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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Today's show 08/11/11

It is interesting to see the praise that seems to be going your way in response to the first instalment of The Songs My Son Loved. There have been many favourable comments on your Twitter feed, on the BBC blog page ( and in the Dead Tree Press. The Daily Telegraph ( gave it a good review and, of course, it is no surprise at all to find that the BBC's bedmate The Guardian did much the same (

I have been a critic of your programme since it started in 2003, but I am prepared to admit that there is a time and a place for my criticism, and that The Songs My Son Loved is not one of those occasions. Although I did not hear the programme myself I am happy to believe what others have written on this occasion. However, I did leave a comment on The Guardian's web page where I acknowledged the praise and the quality of the programming described but expanded the comment to cover your programme in general. This is what I wrote:

I have read nothing but praise for Vine's programme today, and it just goes to show that he actually can produce a radio programme that does not insult the intelligence of his under-valued listeners.

What a shame, then, that this improvement in programme quality only lasts for one quarter of his two-hour show, and will only last for this week. It will be next Monday that he loses any connection with The Real World in which the rest of us live and he returns to the usual banality that forms the majority of his "stories" nicked from the Daily Mail.

He once was a proper journalist, I understand, so why does he now reduce himself to talking about wheelie bins, ugly sisters in pantomimes, umbrella injuries, urinating in hedges, teenage goths, memorial benches, lullabies, polytunnels, the demise of the Blue Peter annual and that bloomin' allotment?

I write a daily blog where I carefully explain why each day's programme holds no relevance or interest for me. Not once, repeat: not once, since he started hosting this programme in 2003 has he ever discussed any topic that has made me think "I really must listen to JV today". Instead, his poor listeners are continually told what to think by a man who often has little or no knowledge of the subject and who is either so interested in a topic that his bias shines through, or so disinterested that his boredom is obvious. Credible experts in any field are dismissed with a jokey remark as their valid points are completely destroyed and lost, but George Galloway is brought in to provide his own brand of wisdom pearls on any manner of topics and his views are given huge reverence by Mr Vine.

Fortunately, there is an alternative called 6 Music

Please feel free to comment yourself.

As I type this only one other comment has been added, from BeckyP, which reads:
Only if such praise were actually justified - Vine has always come across as somewhat banal in his treatment of the most trivial of subjects, and remains out of his depth for more complex subjects.

You see Jeremy, it is not just me.

Today's issue that affects me: Should I set up another Twitter account so that I can follow you?

My "I Hate The Jeremy Vine Show" blog passed 9000 page views last night, and currently stands at 9042 as I type this. Any chance of a special mention when it gets to 10000 views?
BBC splashes out on £500,000 worth of iPhones, iPads and Apple Macs... as 2000 of its staff face the axe
BBC bosses have splashed out on thousands of iPhones, iPads and trendy Mac computers worth around £500,000, it emerged today. The corporation is signing off purchase orders or contract deals for more than 200 glitzy Apple products a month, shock figures show - despite announcing 2,000 job losses last month.
A BBC source said the news 'beggars belief'.
'Thousands of staff are being thrown on the scrap heap while bosses deck out the whole corporation with the most fancy gear on the market,' they said.
'Some of the offices are starting to look like Apple outlet centres.'

Were you one of the lucky recipients? I think we - the licence payers - should be told!

But no, it is a story about the BBC, so you will pretend it is not happening but I will file it away for future reference for the next occasion when you criticise some other organisation for misspending.

Instead then your listeners have this lot to contend with today...

1) BORDER CONTROLS - Home Secretary Theresa May is attacked for relaxing border controls, but if truly tough border controls mean 5 hour waits at airports, would you be prepared for the consequences? : Would I be prepared? Yes! I would take a good book, something to drink and bide my time. But somehow I doubt it would take 5 hours. Incidentally, did you just make up that delay time? I can't find any reference to it anywhere. Next...

2) CONRAD MURRAY - In the Michael Jackson trial, his doctor Conrad Murray has been found guilty of manslaughter, but what do you think? Was Michael Jackson unlawfully killed or did he self destruct? : Unfortunately I could not find the time - or the interest - to watch the countless hours of the trial that Sky so helpfully broadcast. Without having the relevant details I find myself in a situation where I cannot truthfully answer your question and would have to rely on conjecture, speculation and "what I have heard" to form an opinion. Unlike yourself, I don't do that, and I cannot rely on you to tell me the truth. I'll give this one a miss, I think. Next...

3) LADDERS - A health and safety demonstration with a ladder forgets fundamental health and safety. We give a lesson in ladder safety. Find out more in this article from the Daily Mail : Where else would this story be found, other than in the Daily Mail? I have been on a ladder safety course and feel that I know all that I need to know, thank you. I'm not sure that this is going to make Sony-award winning radio though. Who decided that you should talk about this? They should be swapped for an iPad at the earliest opportunity. Next...

4) THE SONGS MY SON LOVED - All this week at 1:30 on Radio 2, Jeremy Vine presents a documentary where mothers tell the story of their sons that died in conflict through the music they loved: ‘The Songs My Son Loved’. Today Margaret Evison talks about her son Mark : No comment.
The Jeremy Vine Show - we can make great radio, but most of the time we just can't be bothered

1 comment:

gill kerry said...

I am becoming increasingly annoyed with JV's statements as to stories he doesn't understand. firstly, he is a journo, look it up, and secondly, a story is fiction.
Also, why does he not know know the difference between involuntary and voluntary manslaughter?
I am trying to get the vision of JV decorating his house without the aid of a 'proper' ladder. When father papered the parlour, by David Kossoff, i think, springs to mind!!