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Friday, 25 November 2011

Today's show 25/11/11

Hello Paddy!

So Jeremy has gone swanning off to India at my expense and as a consequence of this they have to drag you back from the brink of obscurity to host his show. As I write this at 10:45 my first prediction is that you will be stitched-up again with all sorts of nonsense non-news stories. There is nothing on the show web page yet to back up my theory, so I shall just have to wait. In the meantime...

Today's issue that affects me: I fancy a bacon sandwich and I have two and a half bacon rashers in the fridge - less than I would normally use. Should I use two full slices of bread and risk losing the bacon taste by having too much bread, or should I use one slice of bread cut in two to maintain the full bacon sandwich experience but reduced by 50% in volume?

My second prediction is that you won't be discussing this story from Jeremy's favourite newspaper today:
BBC guilty of bias in Dale Farm coverage: Inquiry finds The One Show favoured travellers
Basildon council complained of 'inaccurate and misleading' reporting
BBC Trust found studio discussion had been 'unfair' to the local authority
A BBC report about the Dale Farm evictions was biased, according to an internal investigation. Basildon Council had complained of misleading coverage, saying The One Show had effectively sided with the travellers at the illegal site. And the corporation’s editorial standards committee has now found that the broadcast breached impartiality rules.
A Panorama programme last month sparked complaints of bias in favour of the travellers, a claim also levelled at some BBC news coverage.

It is becoming so common now to see the words "BBC" and "bias" together, and this programme is as guilty of it as the two mentioned by the Daily Mail. So instead of talking about mindless drivel, how about addressing the subject of BBC bias? I'd listen to that! Oh, of course, it doesn't exist....

<Goes away>

Ah, here we go at 11:20, and all four stories have appeared. It looks like I was correct...

1) YOUNG UNEMPLOYED PEOPLE - The government is launching a new initiative to help the young unemployed, which has been likened to the YTS scheme of the 1980's. Were you a YTS success story? : Is this news or just nostalgia? I remember YTS but I was in full-time employment at the time and almost certainly too old to have qualified. So, the answer to your question is "No". Next...

2) PARKING METERS - Why are parking meters in Lewes being blown up by vandals? : Errr... it says on the BBC news page you link to: The vandalism started after Lewes council introduced on-street parking charges following complaints of congestion in the narrow streets of the market town. Now, my specialist subject is The Bleedin' Obvious, so perhaps there is some connection there? I'm just trying to think of where my nearest parking meter might be here in North Wales. Although we have many pay-and-display car parks, street parking tends to be free although time-restricted. Double-yellow lines are used in my nearest town to denote "parking for local residents only" as it is only us that know that traffic wardens never visit. No, I can't think of anywhere that has parking meters. And I've just checked, and Lewes is over 300 miles from here. What a shame that you mistakenly thought that this story might be of interest to me. Next...

3) STAFFORDSHIRE BULL TERRIERS - A campaign has been launched to "restore the good name of the Staffordshire bull terrier." Did you grow up with Staffies and feel they've been unfairly besmirched? : I have never owned any dog, so my answer to your question is, again, "No". Going well, isn't it? Next...

4) PRISONERS - Can prisoners be rehabilitated through music? : I don't know. Ask me one on Capital Cities. As neither a musician or a prisoner I can only feel, yet again, that your programme is not catering for people like me, so it looks like I'll be listening to 6 Music from 12 today. Well done!

As Ken said, "It sounds like a brilliant programme today", and I agree with him, and with exactly same amount of sarcasm.

I try and finish my email each day with a tag line, but I've got two today, so take your pick:

The Jeremy Vine Show - we used to discuss real news, but not any more

The Jeremy Vine Show - there is only ever one side to every story: ours!

I can't wait for Monday in Mumbai!


Stonyground said...

People often vandalise speed cameras as well. Maybe we could have an in depth discussion about what could possibly motivate someone to do such a thing.

gill kerry said...

Funny isn't it, JV has plenty to say on economic immigration, wonder what he thinks about emigration, as part of the bumf about this trip is about people who hav gone to work un India.
Hopefully, he is being outsourced

gill kerry said...

Just checked Facebook and it seems paddy/BBC have upset a lot of staffie owners. Ha ha.

Stonyground said...

I think that it may be a little unfair to imply that JV's foreign trip is some kind of junket especially as it is so short. My job occasionally involves foreign travel and when it does there is not a great deal of fun involved.

@gill kerry
I thought that the idea was to stick up for the staffie. presumably sticking up for a breed of dog that makes an ideal family pet until it unpredictably starts killing children turned out to be a bit difficult.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Hmmm... flies out on a Thursday afternoon (according to his Twitter feed), so he gets some of Friday and then Saturday, Sunday and Monday to produce a 2-hour radio programme. It will be like the Iceland trip earlier this year, where his personal geography makes little or no difference to the programme's content, and certainly not enough to warrant the inevitable expense.

I am puzzled as to how he will "look at why Britain is home to one of the biggest populations of Indians outside India" while in India as I would have thought that was better done in Britain.

My main objection, though, is that this trip will be made at yours and my expense, and that the BBC will cloak it in secrecy so there is no way for any of us to find out any details of who went, how they travelled, where they stayed, etc. First Class air fares, or slumming it in economy? I'd love to know.