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Friday, 18 November 2011

Today's show 18/11/11

Today is Children In Need day - a worthy cause indeed. However, it also means that there is no news today, apparently. There will be no in-depth discussions on any topic, relevant or irrelevant.

Just to liven things up how about getting George Galloway and Vanessa Feltz on the show today? They could hold their breath while reading the Daily Mail for the entire duration of your programme. I'd pledge money for that.
Some questions for you:

 - Say a *major* news story had erupted this morning, which would take precedence - Children In Need or the news story?

 - If there can be no discussion-based Jeremy Vine Show today, why can't be it be like that every day?

Just asking...

The Jeremy Vine Show - news, views and live guests, but not today


JV has Cliff Richard in the studio with him today. Just checked and - guess what - he has a new album out! Who'd have thought...

First record on today's programme was "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones, which was played in memory of a caller's dead husband.


gill kerry said...

Just caught JV , and its his way of talking that annoys me. Stress and pitch all over the place. Stowe on the WOLDS, as opposed to all the other Stowes, Rolling Anyone's ' start me up' all clipped and up as opposed to down. Neeenaaaaahh. Away, switch off and off to shops

gill kerry said...

Eeek. That rolling STONES. Predictive text again!!

gill kerry said...

and someone from westlife on Steve Wright show. Arn't they doing a tour soon?