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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Today's show 03/11/11

I see your web page updater is slipping back in to their old ways as it is 11:25 as I write this and still your web page has not been updated. I'll go back to work and do my job while I wait for somebody there to do theirs.

<Goes away for 15 minutes>

11:40 and still nothing, and I've got a customer arriving very soon.

<Goes away for 10 minutes>

Are you not bothering today?

<Goes away again ... customer arrives and we happily conclude our meeting>

The time is now 12:40, and still your web page hasn't been updated.

To my dear blog readers:
I haven't got time to muck around these idiots today. Hopefully, normal service will be resumed tomorrow, if they can be bothered.

The Jeremy Vine Show - who cares?


14:50, and it finally appears:

1) EURO RESCUE PACKAGE - Germany and France are furious with the Greeks for putting the Euro rescue package in jeopardy. But imagine for one minute that you are Greek - how would you vote in the referendum? : Try as I might, I could not ever imagine I was Greek.

2) ARGUING IN THE CAR - A woman faces a jail sentence after a row in the car resulted in a terrible crash and the death of her husband. Is the car the worst place you’ve ever had a row? : No.

3) SECRETS - The child of Maxine Carr will never know about her past. What secrets from your previous life do your children not know about you? Find out more in this article from the Guardian : What children?

4) KIDNEYS - You have two kidneys but you only need one. Would you donate one of them to a compete stranger? : So all JV listeners have two kidneys, do they? And I have no idea what a "compete" stranger is.


gill kerry said...

As far as I can see its still not there at 13:45. Perhaps its one of the cuts, or to stop your good self!! You Will have to take the info from kens programme. Just randomly switched JV on and his giving a trail for the show sounds of 20 th century. No mention that its his show.

Will said...

Listened while messing around on PC until around 1.15pm but when he started qouting lines from Desperate Housewives in the Secrets Segments then I had enough&turned off and watched an old episode of Russell Howard Good News again.

What secrets are you hiding Jeremy as u seemed very interested in other people's secrets?? Thats probaly the Tabloid Journalist in you coming out??

Today he did his Music for your Son trail,Does a parent who has lost a Daughter in the services mourn any less?? I dont think so but for the JV show females dont exsist in the military??

Also yesterday while talking about naked pictures of yr partner nobody asked JV if he had naked pictures of his wife but he always put his answer for everything else in.He said that once you have taken the photos you make a copy onto 'your Mac' advertising Apple AGAIN!

JV we dont all have Mac's infact I think u will find PC are a higher %.

Jeremy Vine-Consistently Incompotent at Your Expense;-)

gill kerry said...

I am put in mind of the Hindi dog song. Have you got a light mac? No but iv got a dark brown overcoat.
Also, if u tell JV and radio 2, its hardly a secret anymore. And yes, what children. JV is obsessed with 2,4 template

gill kerry said...

Blooming heck, I hate predictive text. That is Bonzo dog doo da band. Eeek

gill kerry said...

So is JV going to donate a kidney? he is certainly full of enough taurus excretia