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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Today's show 20/10/11

I've just been looking at your Twitter feed and I am pleased and reassured to see that it is not just me that gives you some stick on there. I was particularly amused by one from @cbandyxxx who said:

Have you blocked him from following you too?

I'm busy today, so moving on quickly to today's tosh then...

1) DALE FARM - As the evictions from the traveller camp at Dale Farm continue today, did you look at the TV pictures and feel sorry for the police? : Did I look at the TV pictures? No, I did not. Do I feel sorry for the police? They are doing a difficult job against some genuine law breakers, but I do not feel sorry for them. Do I need to listen to you banging on about this yet again? Definitely not. Another contributor to your Twitter feed is the aptly named @theJeremyVile (who follows me @JVineBlogMan, I am pleased to say) and he posted this earlier today, which I will re-post here without comment:

Is he another Twitter user that you have blocked from following you? Next...

2) FRACKING - Britain looks for more sources for energy. Would you rather have a wind farm or a fracking plant in your back yard? What is fracking and why is it controversial? : You covered this on 24th May and gave an explanation of the process. Do you think your listeners have short memories? Other than the protestors on Blackpool Tower the other day, what has changed since then? And yes, I have seen the YouTube videos of people setting fire to water as it flows from a tap - allegedly - but I have also seen this:
 that confirms my view of YouTube videos. There is huge scope for bias, misinformation and lies in this item today, so you'll be in your element and I won't be listening. Next...

3) FOREIGN AID - Is foreign aid the one big thing that attracts you to the Conservative Party or the one big thing that turns you off the Tories? : You said on Ken's show that you were interested in the views of the "middle ground of floating voters". Unfortunately I have never been a "floating voter". Next...

4) RICKY GERVAIS - The comedian has been criticised for using the term ‘mong’ in his comedy routine. Disabilities groups say it’s deeply offensive. Find out more from Newsbeat : Newsbeat? Sheesh! Is this the biggest storm in a teacup that you could find today? I find your programme offensive, so when are you going to discuss that?

The Jeremy Vine Show - including 30 minutes of fracking rubbish

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gill Kerry said...

Does JV know what fracking is? Based on his knowledge of oil fired central htg I doubt it. June you, I am not sure myself but I am not a highly paid broadc