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Monday, 14 November 2011

Today's show 14/11/11

Bloomin' heck ... your web page was updated before 10:30 this morning. What happened? Did somebody wet their bed?

Today's issue that affects me: Lou Reed and Lars Ulrich - Difficult interviewees, or a poorly prepared interviewer completely out of his depth?

See from 55 minutes in for 6 minutes of cringeworthy TV.

Anyway, normal service has apparently been resumed on your radio programme, and can't you just tell it is a Monday...

1) LONG COMMUTES - How far have you had to travel to get work? Find out more from the Daily Mirror : The world is falling apart, yet the most important item on your programme today is some trivia from the Daily Mirror. Sheesh! Anyway, and on the basis that I don't go straight from the bedroom to my office, I have just paced out the distance from the kitchen to my office. It is about 30 feet, and the journey takes me about 8 seconds. Oh, the joys of working from home. Next...

2) QUICKER SENTENCING - The summer rioters faced fast track justice. Is there a case for the criminal justice system to always operate at such swift speed? Find out more about tonight's Panorama, looking at the aftermath of the riots : Aha! A blatant plug for a BBC TV programme which I never watch, ever. And why would I want to listen to your programme AND watch Panorama? You can have too much of a good thing, you know. Next...

3) YOUNG PEOPLE IN CARE - We hear the challenges associated with leaving care at 18. Find out more about this year's Children in Need : It must be difficult, but fortunately I am not and have not been involved with that process at all. Children in Need is a fine thing, and my good lady wife spent time this weekend making cakes and biscuits for an event this coming Friday. Next...

4) RODENTS - What's the best way to get rid of mice from your house? Find out more from Mail Online : More trivia from the ever-reliable Daily Mail. The only mice we have in our house are those brought in by our cats. They don't survive long and form a tasty midday snack (for the cats, not me) with the only evidence of their presence being a neat pile of inedible entrails. As for Larry from Downing Street, perhaps they are feeding him too well, or not well enough.
So, not a single proper and current news story today. Give yourself a gold star.
One of my most-visited web sites is Biased BBC ( and I noted a comment about your programme earlier today ( page 5). Contributor cjhartnett wrote:
Ended up on Jeremy Vine's website. Shows all his old programmes over the year. Anyone could do a lot worse than looking there to see what the Beeb has spoonfed him as being "newsworthy". I kid you not-absolutely every issue obsessing the Guardian reader over the year has been "discussed" over suitable student music and soft chats and emotings. Reckon that this show...useless, sly and biased to the Libleft chattering probably the pastel rainbow shroud of choice for the BBC. Covers up the scowl from Lord Reith's death mask as they turn it into Mao's. Jeremy Knotweed a better monicker for this wet sniveller of the Left.
Well, that is one point of view. His point about being spoonfed "newsworthy" stories seems to ring true though, with today's programme being a prime example of exactly that.
The Jeremy Vine Show - News? What news?

1 comment:

Gill Kerry said...

Love the Jeremy Knotweed, although being somewhat to the left myself I don't subscribe to his entire point of view. I agree there is a lot of popaganda, on all news sites/papers.
At least ghe's not banging on about the euro, berlosconi, chakademus (perm any 2 from 3).
Is JV going to sort out the entire social care package for young adults leaving care? He could do worse than offer help/home to someone himself. He can afford it on his salary
off subject, why, when I go to comments, does the word verification not show? I have to click out and then in again to see it!