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Friday, 7 October 2011

Today's show 07/10/11

Bloomin' heck... you're going to talk about the BBC...

1) QUANTITATIVE EASING - The Bank of England is pumping another seventy five billion pounds into the economy through quantitative easing. Dangerous folly or essential in the worst financial crisis in our history? : Ooohhh... a vote! "Text your answer to 88291, and we will forward the results to George Osbourne and Mervyn King, who will be waiting for your instructions". But they won't, of course. I'd vote for "dangerous folly", I think, but others may think differently. Not that it will make ANY difference, of course. Next...

2) BBC CUTS - There will be more more repeats as the BBC reduces its spending. Do you look forward to more classics from the archive? : I think I need more than one paragraph for this...
The Daily Telegraph ( tells us today:
The announcement that 2,000 jobs are to go across the corporation was undermined by the National Union of Journalists, which sent an email to staff confirming that it had secured an agreement that those who left under the cuts programme would be free to “return to the BBC on a freelance or casual basis after three months from their departure date”. The agreement comes after criticism that BBC staff routinely take redundancy payments only to return to the corporation as freelance “consultants”.
I'll leave it for others to decide if that counts as "cuts", or not.

Apparently Director General Mark Thompson told the 25,000 staff yesterday that the BBC is “still the biggest employer of journalists, outside of China.”. Hmmmm... UK population: 62 million. China population 1.331 billion. Room for some improvement there then!
The ruling earlier this week about the pub landlady and her Greek satellite receiver may also have an effect in the future. Although the ruling currently only relates to football and national borders at the moment it will be interesting to see if the same thinking can be applied to the BBC TV licence where non-ownership prevents us from watching non-BBC channels and raises questions about the freedom to provide services for commercial TV companies.

As for your programme, well there are obvious cuts that could be made. I'm sure that a small fortune could be saved by not wheeling in your band of Talking Heads so often. You know the ones: Galloway, Monbiot, Opik, etc., and even Terry Walton too.
I have also just found this which I feel needs closer scrutiny than I have time for today. We'll come back to that another time!
You know what, I might even listen to this. Not to be influenced by what you say, of course, but merely to see how you handle the discussion. I could even call in, but I would need a false name and I could end my call with a disparaging remark. Now let me think...
Oh, and the classic from the archive I would like to hear again is JV vs Howard Schultz from Starbucks. Any chance?
3) YOUR MONEY AND YOUR LIFE - Martin Lewis tells listeners what to cut if they've cut everything else : Top bloke, and top advice - which we have already taken. Next...

4) POLICE CHASE - We discuss the seventy-six year old motorist who drove the wrong way round a roundabout and caused a seventeen mile police chase. Read the full story at Mail Online : Finally, the return of the Daily Mail, and the return of links to newspaper web sites. Is this an exception, or will they be back on a regular basis now? As for the story, I think you are confusing me with somebody who might be interested.


Will said...

Been busy last few days & after hearing JV blatent 40 min advert for Apple's products on yesterday's show then I could have spent hours complaining&not got done what I needed.

It wouldnt surprise if JV was taking a backhander from Apple to supliment his 1 Million Salary. It was one big advert,no amount of money would have paid for that love in.

Reading JV's Twitter,it seems JV think's Matthew Wright is a good guy.Jv you are all in the same group of Kyle.Very little difference between any of them.

2 funny comments from Ken earlier.
JV 'Im just about to tweet something interesting'
Ken 'That will be a first'

15 mins later Ken on his own after playing 'Charles&Eddie,Would I Lie to you' Ken ' Of course we would,its the BBC' ;-)

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

Thanks for your valued comments Will!

Reckon JV received a big box of Apple goodies today then? Not that he would ever tell us, of course. Although I feel another FOI request coming on!

I've added a "blatant advertising" tag to yesterday's post.

Will said...

JV earlier,

Martiin Lewis Spot on as usual.
JV getting shouted at by a Mad thankfully now off the road&licenceless 76 yr old woman who objects to be called old. Listen Love,I can think oof plenty things to call you.

Didnt think she did anything wrong&her excuse for going the wrong way around the roundabout is because it was getting dark&if she had been driving earlier then it wouldnt have happened.

BBC had a programme comissioner on asking for management to go.Brave Girl,Lets get rid of JV that'll save a few bob.

What repeat would you like to see on the BBC? None as im not paying for repeats.

JV said 'Loads of tweets on this' yet no one has tweeted in hours?? Also the only Tweet he got the other day was someone saying 'Why are you on Twitter?'

Comment on Radio earlier was if we are going to have 70's repeats then can we have 70's licence prices....;-)


gill kerry said...

Perhaps he said loads of TWITS!! Missing kens comments at mo as on holiday but they are hilarious. Priceless.

Radio2LunchtimeLoather said...

The Twitter thing is really odd, but it is difficult for me to see what is going on with JV's feed as he blocked me ages ago. I could set up another account, I guess.

Anyway, I just don't see how he can say "All views personal" on his Twitter page and then promote it all the time on Radio 2. Using tweets also says to me that it is not personal at all but an official BBC resource.

I will be pushing for a proper answer from Complaints - if and when they ever reply. I'll take it further if they don't clarify EXACTLY how presenters' Twitter accounts work as they cannot have it both ways.