which I am only too aware. The main part of the problem does not lie with the people who take the metal but with the scrap merchants who will exchange it for cash with no questions asked. Thefts would be reduced if it were made more difficult to get the material in to the scrap metal process, and the easiest way to do that is to make each delivery traceable. There is a government e-petition on this subject ( and an interesting article here:
Something needs to change, but - as usual - you will only talk about it and I feel that I already know enough on this topic. I had dealings with many scrap metal merchants 25 years ago, and I never met one with a conscience. Next...

3) PARENTS IN PRISON - In the run up to Children In Need, we look at the stories behind the charity. Did your parent go to jail when you were a child? How did you cope? : No, and I didn't have to. Next...

4) CABS - Oxford Council wants to record all conversations that take place in the city's cabs. Good for the safety of passengers and drivers - or an invasion of privacy? : What a shame that you chose not to link to Big Brother Watch's version of events (
) instead of a BBC news page. If you had bothered to check you would have found that this item is a NON-STORY. From the BBW page:
This has generated a great deal of interest, so Big Brother Watch has been digging. And we’ve found no document that suggests Oxford City Council’s licensing committee has ever approved this. Two reports have been published – one, for the 19 October meeting, outlines the planned changes to licensing conditions. Earlier in the year, a meeting on March 1 heard the initial proposal. Both documents discuss CCTV, and make no mention of audio recording. There is one missing document – the Appendix A discussed on 19 October, which outlines the actual changes planned. That isn’t available on the Council’s website however. We have asked the Officer responsible for a copy.
Update 2:
We’ve now been given the Council’s Appendix. It makes no mention of audio recording, only CCTV and “image retrieval”.
Did Councillors on the committee even discuss this?
So, there is nothing to discuss and you are believing the hype appearing in your beloved "Media". Fortunately BBW have the courage and sense to correct their side of events, but The Media will continue with their lies because they make good headlines. You will, of course, have a spokesman from Oxford City Council on the phone, so this should be a great item! You know what, I'd listen to this but frankly Radcliiffe and Maconie on 6 Music will be a lot better.
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gill kerry said...

Oh dear, just watched the JV ulrich/reed interview on iplayer. Lou Reed is an irrascible old git, and probably been on the sherry trifle for too long, but would not JV be prepared for that. After all , reed was interviewed for radio 4's front row and was just as curmudgeonly. JV's body language was vert defensive and it was obvious LR was having a go, excruciating indeed. Laughed when andrew marr said they sent Jezza to do the difficult ones. Perfect day is allegedly about drug taking, dont suppose JV knows about that.
Incidentally, I had to go to the dentist where they play JV whilst one is in the hygenist's chair (eeek) and heard him waffling on about taxis and said there was no crime in devon. What? When one female taxi driver said a customer had grabbed hold of her leg, JV didnt think this was wrong. Next time he is in a taxi maybe someone could enlighten him

gill kerry said...

Also, JV said there was about 20mins that they didn't show. Would love to see that