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Monday, 7 November 2011

Today's show 07/11/11

Monday morning, so this shouldn't take long...

I hear that you stood in for Andrew Marr on TV yesterday morning. I can only hope that you asked your guests if any of them wanted a park bench as a memorial, if they had ever been injured by an umbrella, if they had ever had a piss in a hedge, whether they had ever had an argument in a car, and whether they refused to have naked pictures taken by a partner. After all, these are the questions were posed to your poor Radio 2 listeners recently so they must be important, or is it one rule for "us" and one rule for "them"?

I was surprised to hear you say on Chris Evans' programme 
this morning (when the Mystery Guest feature was no more than a promotion for your programme) that you have a meeting at 08:10 to decide the four stories to be covered each day. Why, then, is your web page not updated until at least two and sometimes three hours later?
Today's issue that affects me: Shall I go to the post office now, or later this afternoon?

Right, as the lights dim in London's West End while the Sympathetic Voice Generator is slowly brought back in to operation, let's move on to this Monday's meandarings...

1) M5 PILE UP - The M5 pile up on Friday night was almost certainly the worst for a generation. How do you react in a motorway crash? : While I have every sympathy for those involved on Friday, fortunately I have never been involved in a motorway crash, so I have no idea. My only involvement up until now is to sit in the resulting traffic jam while the investigations are carried out and think to myself "It wasn't like this 30 years ago". Did you know that in some USA states it is illegal to leave your damaged vehicle on the carriageway after an accident, and it must be removed immediately? Of course you didn't. I think it odd that the litigation culture that we have allegedly acquired from the USA has mutated in to something more than they have. With nearly every crash site now branded a Crime Scene, perhaps the words Road Accident can be removed from our vocabulary as there is, apparently, no such thing as an accident any more. Next...

2) NUCLEAR WEAPONS - If it can be proved that Iran is developing nuclear weapons, should we support a pre-emptive strike by Israel? : I'd like to hear Galloway's opinion before forming my own. Any chance you could get him on today? I'll then text my answer to 88291 so that you can collate it with the other votes and send the results to David Cameron, who will no doubt be awaiting your decision. Next...

3) CINDERELLA'S UGLY SISTERS - The Lighthouse Theatre in Kettering is staging a production of Cinderella and they’ve called the ugly sisters Beatrice and Eugenie after the Duke of York’s daughters. Is this acceptable? Find out more in this article from the Telegraph : If the cap fits.... Or should that be: If the ridiculous hat fits? Meanwhile, add my name to your list of people who could not care less. I'm sure the Lighthouse Theatre will thank you for the blatant advertising of their show. Next...

4) THE SONGS MY SON LOVED - All this week at 1:30 on Radio 2, Jeremy Vine presents a documentary where mothers tell the story of their sons that died in conflict through the music they loved: ‘The Songs My Son Loved’. Find out more from the BBC Radio 2 episode page : No comment, other than to ask: Were no daughters killed then?
I'll be listening to 6 Music if you want me.


Will said...

Listening until around 12.30pm as usual to see how bad JV deals with the M5 crash.Accidents are very few and far between these days.Most incidents are down to bad driving which is why RTA (Road Traffic Accident) got changed to RTC (Road Traffic Collision.An accident would be if you had a tyre burst and you lost control.A collision is when you are driving too close to someone and are unable to stop because you are driving without giving yourself sufficient room to stop.

An accident happened like this years ago when it was foggy and people were driving into Zero visibility fog at 70 mph and this is what happened more or less here.
Ive travelled on Motorways quite alot over the last 25 years and the standard of driving is shocking alot of the time and the fact this doesnt happen more often is just pure luck,unfortunately some people ran out of luck on friday.

Daughters have been killed in the wars but JV doesnt seem to acknowledge that?

JV has handled the M5 in his usual (Comedy Gold) way of asking questions!!! Cant believe that JV use to be a serious Journalist!!

The one guy that said this is a crash and people driving badly have caused this was treated with disdain.

He did ask the guy from the advanced driving institute that if you were faced with something like this then what would you do to get out of it,turn left or right?? I dont think the guy could believe it either,I was WTF !!! Unbelievable.

Going to email JV on his BBC email and ask why not the daughters they have lost.

Will said...

Email I sent to JV requesting Daughters be acknowledged as well.

"Hi Jeremy,

With regard to your above feature, What about the daughters families have lost? They were serving their country and paid the ultimate sacrifice and yet they dont even get a mention?? The amount of Male causalities is significantly higher but the British has sustained Female causalities and they should be at least acknowledged as they are better people than myself and yourself that I do know."

This page is interesting as it states 384 deaths but it is split into 381 Male and 2 female which is 383 and Ive added up all the figures from all columns and they all add upto 383. Something as important as this should be got right surely? Is this what the BBC has fallen too that the BBC cant add up?

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Nice one Will!

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Just a thought Will, and taking it to extremes I know, but if a tyre burst then surely somebody would be to blame, wouldn't they? Perhaps it would be the driver for not maintaining his vehicle, or perhaps the tyre manufacturer for producing a sub-standard product, or perhaps whoever it was who put something sharp on the road surface that caused the puncture. Where is the line drawn these days?

Will said...

Tyre blow out would be an accident as tyres dont last for ever & not something you would know about it before u got in the car so long as its legal.

This incident either started with a geniune accident that resulted in a crash or it was a crash that turned into a multiple car rtc.If it was an accident initially then that probaly couldnt be avoided but the people driving into reduced visibility conditions&hitting other cars is a crash.

Alot of people dont know how to drive especially on motorways.An example would be Car 1 observes fog and slows down when entering,Car 2 continues into Fog and maintains his speed,doesnt see Car 1 until its too late and hits Car 1.The crash is Car 2 fault because he didnt slow down and ended up being too close to Car 1 to stop if he needed too.

Even if you leave a big enough gap then people generally cut up down by going into it & thats why there are so many accidents along with tail gating.

Will said...

Made the mistake then myself should be why there is so many CRASHES not accident.

gill kerry said...

changing to a less serious story, maybe the ugly sisters should be called Jeremy and Vanessa?
Does JV or his team read this? Bet someone does. Does LL know?

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

I asked him that very question the last time he called me, and the answer was that he does not always get to read my daily email (which has exactly the same text as the blog) but that at least one member of his team does. He also told me that my name and my blog were well-known around BBC Western House, which is where he broadcasts from.

I can see some statistics about my blog readership but I cannot see exactly who is reading, unfortunately. I can see which sites link to it (lots of Twitter!) and search terms used to find it. Today's latter include "how depressing is jeremy vine", "jeremy vine interview with barack disgrace", "why is jeremy vine such an idiot" and the usual "i hate jeremy vine".

A few months ago I sent an email to Ken Bruce after he had finished a particularly pointless JV encounter telling him who I was and what I did. There was a definite increase in readership after that, but whether the two are connected I do not know.

Page views currently at 8982, I wonder if it'll pass 9000 today?