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Thursday, 13 October 2011

Today's show 13/10/11

I'm very busy today, so briefly...

Good to see that your favourite paper the Daily Mail is perhaps setting a trend that other printed and broadcast media should follow (
Daily Mail to launch corrections column
The Daily Mail will introduce a corrections and clarifications column on page 2 of the paper next week, its editor-in-chief, Paul Dacre, has revealed.
No other tabloid runs a regular column of that kind, although many upmarket papers do so.

Perhaps Radio 2 should do something similar as anybody who heard the 5pm news broadcast on 25th May will still be thinking that a jet engine can have "molten lava slopping around" inside it. I've just checked outside and there really are some pigs preparing for take-off.

So, how are you planning to tempt to stay with Radio 2 at 12 today? Let's see...

1) UNEMPLOYMENT - Unemployment rises to 2.57 million with another 114,000 joining the dole queue. We bring someone devastated after just losing their job together with someone who has been unemployed for a while and will give them advice on how to cope : Fortunately, and I fully realise how lucky I am, I have never been unemployed - other than for a short period in 2002 when I chose to be. Next...

2) LIBYA CONFLICT - In the Libyan town of Sirte, the remnants of Gaddafi’s battered army are still fighting to the last. What makes soldiers keep fighting when it’s totally obvious they’ve been defeated and it’s all over? : Good question! My answer would be "They have a brainwashed and fanatical dedication to their leader as they believe everything he says to be the truth". A bit like some of your listeners, maybe? Conjecture and speculation - where would you be without them? Next...

3) ELDERLY CARE - In a devastating report, the Care Quality Commission says the standard of care for the elderly in NHS hospitals is an utter disgrace : The first sentence of your linked BBC news page says all I need to know: "Too many hospitals in England are falling short in the most basic care they are giving elderly patients, inspectors say.". England - not Wales, or Scotland, or Northern Ireland. Next...

4) BEING A MUM - Are you a mum who struggles with the competing pressures of childcare, work, relationships and just finding time for yourself? : I haven't checked for a few days but I am pretty sure that I am still not a woman, and with that information I think nature dictates that I am not a mother.
6 Music it is then.
The Jeremy Vine Show - radio for a divided nation


Will said...

Today's expert is a coach driver from Cumbria who lost his job 2 years ago and is going to tell people how to stay positive.

Ive also been lucky to not be unemployed since I left School as I did a YTS for a year,which got me a placement which turned into a full time job for 18 months.Since 1989 been in full time employment and at times £2.72 per hour when I started and £5 per hour in London.

JV once again wasnt listening to his expert again as usual,he said he had been a Truck driver for years and "his expert" had to correct him that he was a coach driver(not that JV would know what a coach is anyway :-)

Also "His Expert" said that working in a supermarket was demeaning a couple of times,what a stuck up git.Where does he get his food from? Im taking it he doesnt use shops as its too demeaning going into them.Nothing wrong working in a supermarket as most supermarkets look after you with perks.

A listenmer did email in to complain about him calling supermarkets demeaning and JV put it too him and the Guy just avoided it and advertised "The Boys from The Blackstuff" and that it was available on BBC DVD and they should show it again :-)

Im off to get some sleep until 2pm as tired and better use of my time.

Simon Mayo is on Bacon today so I'll be listening.

Bacon was funny yesterday at the end of his show when he said "For the people who keep on saying,bring back Mayo,then you have got your wish as my guest tomorrow will be Simon Mayo"

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Another "expert" who knows nothing then!

My first ever job was stacking shelves in the local branch of Sainsburys. Free uniform, subsidised canteen, staff-only rates for some purchases - it was a good job and it served me well at the time. It certainly was not demeaning!

Idiots both, by the sound of it. Meanwhile, I am listening to Lauren Laverne.

Will said...

I couldnt stand that woman on "The 10 O Clock Show" so unfunny so avoid her.

To be fair to R2 then they didnt call him an expert but they did say he rang in yesterday to tell them about his situation and the next day he is on R2 giving out advice to people who have just lost there job and the only reason is he lost his job 2 years ago,applies for anything around 40 times a month and still havent found anything but remains positive about it but thinks working in a supermarket is demeaning.

I doubt he worked for National Express as they are increasing there routes :-)

Less than 5 mins in Bacon has got Kirstie Alsop confused with Sarah Beeny and told her housing prices are high because of her and just got a gop full.His incompetence is so funny as he does so little research if he isnt interested in the guest.