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Friday, 11 November 2011

Today's show 11/11/11

My Dear Blog Readers,

It appears that yet again Jeremy and his staff cannot be bothered to update the programme web page before the programme starts. Perhaps the prospect of having David Cameron as a guest in the studio today has taken their mind off the jobs that we - the Licence Fee payers - pay them to do. We can only hope that Jeremy asks Cameron if he would like a memorial bench somewhere in his honour as this is, apparently, one of the most important questions in the UK at the moment.

The radio is on in the next room and I can hear Vine rattling on about somebody disrupting this morning's two-minute silence. Back in a minute .... that's better, now listening to "Dress You Up" by Madonna on 6 Music. Where was I? Oh yes... We can only hope that he gets Diane Abbott (Labour MP for Hackney) on the programme to ask her why she or one of her staff sent a YouGov poll result out on Twitter during the silence (

It is now 12:17 (Stevie Wonder's "Boogie on Reggae Woman" on 6 Music) and I can't be bothered to wait for Vine's people to do their jobs any longer, especially as I have my own to do.

Have a great weekend!

With very best wishes,



Sometime after 1pm they did get their fingers out...

1) MUSLIMS AGAINST CRUSADES - Home secretary Theresa May bans ‘Muslims Against Crusades’. They are the group who burned poppies on Armistice Day last year. We speak to someone who says we may not agree with this group, but people fought and died in this country for free speech : Free speech? This from the man who blocked me on Twitter. Next...

2) TERRY WALTON - We join Terry on the Radio 2 allotment, where he has some troublesome rhubarb to wrestle with : Errr... our two rhubarb plants have finished producing for this year and are in the winter dormant phase. Hardly troublesome. Next...

3) DAVID CAMERON - At 1pm, we're joined by David Cameron, the Prime Minister. We ask him - if bankers are responsible for the crisis, why does the government keep helping them while ordinary people suffer? : I hope JV asked if he had ever been injured by an umbrella too. Next...

4) THE SONGS MY SON LOVED - And for the last time this week, at 1:30 Jeremy Vine presents a documentary on Radio 2 where mothers tell the story of their sons that died in conflict through the music they loved: ‘The Songs My Son Loved’. Today Hazel Hunt talks about her son, Private Richard Hunt : No comment.

Hopefully what passes for normality will return on Monday.


Will said...

Here is the link for today's Programme

Basically its
1)Muslims against Crusades.
2)Terry Walton
3)Dave Cameron

Ive missed Ken's bit for last 2days due to work&missed JV on Wed as was on a work thing.Been Busy this week as Tuesday was too busy to write on here because of the length it would have ended up being.

1st of all I would thank you for keeping on mentioning 6 music as I listened to it for the 1st time ever on Tuesday at 1pm for Mark Radcliffe.Really liked it & reminded me of listening to him & Lard in there R1 days and a much better listen than JV.

I'll deal with the Apple stuff later on.

Today I turn on at 12.25pm without hearin any trails & hear a full on slagging match with a guy saying they should get out of this country and a woman defending the right to free speech or the right to burn poppies more like and think its not an appropiate subject on 11th Nov as we should be remembering those who lost their lifes not discussing extremists.JV can talk about them anyday and thought it was inapproiate for this day so turned over straight away to the arrow.Listening to Radcliffe at moment (very funny) but will go to 5Live at 2pm for Mayo+Kermode.

Didnt know your mate and mine 'Millionaire Dave we are all in this together Cameron' was going to be on before I switched over but would definitely switched over if I had heard him as Ive heard enough Bullshit already this week as I watched 30 mins off QT last nite,along with the news of James Murdock&Thingy May!!!

I was also disturbed in the 2 min silence by a car beeping its horn within the 2 mins for no reason!! Its 2 mins in a YEAR so dont know why people cant respect it.

My Thanks & Gratitude to all the Brave Fallen on this Memorial Day that paid the Ultimate Sacrifice&those who survived representing the Uk Armed Forces.

Will said...

It wouldnt surprise me if the BBC got a special deal from Apple in reply for the BBC giving Apple the free advertising they get.Weird that any other product then the BBC say other alternatives are available but for Apple then its Ipod,Ipad,Iphone.

JV has an Iphone 4 because 1 Tweet said from Iphone 4.I wonder who paid for that??? The other week I heard him say xyz has just tweeted me.I had his twitter on screen & there was no tweets for hours either side so he was misleading his audience again!!!

gill Kerry said...

Wrestling rhubarb? Cant expunge the vision from my brain.
And not interested in lord snooty!!