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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Today's show 10/11/11

I've just listened to your trail on Ken's show, but your web page has not been updated yet. This is becoming a habit again and is particularly disappointing following the nice early updates of a few weeks ago. I'll come back in a bit...

<Goes away for 10 minutes>

11:40, and nothing...

<Goes away again>

11:50... are you not bothering today?

<Goes away>

Your programme has started and still nothing. Funny that it was last Thursday when the same thing happened.

I loved your comment just after the news "... and still the euro crisis goes on ...", so you are talking about the size of car parking bays, presumably because there are no wheelie bin stories today.

Oh, here we go, 12:06 and all is well with the world...

1) HINCHINGBROOKE HOSPITAL - Hinchingbrooke hospital in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, has been taken over by a private business. Can a private company run an NHS hospital better than the NHS? : You said on Ken's show "... they are going to see if they can trim layers and layers of management out of this hospital, and we shall see if they are right". Are you? What, today? Somehow, I don't think so. Next...

2) LORD TAYLOR - The Conservative peer Lord Taylor of Warwick was sentenced to 12 months in prison for fiddling his expenses. He’s now out, with a tag, and he joins us in the studio : I hope you give him hell, and I suppose you just might seeing as he is a Tory. A public hanging would be too good for him and nothing he says today will change my opinion, so I have no need to listen. Next...

3) PARKING - Commuters at Didcot Park railway station are complaining that their cars are too big for parking spaces : Didcot Park? I think you mean Didcot ParkWAY. I last used this station on 19th September 2009. I do not recall having a parking problem then and currently have no plans to return. The telling sentence from the BBC news page is, of course, "The size of the spaces at Didcot Parkway railway station ... are unconfirmed". Has nobody bothered to check the facts then? Typical. Perhaps the abominable Ms Feltz identified the real problem when she discussed a similar topic two weeks ago on 24th October: WIDE CARS - And as our cars get wider, is that causing problems when you park in the garage or at the supermarket? Perhaps parking bays are larger here in North Wales. Next...

4) THE SONGS MY SON LOVED - All this week at 1:30 on Radio 2, Jeremy Vine presents a documentary where mothers tell the story of their sons that died in conflict through the music they loved: ‘The Songs My Son Loved’. Today Cheryl Routledge talks about her son Liam : No comment.

Today's issue that affects me: I'm starting to feel left out, so should I buy a wider car?

The Jeremy Vine Show - we can't be bothered, can you?

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