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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Today's show 02/11/11

Another quick one today...

A quick question first: You have a "contributors" page on your show web site (
) so why isn't Galloway on it? He does, after all, appear more than any of the contributors shown.

Also, valued blog reader Will would like you to have a discussion about the BBC's move of many programmes to Salford (
) and, in particular, why staff with homes down south can claim up to £1,900 a month for as long as two years to rent near Salford and shuttle to and fro each week. I'd listen to that too.

I'd also listen to a discussion about whether Kylie Minogue is worth £1million of our licence fee money (
) to judge on the BBC's equivalent of the X-Factor ... whatever that is. Thank goodness for the Discovery and History channels.

And I have no doubt at all that you have four good reasons for me to switch to 6 Music at 12 today...

1) TURMOIL AT ST PAUL'S - The turmoil continues at St Paul's Cathedral. Are you a Christian who thinks the church should just get tough with the protestors, or let the camp remain? : Am I Christian? Honestly, no I am not. My scepticism for all things I am told by those who talk at me rather than those that talk to me forces me to be an agnostic. However, I respect the viewpoint of others and what they wish to believe. Reading your question again, I think that means that I cannot express a view on whether the camp should remain or not, but then it is 250 miles from here so it doesn't matter to me really. I do find it interesting that the Archbishop of Canterbury is trying to dictate this country's future taxation policies. Who voted for him? And how about devoting 30 minutes to discuss the taxable status of the Church of England some time? Next...

2) WINTER FUEL ALLOWANCE - We speak to someone who is redistributing the winter fuel payments of the wealthy to youngsters who can't afford to heat their homes : I don't receive winter fuel payments as I am too young, and I am not a youngster as I am too old. Wouldn't it be easier to cut the cost of fuel across the board and come up with a system that allows those of us who do not qualify for *anything* to just pay more? Or perhaps not. Next...

3) EUROSCEPTICS - Ten years ago, critics called them mad, swivel-eyed Little Englanders. Has the European economic crisis fully vindicated the eurosceptics? : As Dave Hester would say:

4) NAKED PHOTOS - A man is jailed for sending sexually explicit pictures of his girlfriend to her friends and family. Should you always refuse if a partner wants to take naked photographs of you? : I've found the waders, the ball bearings and a tub of Swarfega and I'm just making three buckets of custard so I'll get my wife to take some of me when she comes home, and I'll send them to you later. I'd value your opinion.

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Will said...

I wonder which side Jeremy will take on the St. Paul's argument??

No surprise that he has taken the side of the Church and the protesters.

Listening to this then he's as biased as Ive heard in sometime(although at 12.24 he did just call the church a shambles)

If all it takes to get someone to resign is to camp outside there door for a few days then Jeremy let me have your address and I can do alot of people a favour and get you to resign :-) Didnt think so.

I did hear the other day on 5 Live when a presenter was asked what they think about something by a guest and the response was "I work for the BBC so not allowed an opinion" Maybe someone should tell JV??

Will said...

Comedy Gold again,JV just had a woman on the phone from Luxembourg who works for the EU and he asked if she believes in the Eu and if it is a good thing.

Let me think which way she is going to side with? She is being paid by the EU and giving an opinion on the EU. No surprises she thinks its a wonder thing.

**** me if when Im old I have the choice of freezing to death because I cant afford to put the heating on or listening and talking to JV as my only contact for the day then freeze away I will !!

gill Kerry said...

As an atheist, as the church is part of the state, and its bishops regularly interfere in the democratic process, I think every citizen is allowed an opinion on church matters. Yes, I would love an enlightened debate on church finances, and the entry fee to such places as st pauls. As JV. is xtian and a well paid one,it wud be interesting to hear IV's true views.
JV and his usual subject of naked photos. Did he ever have a Polaroid?
Also, on Monday he said to ken that there were stories in the news that he didnt understand!! Sew he has two producers on his show, good a vi nxt weeks programmes